Alexa Bliss On Which RAW Star Took Her Under Her Wing, Becky Lynch Helping Her Career, Bayley

The Whig has a new interview with Alexa Bliss. Below are a couple of highlights:

Charlotte taking her under her wing in NXT:

"In NXT, I was there for the start of the women's revolution with the Four Horsewomen and I just remember one person who always helped me out was Charlotte. My first day, she took me under her wing, showed me the ways. She would always get in the ring with me for extra time and practice with me and she became one of the biggest names now in WWE, when I think of superstars, and is main eventing and is having these iconic, historic moments. She was one person who definitely helped me."

Becky Lynch helping her:

"As much as I hate to say it, Becky helped me, too. I'm going to be facing her, but I was there when Becky first started, I was there on her first day already. I saw her evolve into what she is now, and when she left to go to the main roster with the other three women, I saw everything that she could do, but she hasn't seen everything that I've learned since then. After working with Becky, after working with Charlotte, Bayley was still in NXT and Bayley also helped me get to that next level. Bayley has given me some of my best matches to date and I'm really excited to see where I measure up to Becky now because I have been pushed to that limit, I have been training more, I have learned more things. Becky doesn't know what's coming."

Alexa also discussed trying out for WWE, being a part of NXT, being drafted to SmackDown and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Whig


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