Tonight's show opens with this video recap of what took place on last week's edition of Impact. The focus is on TNA's champions and ultimately, The crowning of a new world champion, at the end of last week's show in Eddie Edwards.

New TNA World Champion, Eddie Edwards is introduced to the crowd in The Impact Zone and makes his way to the ring. Notably absent in this celebration is Eddie's Wolves partner, Davey Richards. Richards is still recovering from a serious injury but it's something to note for potential future storylines.... Edwards is smiling from ear to ear, hoisting the title over his head as he walks to the ring.

Edwards grabs a mic and tells all the fans in attendance and at home. That being champion still doesn't feel real to him. The fans chant, You deserve it. Edwards says to everyone, Thank you from the bottom of his heart. How he couldn't have done it without all of his fans and family. Edwards talks about his 14 year journey to this point. He brings up the former champ, Bobby Lashley. That Lashley has beaten him fair and square in the past but something about last week felt different. Edwards says that he is here today because he never gave up on his dream. He promises to be a fighting champion. Eddie wants to prove to Lashley that last week wasn't a fluke. That he is prepared to beat anyone at any time. Bobby Lashley's music hits and he heads to the ring. Lashley wastes no time. He tackles Edwards down to the mat and starts beating him up. Lashley grabs the title. Edwards rises and comes after Lashley but Bobby slams Edwards down and then spears him. Bobby takes the mic . Lashley demands that a ref come out immediately. That he is going to take his title back right now. Lashley grabs a steel chair to do more damage to Edwards. Moose and EC3 come out to save Edwards and Lashley flees the scene of his crime.

Josh Mathews and The Pope are at ringside and recap what they just saw. They also hype tonight's Impact lineup. Aron Rex's music hits for this upcoming match. The show goes to break before the first of 3 title defenses tonight can begin.

When Impact returns from the break. Billy Corgan's new muscle, Aiden O'Shea is seen walking backstage. He is confronted by The Tribunal. They demand to meet with Billy Corgan. O'Shea suggests that they make an appointment with him. The Tribunal is offended and says that they don't need to make appointments. Aiden begs to differ and says that his next message is coming from The Boss. That the Tribunal is on the bubble in TNA and suggests that they do something immediately to impress Corgan and management.

A recap is shown of The Edwards beatdown by Lashley to start the show. Jeremy Borash is then shown backstage and he intros TNA president Billy Corgan. Corgan is still in his Godfather type attire from last week. Fur trench coat and all. Borash asks if Lashley will get his rematch tonight. Corgan says that he has a big problem with what Lashley did. He says that Lashley's automatic rematch is taken away from him. Instead, Lashley will have to face the winner of the match, he books later tonight. When Borash presses to find out what the match is. Corgan tells Jeremy that he is going to go figure it out now.


Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz

Round One

Finally back to the ring after this match was teased before the break. Josh Mathews on commentary makes mention of Godderz friendship with famed actor, William Shatner.

Godderz gets an early take down as the match begins. Godderz shows off his amateur wrestling background early on. He controls the opening minute in this round. Rex eventually battles back and gains the advantage on the mat. Less than a minute left in the round. Both men finally back on their feet. Godderz out wrestles Rex some more and controls the rest of the first round.

Round One Scorecard- All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Jessie Godderz.

Round Two

Rex comes out aggressive, knowing that he is behind early in this match. He attempts two small package pin attempts. Godderz kicks out. Jessie continues to out wrestle Rex and gets him in a Boston Crab submission. Labeled The "Godderz Stretch". Rex gets to the ropes to break the hold. Less than a minute left, Jessie applies an arm bar on Aron. Rex is able to counter into an arm bar of his own. Godderz breaks free. A frustrated Aron Rex delivers a stiff elbow to the face of Godderz, as the round ends.

Round Two Scorecard- Jessie Godderz wins round 2 from the judges. They all score it 10-9 in his favor. He is now up by a substantial margin with only 1 round left.

Round Three

Godderz is up 2 rounds on Rex and 3 minutes away from potentially winning the title, as the show goes to break. Back from the break. Jessie continues with his same amateur wrestling gameplan. Rex is extremely frustrated, as he takes a powder outside the ring. Godderz holds open the ropes and invites Rex back into the ring. Under 2 minutes left. Rex is back in and steps up his aggression level. He knocks Jessie to the outside. Rex then offers to return the favor and holds open the ropes for Jessie to re-enter. As Jessie goes to oblige, Rex cheap shots him when he is coming back in. Rex then sets up and hits the Revelator elbow on Godderz and pins him to retain the title with just 70 seconds left.

