Bruce Prichard Talks Ultimate Warrior Feud, If He'll Discuss His Time With TNA, WWE Return

Former WWE Superstar 'Brother Love' and producer Bruce Prichard was recently interviewed by False Comeback to discuss his feud with The Ultimate Warrior, his podcast, his co-host Conrad, and if he'll ever return to WWE. You can check out the highlights here:

If being retired by Ultimate Warrior before Wrestlemania 7 was a way for him to take time off:

"I worked behind the scenes as well as a producer, so it was just a way to kind of get me off TV and just help and do my backstage stuff."

If we'll see an upcoming episode of his podcast on TNA:

"We do something really unique (on his podcast), every Monday we do a poll on Twitter @PrichardShow, we allow the listeners to vote on a topic. We give them four choices, they vote, and what they vote that's what we do. So I leave it up to them, it's kind of a lazy way to do it, I got a list of over 150 different topics, and we put it up there and we vote, and whatever they choose that's what we talk about."

Does he gets angry with his co-host Conrad Thompson:

"I get angry with him, I definitely get angry with him. But it's one of those things where Conrad comes from a point of view of a fan, and he's asking those questions that people would like answers to that they haven't gotten from the perspective that I can give."

Will he ever return to WWE:

"Never say never, but there is absolutely no plans to. I'm happy doing what I'm doing and we're having fun."

Source: False Comeback