AJ Styles On Recent Kevin Owens Diss, RAW World Title Looking Like The Women's Title, Shane McMahon

WWE Champion AJ Styles was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling in Spain earlier this month. You can check out some highlights from the conversation below:

Kevin Owen's title looking like the women's title:

"Does it not look like the women's title? Looks like the women's title to me. My championship doesn't look like the women's title, looks like the world championship title."

His thoughts on Kevin Owens calling him a 'rookie':

"Kevin Owens was in diapers when I was wrestling. So to say that I'm a rookie, eh, I don't know about that. Let's be honest, I don't need 'my little mentor' or whatever it is, that Triple H is, to beat the guy for me. To win a championship. Nope, I did that all my own. I found a way to win on my own, I didn't daddy Triple H to do it for me."

Thoughts on being Shane McMahon's boss at Survivor Series as he will be captaining team SmackDown:

"I feel like if the kid will listen to me I'll show him the way. This is what I do, I'm the world champ so I think I should be the leader of SmackDown Live. That's what we do. I mean obviously I'm doing something right, I'm the World Champion, he's just one of the guys."

How being in the WWE has changed his outlook on the business:

"The business hasn't really changed for me, I don't really look at it any different. I just look at what I've been doing for the past 18 years that has gotten me to this point and I love what I'm doing, it's fun, I'm having a great time, and I am the WWE World Champion. That says something. I've been a champion everywhere I've been, why change now?"

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Source: Planeta Wrestling


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