Aron Rex defeats Jessie Godderz by pinfall in round 3 to retain The Impact Grand Championship

A small smattering of boos from the crowd towards the winner Aron Rex.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley is shown leaving the office of Billy Corgan. Aiden O'Shea asks Lashley what was discussed in there. Bobby says that he and Billy have made a compromise. Lashley says that two guys are going to be in for a little surprise tonight.

We are then taken backstage to The Hardy's. They are together holding The Tag Team Titles near a ladder. Broken Matt brings up their great victory at The Great War and says that TNA has entered The Broken Era. Jeff then speaks. Calls he and Matt, The Broken Hardy's. How last year, He broke his leg, then broke his own brother but how he has now re-paid his brother back. Matt admits that he is now proud of his Brother Nero, even though he still uses obsolete ladders. He admits that he enjoyed Nero's leap onto The Decay at Bound for Glory. Jeff says that his guilt has been lifted as he climbs a ladder next to them. Matt tells him to get down, and that he can only indulge in his addiction once in a while. Matt invites everyone to join him and his brother in The Broken Era.

Josh Mathews hypes Cody making his TNA in ring debut later against Mike Bennett. Up next after the break, The Broken Hardy's will be in the Impact Zone.

When the show returns, Maria is yelling at Allie backstage yet again. She calls herself a leader. Asks Allie where Sienna and Laurel Van Ness are. Allie says that she thinks that Maria should read the email that she has received. Maria makes Allie read it. The email states that Laurel, Sienna and Allie are all banned from ringside for Maria's No DQ Knockouts title match vs Gail Kim. Maria is livid, that she is just now finding out about all of this. Maria says that she needs a quick solution. Allie suggests that Maria should win the match all on her own. This upsets Maria even further. She calls Allie stupid and walks off.

Backstage, We now see Moose and EC3 having a discussion. Bobby Lashley approaches them. Lashley informs them that he just spoke with Billy Corgan. That tonight's main event will be EC3 vs Moose and that the winner will face him next week.

Here come The Broken Hardy's to the ring. Matt calls tonight a celebration and that everyone will delete together. Matt is happy that his Brother Nero repaid his debt to him. The fans chant for Nero and Matt calls it delightful. Broken Matt says that his broken brilliance and the nefarious actions of Nero have shown the world that The Hardy's are the greatest tag team of all space and time. Matt calls out other "false champions". Like "The Bucks of Youth" and "The Day of New".... Hilarious..... Matt proclaims that the Hardy's rule the world and they will defend their titles, again and again and again and again and again and again.

Broken Matt brings up how they defeated The Decay and asks Nero to sing a eulogy for them. Jeff sings the obsolete song with The Decay in the lyrics. Matt is elated and has a potent "premoneeeetion". Broken Matt says that their next challengers for their titles will be determined tonight. Matt and Nero chant Delete and Obsolete together to signify the "two strongest forces on the planet". As The Hardy's are playing to the crowd when their music hits. The Tribunal runs into the ring and attacks them. Baraca and Dax beat down The Hardy's. They stand over them and taunt them and then leave the ring.

A video then airs, that builds up The Current Cody/Mike Bennett feud. With comments from both of them alternating. Mike says that he doesn't care about Cody's famous family background. Bennett is upset that Cody is going to get a world title shot soon based on his family history. Cody says that he is surprised that Mike Bennett didn't know that he was on Cody's list. Cody says that nepotism could be seen as a valid criticism against him, but that he has earned his way up the ladder over the years. He then says that if Mike wants to use nepotism as a knock against him. He can easily say that Mike has ridden the co-tails of his wife, Maria and her fame. Cody says that The Miracle moniker for Mike Bennett is silly even for pro wrestling and that Bennett is all just smoke and mirrors. That match is up next.

Back from the break. Maria is out in The Impact Zone and introduces her husband to the audience. Cody is out next with his wife, Brandi Rhodes. Let's just say that both these guys are winners in life, just based on their better halves.

