TNA Bound For Glory PPV Results (10/2): Lashley Vs. EC3, Title Changes, Cody And Brandi Rhodes



Bound for Glory kicks off with Broken Matt Hardy and his son Maxel playing piano together. Matt offers to read his son a bedtime story. The story is titled "The Great War". As Matt is reading the story. Highlights are shown of the main matches on tonight's show. The primary focus of Matt's story is who will delete and be deleted tonight in The Great War.


Josh Mathews and The Pope are at ringside and intro the show. Mathews says the eyes of the wrestling world are on TNA tonight. They hype tonight's show and cue to the ring for the opening match.


DJ Z vs. Trevor Lee

Collar and elbow lockup to start. Some early mat wrestling. DJ Z earning the early favor over Lee. Lee takes a powder. Goes outside the ring but when he returns. Z continues to control the match on the air and through the ground. The Pope compares DJ Z to a young Ricky Steamboat. Trevor Lee uses the referee to his advantage to turn the match back in his favor. By pulling the ref in the way of a potential aerial move by Z. It's worth noting that fellow Helms Dynasty member, Andrew Everett is not at ringside.


DJ hits a flapjack to battle back and then goes to the top rope. Lee follows him up there. Z hits a huracanrana on Lee. The pace picks up in the ring. It ends up with DJ Z leaping over the top rope onto Lee. This is followed quickly by Lee getting back in the ring and then doing a suicide dive on Z. Not to be out done, Z comes back in the ring and leaps out of it with a springboard dive off the ropes.... Action back in the ring, DJ Z hits a reverse rana on Trevor Lee. He then goes for The ZDT but Lee counters. Lee then hits an impressive german suplex on Z for a near fall. Trevor Lee goes for his finisher, Z counters out. DJ goes for the ZDT again, Lee counters again this time hitting a double foot stomp in mid air. Nice move. Delay on the cover leads to only a 2 count. DJ Z and Trevor Lee go through counters in the center of the ring and it ends with Z finally hitting his finisher, The ZDT on Lee for the victory.

DJ Z defeats Trevor Lee by pinfall to retain The TNA X Division Championship

Video is shown from earlier in the day of Bobby Lashley and EC3 arriving to the arena.... We now go backstage and McKenzie Mitchell interviews Drew Galloway. Drew talks about his disappointment in reading the doctors report about his injury. How disappointed he is that TNA management wouldn't let him compete tonight vs Aron Rex. Drew goes off on Billy Corgan's history and says that the only reason, Corgan is buying the company is because TNA has Drew Galloway. Drew refuses to recognize The Impact Grand Champion because it won't be him.



The match starts off with Rockstar Spud and Jessie Godderz. The winner of this match gets a future TNA World Title match. As Spud gets the advantage on Jessie G, Braxton Sutter is the next entrant in this match. He goes right after his rival Spud. He tries to eliminate him over the top rope. Sutter and Jessie both team up and go to work on Spud. No visible clock on screen but the crowd counts down and out comes Eli Drake. Drake nearly gets eliminated as soon as he enters. Drake ends up eliminating Sutter over the top rope. Next countdown brings out Robbie E. Robbie comes in on fire taking down both Spud and Drake. The Bro-Mans team up temporarily. Robbie tries to eliminate Jessie. It doesn't work. Countdown clock shown on the tron now and out comes Baron Dax. Dax hits a urinagi on Godderz and slams down Robbie. Next entrant in the match is Grado. Grado dances his way into the ring with his fanny pack and then gets eliminated by Spud immediately. The wrestlers in the ring mock Grado's dancing routine. Grado continued dancing all the way to the back. Next entrant in the match is Basile Baraka. He helps out his Tribunal teammate, Baron Dax. Baraka is looking a little heavier since his last TNA appearance and Pope says that Basile told him that he gained weight for this match. So that he couldn't be easily eliminated. That theory falls flat quickly as Robbie eliminates Baraka. Then eliminations happen off screen as Tyrus is being shown heading to the ring. Dax eliminated Robbie. Jessie eliminated Dax. So in the ring awaiting Tyrus is Eli Drake, Spud and Jessie Godderz. Tyrus over powers everyone and eliminates Spud. Shera is out next and goes toe to toe with Tyrus. They both go at it for awhile. Shera tries to slam Tyrus but Eli Drake intervenes. Drake eliminates Shera. Down to three men. Drake is almost eliminated by Jessie. Ends up hanging by his feet on the bottom rope while Tyrus and Godderz go at it. As Tyrus and Jessie try to eliminate each other over the top rope. Eli Drake is back in the ring and eliminates the both of them to win this match.


