WWE NXT Results (10/19): Big Debut, Dusty Classic Action, A Glorious Win, Sanity's Nikki Cross, More

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- We open up with a video package reviewing the Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe feud over the past few weeks culminating with the brawl around Full Sail Arena last week.

-Tom Phillips welcomes us to NXT and announces that Shinsuke Nakamura will deliver a "champion's address" later tonight.

-We head into the ring for first round action of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

No Way Jose & Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak (1st Rd. Match of Dusty Rhodes Classic)

A bit of a cruiserweight reunion minus Jose for this one. Nese and Gulak have an inset promo after Swann and Jose dance to the ring. Crowd remixing Swann and Jose's theme. Gulak staves off some early offense from Swann, but Swann able to get the advantage with a drop kick and tags in Jose. Jose slips out of trouble and into a salsa. Good looking powerful offense from Jose, but Nese says "no way" and gets in a few shots of his own. Jose makes the tag and assists Swann with a splash on Nese. The action spills outside where Gulak distracts Swann long enough to have Nese get his bearings back and deliver a swift kick as we head to break.

Back from a short break and Gulak has grounded Swann in firm control. Both men down now and each make the hot tag to their partners. Back and forth action from Jose and Nese ends with a huge clothesline that turns Nese inside out. Fast and furry action as all four men get involved. Swann and Nese make their way to the outside as Swann hits a corkscrew plancha on Nese. Back inside the ring, Jose hits his Full Nelson Slam for the pin and victory on Gulak.

Winners via Pinfall: No Way Jose & Rich Swann

- After the match, the victors grab mics and pun their way into looking at their next match against the Authors of Pain.

- Graves and Phillips make the announcement that Hideo Itami is injured and will be unable to partner with Kota Ibushi in the Dusty Classic.

- We take a look back Roode/Dillinger versus Sanity. Dillinger is in the trainer's room getting looked at and says he's fine. After Roode walked out on him, he wants a match against Bobby Roode at Takeover Toronto on November 19. It appears his wish has been granted as a graphic pulls up advertising the match.

- Backstage with Austin Aries snacking on a banana. He's asked about his partner for tonight's match in the Dusty Classic, and won't reveal who it is. When asked about Hideo Itami, he said the doctors did some research and Hideo was found to have no spine since he doesn't want to face him.

Bobby Roode vs. Sean Maluta

Roode, or at least his theme, is ridiculously over as he makes his way to the ring where Sean Maluta was already granted the dark entrance. Sweet new robe Roode is wearing as he prepares to lockup with the former CWC competitor. Snapmare takedown from Roode and lets the crowd know of his gloriousness. Maluta takes exception and delivers a standing drop kick. Maluta goes for a roll-up and gets a two count. This only infuriates the glorious one and begins domination on the smaller competitor. Maluta gets in a bit more high-paced offense before being planted with a Roode spine buster. Roode hits his DDT for the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: Bobby Roode

- After the match, Roode says the brightest star in NXT (himself) goes international and will take over Toronto. He says Dillinger begged him to be his partner in the Dusty Classic, which was obviously not the case. He says he tried to bring Dillinger to his level. Dillinger has had enough and comes out to brawl with Roode. The perfect ten counters Roode's DDT and delivers a bevy of offense to Roode and sends him to the outside over the top rope.

- Backstage with Liv Morgan. She and the interviewer take a look back at her match last week with Billie Kay that she lost thanks to Peyton Royce. She runs down the Aussie girls as they attack her from behind and bring her out to ringside and continue the beatdown. Royce says they are putting the NXT women's division on notice, and that includes Asuka.

- We head back to the ring for more Dusty Classic first round action.

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong (1st Rd. Match of Dusty Rhodes Classic

The two behemoths make their way to the ring. If they can move, they can be a factor in the future. Austin Aries' tag team partner is revealed as...Roderick Strong! Aries plays a bit of comedy with Dozovic and teases a test of strength. No such luck for Dozovic as Aries lands a kick. Otis lands some offense of his own but allows Aries to make the tag to Strong. Athletic exchange and Knight hits a beautiful drop kick for a 300-pounder. Otis back in now and heads to the second rope. Aries chops him down and makes a tag to Strong. A bit of tandem offense from Strong and Aries but is stopped short by an Otis elbow. Tucker Knight back in with a house of fire. The Knight Train hits on the first go-round but derails on the second attempt as he spills to the outside. Strong gets Knight in a fireman's carry and Aries delivers the roaring elbow. Big running kick from Strong leads to a pin and win. Fun match and great debut for Strong and the big men.

Winners via Pinfall: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

- We take a look at the Revival vs. Alexander/Almas match from two weeks ago where Almas turned on his partner. We go to a pre-tape promo where Almas cuts a promo in Spanish and is translated into English. He said he took his mask off in order to be in NXT, but the respect hasn't been reciprocated. He's only worried about himself moving forward.

Nikki Cross (w/ Sanity) vs. Danielle Kamella

Cross wastes no time in her new all black attire and goes right after Kamella. Danielle hits a nice suplex, but it just seems to fire up Cross. She hits a neck breaker and seems to have a self-harm gimmick as she bites and slaps herself during her offense. She hits a big swinging neck breaker for the win. The new rabid dog type character of Sanity goes back after the NXT newbie as her leader Eric Young has some words for her. EY tries to break it up, but Cross hits him as well. As Cross goes back after Kamella, the official reverses his decision to make Kamella the winner.

Winner via Official's Decision Reversal: Danielle Kamella

- We take a look at next week's matches for the Dusty Classic. They include HoHo Lun and Tian Bing vs. DIY and TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi vs. Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali.

- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance to an eruptive crowd response. He says he's not done with Samoa Joe. Nakamura says if Joe wants the title, he can come get it and will beat him with no mercy. Out comes Patrick Clark looking like a lady pirate and he runs down Nakamura. He says that Nakamura should face him. Shinsuke hits a low blow kick and a big roundhouse kick to promptly put Clark in his place. Samoa Joe tries the sneak attack but Nakamura sees it coming and Joe stays at arm's length from the ramp. Nakamura lands a Kinshasa on Clark for the knockout blow and Joe retreats as we head off the air.


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