Cody w/Brandi Rhodes vs. The Miracle Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett

Collar and elbow tie up to start. Both men counter each other early with a fast flurry of moves. The fans chant for Cody throughout the match. No Stardust attire here for Cody. Very noticeable "Dream" tattoo on the left side of his chest. Cody goes for the beautiful disaster early but Bennett bails to the outside of the ring. The Miracle calls for a timeout and then strolls over towards Brandi Rhodes. Cody sees this and leaps over the top rope and onto Bennett. He then brawls with Bennett on the outside. The action goes to the railing. The Miracle hits a hangman's DDT on Cody on that very railing and onto the ringside floor. Bennett makes his way back into the ring. Cody crawls back inside as well. Bennett stomps on Cody and goes for a quick cover and gets a 2 count. He then applies a chin lock on Cody. Cody tries to battle back but ends up eating a nice looking drop kick by Bennett. Mike continues to control the match over Cody. Applies another chin lock. He tries to wear him down. Cody battles back with a pair of clotheslines and then hits an Alabama Slam on Bennett. Cody then connects with The Beautiful Disaster. He hesitates and then looks to hit Cross Rhodes but Bennett fights back and counters it. Cody attempts a moon sault off the top but misses. The Miracle then pedigrees Cody and pins him for a close fall. The Pope mentions on commentary that Bennett is playing mind games with Cody by using that specific move...... Bennett now goes to the top rope, Cody meets him up there. Cody hits a superplex and both men crash down on the mat. Cody rises up and goes for the "American Nightmare" submission hold. Maria distracts him momentarily and Bennett kicks himself free from the hold. Now both men stand toe to toe in the center of the ring and start trading blows. After quite a slugfest occurs. Cody ducks one of Mike's shots and grabs him and hits The Cross Rhodes for the victory.

Cody defeats Mike Bennett by pinfall

Post match, Cody and Brandi celebrate in the ring and kiss each other. Maria is consoling a fallen and battered Bennett on the outside.

Moose is backstage hyping his main event match with EC3 tonight. As the show goes to break.... Back from the break..... Marshe Rockett makes his way to the ring for his X division title shot. A video package is shown of Rockett. He talks about his size and how strong he is. He talks about how The Helms Dynasty recruited him. Rockett says that he is the future of The X Division and trash talks all the current X division competitors.


DJ Z vs. Marshe Rockett

As Z makes his way to the ring. Josh Mathews and The Pope talk about Billy Corgan's connection to Rockett dating back to their days in Chicago together. How Marshe has surprisingly received an immediate X division title match....

This match starts off with Rockett over powering DJ Z early on. He showboats and taunts the crowd. DJ Z uses his speed to try and build momentum but Marshe cuts him down with a big boot. DJ Z keeps coming despite this. Hits a flying cross body on Marshe off of the top rope. Rockett kicks out at 2 when Z attempts to pin him. Rockett then grabs Z and throws him to the outside of the ring. The action goes to the outside and Rockett suplexes Z onto the ring apron. He then taunts Z with his signature DJ sounder chant. Action back in the ring. Z attempts to leap off of the top rope but Rockett drop kicks him in mid air. This leads to a close count. Action back to the outside, Z's quickness comes into play. He evades Rockett and ends up hitting a pescado on him. Z then hits a springboard reverse clothesline on Marshe and then goes for the ZDT but Rockett counters out of it. He connects with a big leg lariat on Z. Rockett then sizes DJ up in the corner and goes for a big splash. Z moves out of the way and then connects with The ZDT for the victory.

DJ Z defeats Marshe Rockett to retain The TNA X Division Title

A frustrated, Mike Bennett is backstage with his wife Maria and Allie. Bennett is saying that this place has always been out to get them. Mike says that first Cody gets handed a world title match next week on Impact and now he s upset with the defeat at the hands of Cody tonight. Bennett promises his wife that he is going to help her against Gail Kim tonight. Allie calls Bennett, Mr. Mike and informs him that he is also banned from ringside tonight. Maria starts panicking and screaming about her chances against Gail. Mike tries to calm Maria down and gives her a pep talk. Tells her that he believes in her.


Gail Kim vs. Maria Kanellis Bennett

For the second week in a row. Madison Rayne joins the broadcast team on commentary for a Knockouts match. As Maria makes her way to the ring. She goes under the ring and starts throwing random weapons into the ring. Maria grabs hold of a trash can lid and awaits Gail Kim's arrival. Maria tries to strike Gail when she enters the ring but misses. Maria then tries to run away. Gail chases her to the ramp and clotheslines her. Gail finds a laundry cart and puts Maria into it. Gail then wheels the cart down the ramp and Maria crashes to the ringside floor. Action back in the ring and Gail's got herself a cookie sheet. Maria fights back and hits Gail with the trash can lid. Maria then mounts Gail and rams her head repeatedly into the mat. Maria actually hits a sitting neck breaker on Gail. She then picks up the cooking sheet and starts hitting Gail with it. This puts Maria in control for a few minutes. She continues to pummel Gail with weapons. Gail fights back and retaliates with the trash can lid. Gail tries to hit a cross body off the top but misses. Maria gets her hands on a kendo stick and strikes Gail with it a couple of times. Gail counters and hits "Eat Defeat" on Maria. She goes for the pin fall cover but then decides to pull Maria up before the count gets to three. Gail is out for revenge. She picks up a garbage can lid and hits eat defeat again this time using the lid on Maria's head for extra measure. Gail pins Maria to end the match.