Eli Drake wins The Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match to earn a future TNA World Title match

TV Chef and Gail Kim's husband, Robert Irvine is interviewed backstage by Jeremy Borash. He is interrupted by Maria and The Miracle. Maria insults Gail Kim. The Miracle says that after tonight, There will be no more "Moose" chants. Robert tells The Miracle that something very bad is going to happen to Maria and The Miracle tonight.

A video package is shown of The history between Moose and Mike Bennett. This is followed by the ring introductions. The West Orange High School football team comes on the stage to introduce Moose. They do the moose chant and Moose comes out with shoulder pads on.

"The Miracle" Mike Bennett vs. Moose

Bennett spits on Moose as their match begins. Moose shows off his athleticism early on with a nice looking dropkick. Bennett goes to the air himself to take a brief advantage over Moose. Bennett tries to leap on Moose on the outside but gets caught in mid air and slammed into the steel steps. Moose then runs at Bennett and Bennett backdrops Moose over the steel steps. Action back in the ring. Some stiff shots between the two before Bennett takes out Moose's knee and starts to target it for the next few minutes of the match. Bennett attempts to suplex Moose but he counters and suplexes Bennett into the corner. Moose starts using some heavy hitting on Bennett. He hits The Miracle with a power bomb and senton for a 2 count. Then gets a near fall after a stiff clothesline.


Bennett battles back in this match and hits a tornado DDT on Moose and then follows that with a spike piledriver. This leads to a close fall for Bennett. Both men are reeling and on their feet trading blows. Moose wins the exchange and hits a pump kick. Moose goes for a springboard and gets hit in mid air by a cutter from Bennett. Bennett then goes to the top rope. It backfires when Moose rises up and hits the "Go to Hell" on him and then follows that with The Gamebreaker to get the victory.

Moose defeats Mike Bennett

Aron Rex is interviewed backstage about The Impact Grand Championship Final match. Rex is disappointed that Drew is hurt but he is highly motivated to win tonight. He mentions how important tonight is to him. He also talks about the connection to his opponent, Eddie Edwards. They were both trained by Killer Kowalski.


Aron Rex vs. Eddie Edwards

Rule change for a special event made by Billy Corgan. The rounds are 5 minutes rather than 3.

Round One

Evenly contested in the first minute. Both men using wrist locks. Nearly two minutes into the match. Edwards corners Rex and hits some hard chops. Rex battles back and takes Edwards down with a knee. Eddie battles back with a couple of stiff kicks and a huracanrana. Edwards gets Rex to the outside, tries a suicide dive but Rex counters with a forearm in mid air. Edwards and Rex end up in the opposite side of the ring. Edwards launches himself onto Rex and nearly lands into one of the nameless judges at ringside. Which gets a laugh from the crowd. Down to a minute left. Edwards tries a suicide dive into Rex but Rex throws him into the barricade at ringside. Both men end up hurt after that. Edwards gets to the rope with under 22 seconds left and hits a missile dropkick and gets a 2 count on Rex. Time runs out on round one.


Round One Scorecard- The 3 judges all score the round 10-9 for Eddie Edwards.

Round Two

Rex is very aggressive to start off round two. He controls the action for the first couple of minutes in the round. Edwards dropkicks Rex in the knee to stop Rex's momentum. Rex turns the tide by going after Eddie's knee. Locks in a indian death lock and then the lights go out in the arena. Josh Mathews attributes it to the electrical issues in Orlando. The crowd starts chanting "Pay your lighting bill". A very dim light is set on just the two wrestlers in the ring after a minute or so, The lights come back on and it gets the biggest pop of the night so far.

Just under a minute left in the round. Edwards is trying to escape Rex's submission hold but can't. Edwards is able to survive the round when time runs out.

Round Two Scorecard- All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Aron Rex.

