Cedric Alexander On Fans Chanting "Please Sign Cedric" At CWC, Performing Better At Cruiserweight

Cedric Alexander recently spoke with The Charlotte Observer to promote tonight's WWE RAW in The Queen City. The full article is at this link and below are highlights:

Fans chanting "Please sign Cedric" after his Cruiserweight Classic loss to Kota Ibushi, and the post-match endorsement from Triple H:

"That really threw me off. I was already full of emotion from wrestling Ibushi ? who, ironically, when we were doing interviews (for the show) that is the guy I wanted to wrestle. When the brackets worked out, that was enough to make me tear up. But hearing the crowd? my trainer, George South, used to say, 'Sometimes when you lose, you really win.'"

Dropping 22 pounds to join the 205 pound cruiserweight division:

"I thought I was in shape at 230. I do way better in this weight class. I felt lighter on my feet and my joints weren't aching so much from carrying around so much weight. I was a whole different animal."

Check out the full interview with Cedric at this link.

Source: The Charlotte Observer