Anthem "Rejects" Billy Corgan's Twitter Comments On TNA Announcement, Corgan Responds Again

As we've noted today, The Fight Network's parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment has entered into a "credit relationship" with TNA that will see the company stay in business. While his lawsuit is still ongoing, Billy Corgan is out of the company. We have more details on what has happened and a letter that Dixie Carter sent to company employees here and here. You can also read Athem's original announcement at this link.

We also noted earlier that Corgan took to Twitter and spoke out against the announcement, revealing that he was not paid earlier this week. Anthem responded via The Fight Network's Twitter account and said they reject Corgan's tweets, and that there is a solid financial plan to pay him back. Corgan then responded to Anthem's Twitter statement and as you can see below, it looks like this situation is going to get pretty ugly before it's over.

You can check out all of their tweets as of this writing below:


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