We are at The Hardy House in Cameron, North Carolina. Broken Matt guides his family at the compound, in preparation for a Hardy Halloween. Brother Nero ends up trying to eat the corn in the corn field but it doesn't work out too well for him. Matt says that they plan to treat or delete at The Hardy Home. Matt has a premoneeetion that there will be an outsider arriving to their home tonight. Matt, Jeff, Reby and Senor Benjamin chant delete to close the video.

Ethan Carter III & Jessie Godderz vs. Aron Rex and Eli Drake

EC3 makes his entrance to the ring first as this match kicks off this week's edition of Impact. Godderz and Rex start off the match. Jessie and Carter get the early edge in this one. They tag in and out alot and take turns working on Aron Rex. They even do a tandem dropkick on him. Rex eventually gets out of trouble and tags in Eli Drake. Drake is in with EC3 now. EC3 over powers him. Eli runs away from Ethan. Carter gives chase but Drake tags Rex back into the ring. Carter and Godderz continue to work well in tandem as a team. Jessie and Ethan are in full control, as the show goes to it's first break.

Back from the break and what do you know?.... The heels have now regained control. This has become a familiar pattern in the industry. Whomever has the edge going into the commercial, doesn't have it when the show returns.... Rex is applying a side chin lock on Godderz in the ring. Drake is in and stomps Jessie in the corner.... The Fight Network App gets a plug during the match. Mathews puts it over like it is the greatest feature in history. You gotta know where your bread is buttered.

After Drake beats down on Godderz for a while. Jessie manages to escape and tag in Eli Drake. EC3 tries to fire up but is shut down by both Aron and Eli. They work over Carter for a bit. Drake is now more than happy to take on EC3 one on one, now that he is vulnerable on the mat. Eli hits a power slam on Carter and drops the dummy elbow on EC3 for a 2 count. Rex is tagged in and hits a Russian leg sweep on Carter. He follows that up with the 'elbow of distinction'. Attempts to pin Carter but he kicks out. Drake is back in. He applies a chinlock on EC3. Carter eventually gets back to his feet and gets out of it but eats a neck breaker from Drake. Eli tries to pin him and gets a 2 count. Aron Rex is back in briefly. He starts targeting Carter's ribs to sell Ethan's history of injuries in that part of his body. Drake gets back in, Carter starts to fight back and they trade blows. EC3 puts a sleeper hold on Drake. Eli reverses and clamps one on, of his own. Carter breaks out of it and barely tags in Godderz. Jessie comes in and hits multiple clotheslines on Eli. Jessie suplexes Drake. Eli manages to tag in Rex. Aron and Eli both attempt to double team Jessie while EC3 is down. Jessie fights out of it and throws Rex out of the ring. He then dropkicks Drake. While Eli and Jessie continue battling. The referee tries to point out that Drake is not the legal man in the ring.... Eli grabs Jessie and throws him over the top rope. Godderz lands awkwardly and grabs his knee. Carter is back in the ring and he clotheslines Drake. EC3 and Eli go at it while the ref tries to get both of them out of the ring. Drake knocks Carter to the outside. Jessie springboards from the top rope onto Drake. Here comes Aron Rex, who is the legal man in the match. He rakes Jessie in the eyes. Aron Rex then puts something on his right hand. He knocks out Jessie with one punch. Puts his object back into his tights. Covers Jessie and gets the pin. Not visible on camera but Josh Mathews on commentary, suggests that Rex had a ring on his finger when he punched Jessie.

Aron Rex & Eli Drake defeat Ethan Carter III & Jessie Godderz

Highlights are then shown of the ending of last week's Edwards-Cody match. Where Maria attacked Brandi Rhodes..... We then see Maria in her dressing room. She is applying makeup and bragging about what she did to Brandi last week. Brandi Rhodes runs into the dressing room when she overhears Maria talking trash about her. She chases after Maria who begs off and runs away.... Tonight's mixed tag match is hyped with Cody and Brandi taking on Mike and Maria Bennett.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and interviews Grado. Grado says that he has a special surprise for tonight. A Halloween surprise. He is going to dress up as someone he has always wanted to be like.