Round Three

Aron Rex tries to end the match quickly at the start of the round. Edwards finds a way to battle back. He takes a chance and goes to the top rope. Edwards leaps off but Rex gets out of the way and Edwards lands badly on his injured knee. Rex tries to pin Edwards and gets a 2 count. Under 2 minutes left, Both men head to the top rope, Rex throws Edwards off. He then hits a twisting neck breaker for a 2 count. Down to 1 minute. Edwards tries yet again to go to the top rope and misses with a moonsault. Rex goes for a forearm but Edwards counters and hits a shining wizard. Both men are down and then get up and trade blows in the center of the ring as the bell sounds for round three. Both men continue fighting and the crowd chants, Let them fight!. Referee Brian Hebner is in the ring with The Impact Grand Championship and they go to the judges scorecards to announce a winner.


Round Three Scorecard- Judge 1 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Aron Rex. Judge 2 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Eddie Edwards. Judge 3 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Aron Rex.

Aron Rex defeats Eddie Edwards by split decision to become The 1st ever Impact Grand Champion

Rex and Edwards shake hands after the match. Jeremy Borash interviews the new champ in mid-ring. Rex asks the crowd if the decision was fair. He gets a mixed response. He calls Edwards a Warrior and says he will gladly give him a rematch in the future. States that he made history and that the best is yet to come.

Josh Mathews and The Pope reset the show at ringside and go over the latest match. They also hype what's to come tonight and then talk of the importance of Gail Kim's Hall of Fame induction. They announce that there will be a special guest ring announcer. Out comes Christy Hemme.

Gail Kim Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Christy Hemme gets in the ring dressed in a gown. She puts over Gail's toughness, courage, commitment and passion. Hemme credits Kim with helping build The Knockouts division. Christy Hemme then introduces former TNA Knockouts Champ, Taryn Terrell. Taryn calls herself lucky for having Kim as a teacher when she first came into TNA. How she was a novice and Gail showed her the ropes and helped her. Puts Gail over as the greatest female wrestler ever. Introduced next to help induct Gail Kim is Awesome Kong.


Awesome Kong gets a real nice response. Kong talks about how proud she is of Gail and how deserving she is. Tells everyone how much she loves Gail Kim. Next up is Dixie Carter, who doesn't quite get the warm response that Kong did. Dixie calls this the biggest night in TNA's history. She lists all of Gail Kim's title accomplishments in her company. Gail Kim is now introduced. She heads to the ring in an orange gown and kisses her husband at ringside. She then hugs all the women in the ring. The crowd starts a Thank You Kim chant. Before handing over the mic to Gail Kim. Dixie calls TNA's Knockout Division, the greatest women's wrestling of all time. She then intros a nice history video piece of Gail Kim's career. Her peers are in the video complimenting her. The video ends with a list of all of Gail's accomplishments and congrats from The TNA roster and crew.

Gail Kim gets on the mic. She gets a nice ovation. She says she is not known for her speaking ability so she wrote a speech. Kim talks about her 16 years as a wrestler. How she appreciates all the highs and lows. She talks about how the business exposed all her insecurities but also how it ended up giving her confidence. She thanks all the people that have helped her over the years. She talks about how much she loves her life. She thanks TNA, Dixie, Dutch and Jeff Jarrett for believing in her. She thanks her family. She thanks female wrestlers from the past that helped her like Trish Stratus, Lita and Victoria. She also gives a shout out to Molly Holly. Says that she is the reason that she is in the business and how she taught her how to be a good person. She thanks the fans to end the speech. Dixie presents her with a hall of fame gift. A rolex watch.


Josh Mathews and The Pope reset the show again and intro The Hardy's-Decay video package. That chronicles their recent history leading into The Great War.



The Decay vs. Broken Matt Hardy and "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy

Reby Hardy is on the stage area with a piano. The lights dim in the arena as she starts playing it. Broken Matt appears to the delight of the crowd. Out next is Jeff. He starts singing The "Obsolete" song. The Hardy's enter the ring and the crowd chants Delete along with them. Reby joins them. Fans are holding Deleted Section signs in the crowd. Next out are The Decay. Standard entrance by comparison.

The Hardy's and Decay square off in the ring. The Decay spew mist in Reby's eyes all at the same time. The action starts. An all out brawl. Tables and other various weapons set around the ring. Rosemary sets up a table on the outside, and her and Steve try to suplex Matt through it but he blocks it. A trash can gets thrown in the ring. Steve uses it on Matt. Rosemary goes to the top rope and in tandem with Steve. She performs a Van Daminator off the top rope and into the trash can and Matt Hardy.

