Bullet Club Member On WWE - Cesaro Issue, Former WCW Star Tells Gracious Ric Flair Story, Nakamura

- The latest WWE Canvas 2 Canvas features WWE artist Rob Schamberger painting Shinsuke Nakamura, which you can watch in the video above.

- Chris Featherstone has an article at The Inquisitr which features comments made by former WCW star PN News on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. During the interview, "The Rapmaster" told a story about Ric Flair once asking for only $50 for a title defense.

"I remember when I was out in the Pacific Northwest when it was still the NWA, it wasn't WCW yet, and the NWA would go out to all the territories," PN News said. "He would have the title, and our top guy was The Grappler at the time. One time he wrestled Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship, and they would do the rounds to all the NWA affiliates. And Flair come in, he flew in, and it wasn't much of a house [money that came in]. We actually drew more money a couple of weeks earlier without everybody else coming in.

"I was sitting in the office with Don Owens, sitting there talking to him and picking people's brains, especially [Owens]. Flair comes in and he goes, 'Don. I know what the house is like. Don't worry about the percentage deal. Just give me 50 dollars out of the house and we'll call it good.' I was like, wow, dude, this is the World Heavyweight Champion and he just said just give me a 50 and we'll call it good. He was even disappointed in himself. Don gave him the percentage anyway, but I thought that was real big of Flair."

- As noted, Cesaro was apparently upset with WWE not featuring him in promotional posters for 2017 live events in Switzerland. Kenny Omega of The Bullet Club responded to Cesaro on Twitter, writing:


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