Thanks to one of our readers for passing along these TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from tonight's taping in Orlando:


* The Hardys defeated Decay in a Lethal Lockdown match to retain tag titles. Broken Matt Hardy climbs out of cage for the win.

* Bobby Lashley defeated Moose

* Aron Rex is the special guest on Eli Drake's "Fact of Life" Show. Ethan Carter III interrupts the segment followed by Jessie Godderz. A brawl ensues between the four and a tag team is subsequently announced for later between Rex & Drake vs. ECIII & Godderz.

* The Miracle Mike Bennet defeated Mahabali Shera with Maria Kanellis ringside

* Maria Kanellis, Laurel Van Ness and Allie come to the ring. Maria blames Allie for losing the Knockouts leader title. Allie turns on Maria and ultimately receives a beat down from Laurel. Maria declares a match for next week between Allie and Laurel.

* Eddie Edwards defeated Cody to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match first ended in a double pinfall after a double rollup with both mens shoulders on the ground. Eddie was declared the winner; Cody looked stunned but eventually raises Eddie's hand. Maria comes down to the ring to attack Brandi. An intergender match is declared for the following week between Cody & Brandi and Mike & Maria.


* Eli Drake/Aron Rex defeat Jessie Godderz/Ethan Carter III

* The Hardys came out for a promo. Brother Nero sings his "Obsolete" song. The Tribunal came down to attack.

* A long Grado segment ensues with Robbie E. Grado wants to be a BroMan and reemerges from a wardrobe change wearing Jessie Godderz's trunks and sunglasses. After prancing in and out of the ring to the BroMans music the lights go out (intentionally this time). When the lights come back on, an unidentified trio dressed in head-to-toe black with white masks are in the ring and attack Grado & Robbie. A "DCC" logo flashes on the screen.

* Cody & Brandi Rhodes defeated Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis via double submission in an intergender match.