CM Responds To WrestleMania 33 Rumor, Goldberg Vs. Triple H Vs. Kane Full Match, David Otunga Note

- Above is the latest Goldberg match to be uploaded on WWE's YouTube channel, which features the full match between World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg, Kane and Triple H at Armageddon 2003. Triple H pinned Goldberg, with help from Evolution, to win the title.

- WITN in North Carolina has a short article here about SmackDown commentator David Otunga speaking out against bullying at East Carolina University on Thursday night.

- CM Punk responded to a Twitter user asking Punk if "the rumors about [him] returning at Wrestlemania 33 are true." Punk refuted it while taking a shot at President-elect Donald Trump's recent claim about preventing a Ford plant from moving to Mexico, writing:


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