We are now at The Hardy home. Kids arrive and are trick or treating. Matt calls one of the kids, Stephen Amell because he is dressed like The Arrow. Matt doesn't want to give the kids candy. So he gives them green beans instead. The Arrow kid doesn't like it. More kids arrive, Brother Nero answers the door and sings obsolete. The kids at the door sing along with him. Matt gives them green beans. One cute little girl is dressed like a box of donuts. Matt warns her that if she eats too many donuts, She could become a "Fat Hardy"....

Rockstar Spud is backstage and is upset that he has been disrespected by DJ Z. Talks about how he has been X Division champion on 2 occasions. Spud calls out DJ Z and his teammates. Says that he has two allies that DJZ has overlooked for Team X Gold. Spud says that Z will suffer a fate worse than death tonight.

Grado is in The Impact Zone. He is on the stage and tells the audience that he is living his dream. Although he is happy, He wants more. Grado calls out someone who is an inspiration to him and a future TNA hall of famer. He calls out Robbie E. Robbie hesitates to come to the stage but eventually does. Grado tells Robbie that on Halloween, They can be any one that they want to be. Grado tells Robbie that he wants to be a "Bro Man". Grado goes to the back and comes out dressed in new gear. He is wearing Robbie's tights, is oiled up and has spray tan streaking down his face. He dances on stage and accidentally knocks down Robbie. They both end up dancing around the ringside area. They dance near the broadcast table. Grado and Robbie get in the ring to fist bump. They dance after doing it.... The screen goes black and is followed by a 3....2...1 countdown. Lights back on, The D.C.C. are back in The Impact Zone. They are wearing all black in white masks. All 3 men quickly take out Robbie and they spike piledrive Grado into the mat. The D.C.C. leaves the ring, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break, Allie meets up with "TNA President" Billy Corgan in an empty Impact Zone. Allie nervously tells Billy that even though, she will probably be beat up by Laurel Van Ness tonight. She wants to take a chance, fight her and take a stand. "Mr. Billy" grants Allie her wish.

Team X Gold Match

DJ Z, Braxton Sutter & Mandrews vs. Rockstar Spud & The Decay

Spud got on the mic and announced his partners at ringside before the match. DJ Z's team is now going by the name of "Go For Broke".

Abyss starts off the match with Sutter. Abyss is actually a former X division champion. In the wrestling world's most ambigious title division. Abyss has the early advantage here, tags in his Decay partner Crazzy Steve. Mandrews is in and goes to his flying style immediately. Steve shuts him down quickly. Spud comes in and tries to take advantage of Mandrews but he fails. Runs and tags back in Abyss. Abyss over powers Mandrews for a while and beats him down in the corner. The Decay then double team Mandrews. Mandrews tries to dive to his corner to make a tag but Steve tackles him in mid air before he can do so. After a few minutes, Mandrews eventually escapes and tags in DJ Z. He comes in and immediately hits a springboard elbow on Steve. Z then dropkicks Abyss to the floor. Spud is now in the ring and Z hits the ZDT on him to get his team the victory.

Go For Broke defeats Rockstar Spud & The Decay

Back from the break. Cody and Brandi Rhodes are walking backstage together. Cody says that The Rhodes family will always have the edge over The Bennett Family. Cody says that Mike Bennett doesn't fit the definition of the word Miracle, because he is all smoke and mirrors. Brandi chimes in that she is going to make Maria tap out tonight.

Hardy Halloween continues at The Hardy House. A special guest knocks on the door and a hurricane blows in. Broken Matt answers the door and says "Holy Neon Green Beans". Matt tells the man at his door, that he is too old to be treating and deleting. Nero tells the man that he looks familiar. Calls his costume "Hurrific". Pronounces it that way.... The camera pans to the man and it's Shane Helms. He is in his familiar green lantern inspired attire. Helms is speechless and has the door slammed on him. He tries to leave the grounds but runs into spider webs on his way out... Back inside the home, Broken Matt tells Nero that he thought that Halloween was his favorite holiday. Suggests that Nero get changed into a costume. Nero agrees with his brother. Says that he will be right back... Meanwhile, Matt compliments Senor Benjamin on his Halloween decorations. Matt likes the hanging ghoul that looks like Crazzy Steve. Jeff rings the doorbell and when Matt answers. Jeff is dressed up as "Itchweeed"... At least that's the logo that appears on screen. Jeff has large goggles on and starts ranting and raving at a very fast pace. "Itchweeed" with 3 E's, tells Matt that he wants to stick around for Halloween. Matt says that he likes Itchweed's accelerated way of talking, and agrees to have him stay as a guest.

