Big Cass Talks Rapid Rise In The WWE, Wanting To Become WWE Universal Champion

Fox Sports has an interview with Big Cass where he talks about his and Enzo Amore's rapid rise in the WWE, his future plans and more. Below are some highlights.

His rapid rise in WWE:

"At times it can be overwhelming. It's crazy to think that five years ago I was performing in Tampa, Florida, in front of 10 people every week. Ten. Process that. And then we came to NXT and started performing in front of more people, then thousands of people, and then 16,000 people at the Barclays Center. So I personally, as a wrestler, got to see the rise of NXT, and me and Enzo feel like we were a very big part of that rise," Morrissey continued. "All those people knew Enzo and I already (when we debuted on Raw), and they knew all of our catchphrases, so right off the bat we started hot, and the rise just keeps going. It's crazy to think how quickly things can happen."

His goals:

"I want to be Universal Champion. I want to be a top guy in this company. That's my goal and it's always been my goal -- to be a go-to guy. And I think I can be somebody this company can rely on for many, many years."

Big Cass also talked about his college days, playing basketball and much more. You can check out the full interview here.

Source: Fox Sports


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