Tonight's show opens with this video recapping Bound For Glory and hypes the fallout from that show for tonight's Impact.

TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley arrives and heads to the ring. Lashley insults the audience. He says that it doesn't matter who comes out to confront him. He is the realest man in the entire business. Calls himself a hero and the #1 person because he has the world title. Lashley says that no matter who shows up to face him. He keeps beating them. He states that beating EC3 was just an example of that. Aron Rex's music hits and he heads to the ring with The Impact Grand Championship.

Bobby turns his back on Aron as he enters the ring. Rex congratulates Lashley but explains that at BFG, He changed the game by becoming the first Impact Grand Champion. Rex says that he used to be smart but he is going to do some quick math. He is the "Grand" Champion, so that makes him the man in TNA. Lashley says that Rex doesn't impress him with his humor. Out comes The new Knockouts Champ, Gail Kim. She tells both men that it's 2016 and a woman can be the best. Gail Kim says "that us women are changing the business". Broken Matt Hardy's music hits and he heads to the ring with his wife Reby and son Maxel.

Matt gets in the ring and addresses Gail Kim. He says that she speaks of change, but that he is change. Matt says that because of his broken brilliance, The business is no longer a standard business. He has changed the entire business. Matt says that even though, He is with his wife and son. He is always ready to delete. X Division Champ DJ Z is out next. He points out how the ring is now filled with champions. DJ Z says that tonight, "Team X Gold" debuts. Bobby Lashley calls everyone in the ring losers and second rate title holders. He says that he is going home as he leaves the ring. Billy Corgan is out wearing a hoodie and some type of fur trench coat. He is seconded by Aiden O'Shea. Aiden is his "muscle"... Corgan gets in the ring and congratulates all the champions. Says that they will all be in action tonight. Lashley asks Corgan who his opponent is. Billy Corgan says that with the exception of DJ Z, who is introducing Team X gold. All the champs must defend their titles. Corgan says that Lashley will be given the option to select one of three potential opponents. Corgan says that magic can happen at any time. DJ Z and his concept "Team X Gold" are next on the show. Corgan leaves the ring, as the show goes to it's first break.


DJ Z, Braxton Sutter & Mandrews vs. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshe Rockett

Rockett is from Chicago. Mathews and Pope give a brief rundown on him as he heads to the ring with Lee and Everett. Pope says that Rockett is not your average sized X division wrestler but that he brings a lot to the table..... "Team X Gold" is the brainchild of Billy Corgan and DJ Z. Basic 3 on 3 with stronger enforcement on the rules according to Josh Mathews.

DJ Z and Everett start the match at a fast pace. Z blind tags Mandrews, who flies in and hits Everett with a missile dropkick. Mandrews follows that with a standing moonsault. He then flies over the top rope and dives onto Everett. Andrew tags in Marshe Rockett. Pope calls Marshe "The X Factor". Mathews says that Rockett told him earlier in the day, to not be fooled by his size. That he is the prototypical X division wrestler. Rockett hits a big boot on Mandrews to knock him down. He then suplexes him. Josh compares Rockett to Cam Newton. Trevor Lee is now in. Mandrews tries to run and tag out but Lee knocks him down. Trevor goes to give Mandrews a german suplex. Mandrews lands on his feet and tags in his partner Braxton Sutter. Sutter power slams Lee. He runs towards Lee but Trevor kicks him as he closes in. Lee than tags back in Marshe Rockett. Rockett scoops up Sutter and gives him a power slam. Covers him but Sutter kicks out at 2. Marshe corners Sutter and the heels start to work over Sutter while the ref is distracted. Sutter battles back, tags in Z. DJ clotheslines Rockett and then hits a jawbreaker on him. Z races over to the ropes, tags Lee and knocks him to the outside. Then races towards Marshe and leaps off his back and onto Lee at ringside. Marshe charges at Z as he is getting back in the ring. DJ Z flips over him but gets hit with a spinning wheel kick by Rockett. He slams Z down on the the mat near his corner and tags in Lee. Lee attempts a moonsault on Z but DJ lifts up his legs and stomps Trevor in the head. Z tags in Sutter. Braxton power bombs Trevor Lee. Tags in Mandrews, who does a shooting star press on top of Lee to get his team the victory.

