WINC Podcast (10/31): RAW Review With Matt Morgan, Goldberg Gets Physical, TNA Lives, Your Questions

Former WWE and TNA Superstar Matt Morgan and Raj Giri are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast reviewing tonight's WWE RAW. Topics to be discussed include:

- Tonight's WWE RAW

- Goldberg getting physical

- Matt hating the Enzo & Cass segment

- Is Chris Jericho the biggest babyface in WWE?

- Judge denying Billy Corgan's injunction

- Fan questions about the Rock, what will be the WrestleMania 33 main event, working with Vince McMahon vs. Dixie Carter

And more!

You can check out the full episode in the video above or the audio player below. For a direct download, click here. If you want to subscribe, you can do so through iTunes as well as our RSS feed, which you can use this to subscribe through any podcast app. If you're enjoying the show, please subscribe and rate on iTunes! Also don't forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe on Youtube!


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