Back in The Impact Zone, Jeremy Borash is in the ring. A table with chairs is set up. Borash introduces TNA World Champ Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley for a contract signing. After both men are seated at the table. Borash tells them, that he has been instructed by TNA Management that neither man is allowed to have any physical interaction during this contract signing. Both men are given one last chance to make comments before signing the contract. Lashley says that he finds it funny that there is a no touch clause in the contract. Lashley says that every time that he and Edwards fight. Lashley is the one who destroys Eddie. He says that he knows that everyone wants Eddie to win but doesn't care. Bobby says that in one week, Eddie's feel good story comes to an end. Bobby calls himself the most dominant man in combat sports and that he should be world champion. Lashley says that Eddie with the world championship is a joke. Lashley suggests that Edwards forfeit his title to avoid the beating, he is going to get. Lashley tries to sell Eddie on the idea by saying that he could retire as champion and make history.

Eddie gets on the mic and says that he feels like slapping Lashley in the face right now. Eddie knows that Bobby is playing mind games with him. Says that Bobby's mind games worked in the past but won't now. Talks about how the first time, Lashley beat him. When he came home. His wife noticed how beat up he was. Edwards says that he looked like he was run over by a truck. However, Eddie says that the last time, He and Lashley faced. When Eddie came home, His wife saw him with The World Championship.

Edwards tells Lashley that how he messed up by overlooking him last time. Lashley responds to Eddie and agrees that he underestimated Edwards. Lashley tells Eddie that he got lucky last time. Calls his loss to Edwards a fluke. He says that he is going to beat Edwards down next week and be champ once again. Edwards signs the contract after telling Lashley, that he is confident that he will prevail. Before Lashley can sign, Edwards says what happens if Lashley signs the contract and loses next week. Edwards insults Lashley saying that Bobby will be his b**ch when he beats him. Bobby rises and gets upset. Throws the table, restrains himself from hitting Eddie and signs the contract.

Highlights are shown from last week of how Maria and Laurel Van Ness humiliated Allie.... Backstage, Laurel Van Ness runs into Braxton Sutter and hits on him. Laurel says that she sees the way that Allie looks at Braxton. Laurel says that she would like to celebrate with Sutter after she beats Allie tonight.

Back from the break. "Itchweeed" is outside on Broken Matt's property. He carves out a large Happy Halloween message on the ground.

Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness

Madison Rayne is on commentary for this knockouts match. Allie walked slowly to the ring prior to the match. She greeted fans on her way into the ring but showed a lot of trepidation getting in to face Laurel. Laurel tries to bully Allie but she pushes back. Laurel goes after Allie and roughs her up in the corner and then on the mat. Laurel pulls on Allie's hair and steps on her. Laurel is on offense for quite some time in this match. Clotheslines Allie and throws her to the outside of the ring. She then rams Allie's face into the apron. The ref tries to get Laurel back in the ring. The distraction gives Allie time to recover. Laurel charges at her while she is on the ringside floor. Allie moves out of the way. Allie then picks up Laurel and throws her into the ring. She charges at Laurel and takes her down. Mounts her and starts throwing punches. The crowd is chanting for Allie. Laurel gets up and charges at Allie but she moves out of the way and rolls up Laurel for a close fall. Laurel recovers and hits a curb stomp on Allie to get the win.

Laurel Van Ness defeats Allie by pinfall

Back at The Hardy Home. The doorbell rings and Senor Benjamin answers it. Senor greets two trick or treaters dressed as Presidential Candidates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Benjamin greets Senor Trump and Senor Clinton. Benjamin tells Trump that he is going to build a wall and then bury Trump underneath it. He then stuns "Senor Trump" with his taser. Benjamin laughs at his handiwork. Out comes Itchweed. Itchweed compliments Benjamin for "trumping an elephant". Itchweed then addresses Senor Clinton. He asks her what happened to those 382 emails..... Broken Matt arrives and starts chanting delete... Vanguard One shows up, dressed as "Boo Radley" and scares off "Hilary Clinton". Broken Matt says that he can't believe that we have two presidential candidates that deserve to be deleted. Matt's assistant arrives and takes down notes. Broken Matt does an impromptu speech to become the next president of The United States.