DJ Z, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter defeat Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett

Hyped for later on tonight, A "Wolf Creek" cage match for the world tag team titles with The Hardy's defending against The Decay. Mathews says that they will explain what a wolf creek cage match is later on.

Next on the show is Eli Drake and his talk show, "FACT OF LIFE". This time, Eli has his own set, his own desk complete with his Dummy button.

Eli says that this is a new Fact of Life and it's a new Eli Drake and he is now Bound for Gold. Drake says that he is going to have a special guest on his show after the break.

Back from the break. One of the potential 3 opponents for Bobby Lashley's world title, Moose is on the stage being interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Moose says he has been waiting for this chance since he came to TNA. Does his Moose chant and says that he is the one man that Bobby Lashley fears.

We go back to Fact of Life with Eli Drake. Eli gets on the fans for repeating his catchphrases and talking back to him. Eli says that his guest tonight, has a rocket shoved so far up his butt that he can't believe that he doesn't spit out rocket fuel. Drake says that all his guest did was lose his opportunity. Drake calls his next guest EC3 a choke artist. EC3 arrives on set and sits down. Eli Drake says that when he comes out to the ring. He gets a great roar from the crowd. Drake says that EC3 wishes that he was Eli Drake. As Carter goes to respond, Drake keeps hitting his 'Dummy Yeah' button. Carter grabs Drake's hand to stop him from hitting the button. EC3 admits that his passion to train for a year and to get back the World Title has died. States that his passion has now been replaced by Anger. Carter goes into a pretty strong rant. Tells Drake to worry about bound for gold and the world title. Says that if Eli hits the dummy button again. Carter says that he will eviscerate Drake. He will end him. He will rip him apart piece by piece. Tear his limbs off, beat Drake to death with them. He will set Drake's corpse on fire and urinate on his ashes. Carter stands up and begs Drake to press the button again. Drake teases doing so and then stands up. Eli tells Ethan that his problem is that when he was brought in. He was the third wheel in a lame faction. He rose above that. Drake has animosity with EC3 because he has had things given to him. Eli says that he is not blind. He knows that Carter is at the top of the food chain in TNA and that he is way down below. Drake says that EC3 is not even in his league and that is a Fact Of Life. Drake calls for Carter's mic to be shut off and walks away.

Backstage, Maria is with Laurel and Sienna. She is scolding Allie and blaming her for her title loss at Bound For Glory. Maria is upset that Allie revealed what the doctor told her before the pay per view. Maria threatens to sue and fire her assistant Allie because of doctor privilege rules. Laurel suggests keeping Allie because she needs someone to carry her bags. Sienna has a Knockouts title match with Gail Kim tonight. She says that she will fix things and then gets in Allie's face. She tells Allie to not mess things up, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break, The 2nd potential opponent for Lashley's world title is interviewed at ringside. This time, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eddie Edwards. Edwards talks about how close he came to becoming the World champ a while back. Eddie knows that Lashley underestimates him. Edwards begs and dares Lashley to pick him tonight.

Highlights are then shown of Gail Kim's hall of fame induction ceremony at the pay per view.


Gail Kim vs. Sienna w/Allie

Madison Rayne joins the broadcast team at ringside for this match. As Gail Kim gets on the apron and raises her title. Sienna attacks her from behind. The bell rings and the action starts on the outside. The two women brawl. Sienna rams Gail up against the ring post. Madison Rayne brings up Gail's past history with back injuries. Action back in the ring, Sienna continues to beat down on Gail. After a couple of minutes, Sienna goes for her finisher, The AK47. Gail Kim counters out of it and hits a neck breaker. Gail then goes for a huracanrana, Sienna counters and lifts Gail up and drives her face first into the mat. Sienna tries to spear Gail but Kim moves out of the way and rolls up Sienna in a bridge and pins her.