Gail Kim defeats Maria by pinfall to retain The TNA Knockouts Championship

As part of the stipulation in this match. Maria, by virtue of this loss, is no longer the leader of the knockouts division.

EC3 is interviewed backstage. He congratulates Eddie Edwards for winning The TNA World Title. He then starts to discuss his upcoming main event with Moose. When Eli Drake interrupts him. Drake calls EC3. Ethan The Choker The Third. Drake rubs in the fact that EC3 failed in beating Lashley while Edwards didn't. Carter then threatens Drake to press his button, so that he can unleash unholy hell on him. Drake tells EC3 to not worry about his button but rather worry about not choking tonight vs Moose.

Back from the break, Highlights are shown of all the major happenings earlier in the night. Edwards vs Cody next week is promoted. We are now backstage. Cody approaches Eddie Edwards. They discuss their upcoming match next week on Impact. They both respect each other. Cody says that Edwards has defined that anything can happen in TNA on any given night. Hinting that Cody may be the next TNA World Champion. As Cody leaves, Edwards is being attended to by a physician. Edwards is selling the injuries sustained earlier at the hands of Bobby Lashley.

Josh Mathews and The Pope are now shown at ringside. They discuss the upcoming main event and their predictions for it. Pope chooses Moose to defeat EC3. As they are talking, the video feed cuts out and a static feed cuts in. A fast winding clock is shown in black and white. The screen fades and then seated at a table are 3 individuals. All wearing black suits with hoods, white ties and with White masks on. A logo appears on screen that says DCC. The masked man in the middle reads a statement. He states that "their detractors will have you believe that they are just another form of anti-establishmentarianism". The message goes on to state that they are not wearing masks to hide their identities but to show that they will make a stand in Impact Wrestling. The screen flashes to black and then a long quote from Martin Luther King Jr, is shown on screen. It reads as follows:

"The thing that we need most in the world today is a group of men and women who will stand up for right and be opposed to wrong, wherever it is. A group of people who have come to see that some things are wrong, whether they're never caught up with. And some things are right, whether nobody sees you doing them or not".

The screen then flashes back to The Impact Zone. The intros are made for the main event.

Ethan Carter III vs. Moose

The winner of this particular match will face Bobby Lashley next week on Impact. The winner of that match will be named #1 contender for The TNA World Championship.

Fairly short main event between these two. Early power struggle between the two. Both Carter and Moose attempt their finishers but are unable to connect. They then both trade drop kicks. The action briefly goes to the outside and sees Carter chop down Moose. Back in the ring, Carter grounds Moose and applies an arm bar type submission. Moose tries to fight out of it. Carter knocks him down with an elbow. EC3 then clotheslines Moose and follows that with an overhead suplex on him. Action back to the outside as Moose rolls out there. Carter follows, but gets caught with a pump kick by Moose... Moose then slams Carter down on the ring apron. Both men struggle to get back into the ring. EC3 is clutching his ribs. Which were previously injured by Lashley a few weeks back. Carter goes to the top rope. Moose hits a standing dropkick on him, but celebrates the move too much as Carter re-positions himself up top and hits a drop kick of his own on Moose. Both men struggle back to their feet. They trade chops, uppercuts and punches in the ring. Moose tries to hit the gamebreaker but EC3 counters. Moose comes back with a couple of headbutts. He then hits a pop up powerbomb on Carter and then hits a senton dive on Carter. This all leads to a 2 and a half count. Moose goes for The Gamebreaker, EC3 counters and connects with The TK3 on him. Carter fires up, hits a corner splash on Moose. He then follows that with a flap jack. Carter goes for The one percenter, Moose blocks it. Carter goes to the top rope, Moose grabs him up there and hits the "Go to hell". Moose tries to finish Carter yet again with The gamebreaker, Carter ducks and rolls up Moose for a 2 count. Carter goes for his 1 percenter yet again, Moose counters and nails Carter in the back of the head with The gamebreaker. Moose covers EC3 and pins him for the victory.

Moose defeats Ethan Carter III by pinfall

Post match, Moose celebrates his biggest victory thus far in TNA. Ethan Carter is shown on the outside of the ring, looking very disappointed. Bobby Lashley's music hits and he heads to the ring. He and Moose stand toe to toe in the center of the ring as Impact ends.