Abyss is now in the ring with Jeff. He's got a stapler and he staples Jeff in the head. The brawl continues on the outside between both teams. Matt and Abyss battle to the back. They end up in the interview area. Abyss throws Matt through some chairs. Abyss knocks out the ref that was following them. Meanwhile, Jeff and Crazzy Steve are in another part of the arena. Battling near what looks like a construction area. They start using ladders against each other. There is a bucket on the ground that says Lake of Reincarnation on it. It eventually comes into play. Steve pours it on a fallen Jeff and he disappears...... Meanwhile, Matt and Abyss are outside battling near Universal Studios Park, I assume..... Now back to Steve and Jeff. Steve is yelling to Jeff to show himself as objects are being thrown at him. Jeff appears and is dressed in some type of Jester type outfit with goggles. He starts speaking in a southern tone and saying that he is Jeff's friend as he beats on Crazzy Steve. The character, Jeff is playing, may be his early Jynx gimmick. Jeff drops an S bomb in the process of trash talking. Rosemary comes over and slaps Jeff. Jeff puts a pumpkin mask over her head. Rosemary spews mist into Jeff's face.


Meanwhile, Matt is beating down Abyss and repeatedly yelling delete. They are fighting near a truck. Abyss fights back and starts choking Matt against it. Rosemary comes over and gives Abyss his Barb Wired Bat. All of a sudden, some redneck type character pulls up in a truck. He gets out. He has a Delete shirt on. He tells Abyss that he used his scanner to find them. Rosemary grabs him and throws him into the ground. Back to Jeff and Steve...... Jeff has now transformed into Willow. He beats on Steve.... Back to Matt, Rosemary gets in the pickup truck. Abyss is frightened by Matt, who now has fire in his hands. Matt starts chanting and throws the fire at Abyss's barbwired bat. As Rosemary goes to drive away, Matt and Abyss are on the back of the pick up truck with her. They are fighting as the car drives down the road. VanGuard One is on the scene and confronts Rosemary. She gets out of the truck. VG1 enters Poison Mist Protocol and blinds her.

Finally a pinfall attempt as Willow gets a 2 count on Crazzy Steve backstage. They start battling back to the ring. Where the hell is Senor Benjamin when you need him?.... Willow gets a ladder and sets it up at ringside. Meanwhile, Matt and Abyss have made their way back to the arena and head to the ringside area.
Abyss suplexes Matt on the rampway. The action heads to the ring. Abyss gets his bag of thumbtacks and sets them on the apron. Jeff is back to being Jeff again or Brother Nero, I forget. Anyway..... The Hardy's do some vintage Hardy tandem moves like Poetry in Motion followed by a twist of fate and a senton bomb. The Decay battles back. Steve helps even the odds. Jeff and Steve hit a double clothesline and knock each other down. Abyss goes under the ring and pulls out Barb Wired boards and throws them into the ring.


Abyss tries to chokeslam Matt through it but he counters. Matt drops all the thumbtacks onto the board and gives Abyss a side effect on it. Matt then sandwiches Abyss between two barb wired boards and drops an elbow on him. Rosemary comes out of nowhere and breaks up the pin attempt. Reby returns and grabs Rosemary and power bombs her off the apron and through a table at ringside. Tables are set in the ring. A giant ladder as well. Matt gets on the mic and instructs Jeff to the top of the ladder. They set Steve on top of two tables. Matt tells Jeff to jump off the ladder and cure his demons forever. Jeff does it and swanton dives onto Steve and pins him. The Hardy's win the Great War.

The Hardy's defeat The Decay in The Great War to become The New TNA World Tag Team Champions

Post match. The Hardy's show unity in their title celebration. Reby brings in Maxel. He gets a nice chant from the crowd. The crowd gives the Hardy's a great ovation after the match.

Josh Mathews and The Pope recap what they just saw. A hype video is shown for the main event of tonight's show. They then go to Jeremy Borash backstage. Bobby Lashley is with him. Lashley says that EC3 has been chasing the world title since he lost it last year at Bound For Glory. States that in a no holds barred match. He is going to hurt EC3 and ruin his dream.



Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Gail Kim

Maria is accompanied to the ring with her assistant, Allie. Maria says she is sorry and has some really bad news. She met with a doctor that says she can't compete tonight because her hand is still broken. Allie says that she spoke with Maria's doctor and that her doctor cleared her. Allie has the doctor's note on her. Maria yells at Allie and says that she is not getting in the ring. Gail comes after Maria. Maria escapes and manages to clothesline Gail. The action then goes to the inside of the ring. Maria actually controls the early portion of this match. Surpisingly so. Maria even gets a nice spine buster on Gail and gets a 2 count out of it. As Gail starts to rally, Mike Bennett comes out to ringside and throws a brace into the ring. Gail notices Bennett on the apron and knocks him off of it. As Gail turns, Maria hits her with the brace and pins her for a near fall. The brace gets thrown to the outside and Allie catches it. Allie throws it into the ring back to Maria but Gail picks it up instead but refuses to use it. She throws it away and goes after Maria. Gail then gets Maria in a ring post figure four. Gail gives Maria a double middle finger, slaps her and hits Eat Defeat for the victory.


Gail Kim defeats Maria to become The new TNA Knockouts Champion

After Gail celebrates her victory and leaves the ring. Mike Bennett is in the ring to check on his wife. An angry Bennett gets on the mic and starts yelling at the fans and the company. He says that he is going to shut this show down. Bennett says he is shutting Bound For Glory down and no one can stop him. Out go the lights. Cody's voice is heard and says "Wrestling has 1 royal family". The lights are on and out comes "Cody and Brandi Rhodes". Cody confronts Mike Bennett in the ring. Maria gets in Cody's face. Brandi steps in between the two of them. Maria shoves her. Brandi hesitates and then gives Maria a high knee to take her out of the ring. Cody and Bennett start going at it. Cody leaps off the second rope and hits the beautiful disaster on Mike Bennett. It knocks Bennett out of the ring. Cody and Brandi Rhodes kiss in the ring and Cody lifts his wife on his shoulders. They celebrate in ring to a good ovation.

A video package is shown for tonight's World Title main event.



Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III

As the introductions are being made in ring by Jeremy Borash. Bobby Lashley spears EC3 during his in ring introduction. It takes him out of the ring. Lashley then stands in the center of the ring and has Borash introduce him as champ. After this, EC3 rises and yells ring the bell and goes after Lashley. Both men brawl inside and outside the ring to start the match. Lashley and Carter spend the majority of the first few minutes of the match on the outside. EC3 throws Lashley into the ring steps. Next big spot is EC3 taking a nasty dominator on the ramp way. Lands pretty hard. Lashley drags EC3 to the ring and starts to beat on him for the next few minutes.


Eventually Carter rallies, hits a few suplexes and a couple of near falls. Lashley retakes control using his power. He gets EC3 in a torture rack, Carter counters into an arm lock but Lashley counters out of that and powers out and slams Carter. EC3 battles back and goes for a 1 percenter but gets caught in a power slam by Lashley. That leads to a 2 count. Lashley goes to ringside and brings his world title into the ring. Lashley goes to hit Carter with it. Carter ducks and hits the TK3 on Lashley. Carter is too worn out to attempt a pin. Both struggle to get up. Both men trade strikes in the center of the ring. Carter gets a suplex on Lashley and then hits him with a spear of his own for a near fall. Lashley rolls to the outside. Carter follows him and picks up Lashley and gives him an awkward looking TK3 on the steel steps.

EC3 gets Lashley back into the ring and hits a frog splash on him for another near fall. Carter goes for a splash in the corner but Lashley bounces out and hits a spear for a close fall. Lashley then goes and grabs a chair at ringside. He smacks Carter over the back with it repeatedly. He then picks up EC3 and hits a Urinagi into an arm lock submission. Brian Hebner motions to call for the bell, Carter grabs the ref and refuses to tap or submit. Carter is on his feet. He fights back and hits 3 straight german suplexes on Bobby Lashley. He then hits the 1 percenter on Lashley but he kicks out at 2 and 3 quarters. Carter has the chair now and he hits Lashley with it. Carter then sets up Lashley on the top rope. EC3 attempts the 1 percenter off the top rope but Lashley counters and throws Carter down. He then leaps off the top rope and spears EC3. Lashley pins Carter and ends the match.


Bobby Lashley defeats Ethan Carter III to retain The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Lashley celebrates his title defense as Josh Mathews calls him the most dominant champ in history. The show ends.