Gail Kim defeats Sienna to retain The TNA Knockouts Title

An angry Sienna attacks Gail after the match and hits The Silencer on her. Sienna is now joined in the ring by Maria, Laurel Van Ness and Allie. Sienna holds up Gail. Maria instructs Allie to slap Gail but she can't do it. Maria slaps Gail down to the mat. Maria then instructs Sienna and Laurel to beat Gail down.

Back from the break. Jeremy Borash is backstage and intros the 3rd potential opponent for Lashley's world title tonight. In comes EC3. He snatches the mic away from Borash and stares at the camera. Tells Lashley to pick him if he wants a real fight. Pick the others if he wants to pad his stats. Carter says that he is ready for Lashley tonight.


The Hardy's vs. The Decay

Prior to the match, Josh Mathews explains that the match is a reference to the famed serial killer from Australia Mick Taylor. It is 6 sides of steel and the cage is supposed to replicate Mick Taylor's lair where he tortured his victims. There are weapons attached to the cage. Even a chainsaw. No Charlie in sight.....

Reby plays the piano BFG style on the stage and out come The Hardy's. The Decay head to the ring minus Rosemary. All 4 men start the match inside the cage. Matt gets on the mic and tells Reby that Rosemary is not here. That Reby needs to rush to the back and protect Maxel. The match starts off with a vintage Hardy tandem move. Poetry in Motion. Jeff and Matt Hardy in full control early. Jeff has his hands on a staple gun. He staples Abyss with it. A measure of payback from the pay per view sunday. The brawl continues. Abyss and Crazzy Steve battle back. They get a hold of some of the weapons attached to the cage. Abyss and Steve use trash cans and sticks to knock down The Hardy's. Steve gets a grappling hook from the cage and uses it on Matt's mouth. The battle continues. The Hardy's rally and get weapons of their own and start attacking The Decay with them. The Hardy's double suplex Steve as the fans start calling for The Chainsaw. Broken Matt obliges and goes up the cage and gets it. Matt stands on the top rope with The Chainsaw and tries to crank it but Steve knocks him down. Matt battles with Steve and hits him with a side effect. Jeff climbs to the top of the cage and out comes Rosemary. She spews mist into the eyes of Jeff. Out comes Reby. She attacks Rosemary and hits with her a staff. Reby then runs over to the cage door and slams it in Abyss's face. The show then freezes up and abruptly goes to break.

Back from the break. The Wolf Creek match has magically disappeared. There was a commercial for a show called Wolf Creek during the long commercial break. A bound for Glory ad airs. Not sure if it's just me but the tag match is gone. Insert the delete jokes here. Moving on......

*Update- TNA has posted the conclusion of The Wolf Creek Cage match and here it is. I missed it. It wasn't on my Pop TV. Not sure if that's a me thing or a we thing but here it is.

The Hardy's defeat The Decay to retain The TNA World Tag Team Championships

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are headed to the ring together. Cody grabs a mic as the fans chant for him. Cody starts by talking about the term Game Changer. Says that it is, the sentiment to describe his arrival to TNA wrestling. While the term is flattering, Cody says that the proper term is that the game is changing. He brings up Gail Kim. He compliments her. Talks about how, in the long history of his family, He has never seen anything like The Great War. Cody says that he is probably considered a game changer because he didn't wait to be kicked out of his house. He left on his own. This prompts a TNA chant from the crowd. Cody pulls out his list. Not as over as Jericho's but that's another story. Cody mentions that Mike Bennett is on his list. Brandi goes over and tells Cody something about the list. Brandi gets a chant from the crowd. Cody calls her not just Brandi but "Brandi Rhodes".... Cody says that his wife has reminded him that Bennett shouldn't have been on the list. That The TNA world championship should be on the list and that it is an honor and an opportunity of a lifetime to become world champ. Criticizes anyone that says any different. Out comes, Mike Bennett with his wife Maria.

