Total Divas Return Announced (Video), ZZ Signs Up For Wrestling School (Photo), WWE Network

- As seen above, WWE has announced that Total Divas will return to the E! Network at 8pm EST on Wednesday, November 16th.

- The latest WWE Network Collection looks at the "Gravest Matches Ever" and can be accessed now. Below is the full content listing from WWE Network News:

* Chamber Of Horrors 10/27/1991
* The Casket Debuts 11/24/1992
* What Is Dead May Never Die 01/22/1994
* Yokozunas Reckoning 11/22/1994
* A Grave Concept 10/20/1996
* The First Trip to Hell 10/05/1997
* Heartbreak and Sibling Rivalry 01/18/1998
* Raising the Bar 06/27/1998
* Stone Cold Ground 12/13/1998
* Six Feet Undertaker 09/09/1999
* Welcome to the Graveyard 05/01/2000
* Human Torch Match 06/11/2000
* Return to Hallowed Ground 07/09/2000
* The Beast Meets Big Evil 10/20/2002
* Kane Silences The Game 10/29/2002
* Big Evils Final Resting Place 11/15/2003
* Bad Blood Between Friends 06/13/2004
* The Game and a Caged Animal 06/26/2005
* Two Generations, One Deadman 10/09/2005
* DX vs. Big Business 09/16/2006
* Most Valuable Inferno Match 12/17/2006
* Bury Me, Brother? 10/24/2010
* The Ring of Fire 08/18/2013
* Corey Graves(t) vs. Sami Zayn 04/03/2014
* Gravest Matches Ever Intro 10/03/2016

- Luke Hawx' Wildkat Sports has announced that former WWE Tough Enough competitor Zamariah "ZZ" Loupe has signed on to train at their school. He was released from WWE NXT back in July of this year. They wrote on Facebook:

Wildkat would like to welcome our newest trainee, former Tough Enough competitor and runner up ZZ Loupe.

If you watched the show then you would think ZZ is all fun and games,truth be told... He's come to Wildkat with a hungry wrestling work ethic to go along with his playful attitude. We are happy to welcome him to the team and look forward to his progress.


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