Back from the break. Highlights are shown from earlier in the night, where Rex and Drake defeated EC3 and Jessie.... Backstage now, Jessie Godderz confronts Aron Rex and takes issue with the way, He has been cheating to win matches. Godderz challenges Rex to a future Impact Grand Championship match. Rex accepts.

Back to The Hardy Home. A young girl in a white mask resembling The D.C.C. mask rings the doorbell. Reby Hardy answers and the young girl gives her a laptop. Tells Reby to give it to her husband and to make him watch it now.... Neglected to mention that Reby is dressed up as The Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones. I believe that Broken Matt is dressed up as Jon Snow from that same show.

Back in the home, Reby brings the lap top into the house and gives it to Matt. Everyone sits down to watch what is on it. The screen goes to static and a message follows from The D.C.C. The 3 men are seated at a table. They challenge The Hardys for next week and say that the clock will run out on them.

Maria and Mike The Miracle Bennett cut a promo backstage. Bennett brags about all of his achievements in TNA. How he has beaten EC3 and Eddie Edwards in the past. Says that he will beat Cody. Bennett says that he has one thing that Cody doesn't have... Maria... Maria tells Brandi that she is not one tenth of her. Says that she and her husband will be victorious tonight against Brandi and Cody.

When the show returns from the break. A video package airs hyping next week's TNA World Title match of Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. Also announced for next week is Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz for THe Impact Grand Championship and The Hardy's answering the challenge of The D.C.C.


"The Miracle" Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Cody & Brandi Rhodes

Before the match can begin. Brandi tries to go after Maria. She hides behind her husband Mike initially. She then pretends that she is ready to face off one on one against Brandi, but after doing some jumping jacks. She tags in Mike Bennett. Cody is forced to tag in now. While Cody and Mike go at it. Maria slaps Cody. Brandi shows impatience and tries to get in the ring after Maria. Cody gets distracted by his wife and when he turns around, gets hit with a cutter by Bennett.

The show returns from break and The Miracle is in control over Cody. He kisses his wife Maria and then suplexes Cody. He then throws Cody to the outside and Maria kicks Cody. Brandi tries to get involved and the ref stops her. The action continues on the outside, as Bennett rams Cody into the barricade. Cody tries to fight back but throws a punch into the ringpost, missing Bennett. Back inside the ring, Bennett starts showboating and throwing jabs at Cody. Mike springs off the ropes and accidentally knocks his wife off of the apron. Cody sees the distraction and attempts to tag in Brandi. Mike cuts him off. While Brandi is distracted by her husband. Maria sneaks around the ring and pulls Brandi's legs off of the ring corner. Brandi hits her head on the apron as she falls.

Bennett and Maria actually team up together in the ring against Cody. Mike holds Cody and Maria tries to kick Cody with a low blow. Cody moves out of the way and Maria kicks her husband downstairs instead. Mike falls into the corner... Cody tags in an anxious Brandi. She takes down Maria and mounts her. They roll around in the ring. Maria tries to run away but runs into Cody. Brandi clotheslines Maria. Maria then gets up and kicks Brandi in the gut. She tries to charge at Brandi but she gets out of the way. Maria lands headfirst into her husband in the corner. Who was still nursing his low blow injury from Maria's mistake moments ago. Bennett is writhing in pain. Brandi grabs Maria and hits a front face plant DDT. Meanwhile Cody locks Bennett into The American Nightmare submission. At the same time, Brandi tries awkwardly to apply the same hold to Maria. The Bennetts end up positioned in the ring, looking one another in the eyes as they tap out to the stereo submission holds.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes defeat Mike & Maria Bennett by submission

The Rhodes celebrate their victory. Cody puts Brandi on his shoulders by the stage area. They then both walk to the back and the camera follows them. Cody and Brandi are being congratulated backstage. Out of nowhere, Bobby Lashley runs up and attacks Cody. He lays him out. Lashley stands over Cody and says, "No one comes into my house without my permission". The show ends on this note.