Mike Bennett yells at the fans who chant for Cody. Bennett says that since he came into TNA. He has also been looking to get The TNA world title but he had to earn it. Says that he had to fight for it. Cody interrupts Bennett and says, Ok, Let's fight. Bennett says that Cody doesn't understand what he means. Cody attacks Mike and they brawl. Bennett kicks Cody in the head, Cody is staggered for a moment but gets up and puts Bennett in The Cross Rhodes. Bennett bails and leaves the ring with his wife.

During the last commercial break. Footage is shown of Cody on stage with Brandi. Cody says that instead of challenging for The TNA World Title first. He wants to face The Miracle Mike Bennett next week on Impact.

Maria is shown backstage trying to get into Billy Corgan's office. Aiden O'Shea is guarding the door. Aiden calls Maria toots. She takes offense to it and says that she needs to talk to Corgan. Maria says that she is the leader of The Knockouts and that Aiden needs to get out of her way. Aiden tells Maria that he has a message for her from Corgan. That Maria has a match scheduled on Impact next week with Gail Kim for The Knockouts Title. If Maria loses, She is no longer the leader of The Knockouts.

Back to ringside and Baron Dax makes his way to the ring for this next match.


Aron Rex vs. Baron Dax

Round One

Rex controls the early portion of the match. Dax battles back and hits two consecutive neckbreakers. He covers Rex for a 2 count. 1 minute left in the round as Dax applies a chin lock to Rex. Dax using a very physical style against Rex. Using a lot of ground and pound as round one ends.

Round One Scorecard- All 3 judges score round 1 for Baron Dax. 10-9 from each judge.

Round Two

Dax stays aggressive to start the round. Rex battles back and locks in the Royal Arch submission and Dax is forced to tap out.

Aron Rex defeats Baron Dax by submission to retain The Impact Grand Championship

Jeremy Borash interviews Aron Rex in the middle of the ring. Rex says that the match he just had proves how the Grand Championship matches are changing the game. How he will continue to defend the title and make history.

Back from the break. Cody vs Mike Bennett is announced for next week's Impact.

Bobby Lashley is now out to make the decision of who he will defend his World Title against tonight. Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Lashley and introduces all 3 potential opponents. Moose, Eddie Edwards and EC3 all make their way to the stage and await Lashley's choice.

The fans chant for Moose. Lashley goes over each potential opponent. Mentions how he beat EC3. Lashley calls Moose big, slow and dumb. Lashley says that he has already beaten Eddie Edwards and mocks him. Lashley then does a version of eeny meeny miny mo to choose his opponent. Instead it's eeeny, meeny, lemon squeezy, pick the match that's going to be easy. His finger lands on Eddie Edwards.



A much shorter match than these two have had in the past. Lashley hits a beautiful overhead throw suplex on Edwards. He then beats down Edwards with cross face blows. Roughs him up some more in the corner. Lashley continues to dominate. Hits a standing vertical suplex on Edwards and covers him for a 2 count. Bobby begins to toy with Eddie. Stomping on him and laughing. Edwards fights back briefly but ends up getting caught in The Dominator Power Bomb. Edwards kicks out of Lashley's pin attempt. Lashley knocks down Edwards and continues to toy with him. Slapping him around. Edwards calls on for more and delivers some slaps of his own. This angers Lashley. Lashley tries to go to the top rope for a potential spear. Edwards kicks Lashley and then meets him on top and hits a huracanrana. Edwards goes for a shining wizard but Lashley counters into a running power slam. Bobby sets up for a spear, Edwards sidesteps him and Lashley lands on the ringside floor. Edwards then launches a "shot of caffeine" dive on Lashley. Edwards goes for it again and connects. Eddie goes for the trifecta and misses. Lands directly into the guardrail. Lashley then carries a knocked out Edwards into the ring. Takes his time getting back in the ring and taunts the crowd. Sets up for his spear. Edwards struggles to his feet and then suddenly, He sprints towards Lashley and hits The Boston Knee Party and pins Lashley for the victory!

Eddie Edwards defeats Bobby Lashley to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Edwards celebrates the shocking upset with The TNA World Title. Josh Mathews cues to a plug for the movie, "Wolf Creek" that will follow this episode of Impact. The show ends.