WWE Recruiting Indian Olympic Medalist, Great Khali On Why It May Be Too Late, WWE On China Growth

- The Deccan Herald in India reported this weekend that WWE head of talent development Canyon Ceman met with Indian Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar about signing with WWE. Kumar is the only Indian to win two individual Olympic medals, and talked about meeting with Ceman to PTI.

"I had a very good meeting with the head of the WWE talent development and I am exploring a lot of options as I just want to continue wrestling," Kumar said, who added that it doesn't necessarily mean that he's leaving the amateur ranks. "I would not say that I am leaving the amateur arena. I am just keen to explore other avenues.

Kumar's agent Raman Raheja said that WWE has been wanting to expand in India, and has been in talks with Kumar for the past four months.

"Something is going to materialize soon... in about a month or so we will finalize something," Raheja said. "Like WWE, there are other professional wrestling bodies like TNA, so we are looking at a number of other options as well. But I am still not saying that amateur doors are closed as yet."

- India Today spoke with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali about Kumar possibly signing with WWE. Khali said that while it could be a good move for him, he noted that it may be too late in Kumar's career to sign with WWE.

"It will be good if Sushil goes to WWE," Khali said. "It is my thought nothing personal about it but I think it will be late for Sushil to join WWE. One has to join at an early age and the chances of success increase. WWE is very difficult so I still feel it is a bit late for Sushil to join WWE. I would personally like to see someone in WWE after me."

- Speaking of Khali, he recently discussed his Continental Wrestling Entertainment promotion in India during a press conference and revealed his goals for the company.

"My aim is to take the WWE kind of wrestling to every city in the country," Khali said, via The Business Standard. "I returned from the United States last year because I wanted to do something which would provide new platform to the wrestlers in my country."

- The Ringer has a story here about WWE slowly expanding in China with comments from WWE developmental talent Bin Wang, WWE Vice President of Greater China Jay Li, recent WWE developmental talent signee Ho Ho Lun and WWE CFO George Barrios. In the story, Barrios discussed why he believes that WWE will be popular in the country.

"If you look across the globe, every culture has the same story archetype," Barrios said. "A hero emerges. A hero is challenged. A hero finds a mentor. A hero finally overcomes. ? We see the same thing in China."

"Everybody loves a good story," Li added, who noted that his biggest escape while growing up in China was reading kung-fu novels. "You pick up the books, you forget about your homework because you just got drawn into the story line. And WWE is no different. I think the Chinese fans respond to this: good versus evil, the turncoats, the betrayals, the loyalties, and the underdog stories."

"Whether it's Star Wars, Hunger Games, kung fu, or WWE, that story resonates," Barrios said. "Our fans get it."