Chad Gable Talks Randy Savage And Chris Benoit Making Him A Wrestling Fan, Unfinished Business, More

Chad Gable recently spoke with to promote Monday's WWE live event in Florence, South Carolina. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Being a fan when he was younger:

"I've been a professional wrestling fan my whole life. Early on in junior high, I wanted to be in the WWE or WCW. I fell in love watching wrestlers like Macho Man and the WCW cruiserweights like Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio. After being involved in Olympic wrestling, I decided to ride those credentials into following my dreams and becoming a part of the WWE and sports entertainment."

Teaming with Jason Jordan:

"Jason was doing a lot of things in NXT before I came. We started to work together and it just made sense, so American Alpha was born. We have such good chemistry and are always on the same page. It just seems everything goes so smooth and fluid. We work so well together and I wouldn't change anything."

Tag teams American Alpha wants to work with:

"We have some unfinished business with the Usos we need to iron out. I'd like to work with Cesaro and Sheamus. I believe we really could tear the house down with a match against them. The whole SmackDown tag division is really thriving right now and in the very near future, you're going to see them step up big time."



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