DDP On How Donald Trump Won The Election, Taz On Why He Was At SmackDown 900, Taz Show Note

- In the video above, Diamond Dallas Page takes a non-partisan look at how Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election. He noted that while he's not a Democrat or a Republican, Trump's never-quit attitude helped him win the election.

- CBS Radio today announced that The Taz Show will air this Sunday night from 11:00PM 2:00AM, ET right after The Survivor Series. You can listen to the show on CBS Sports Radio, online and through the CBS Sports and Radio.com apps. Fans can also watch a live video stream of the special show, and access it on-demand immediately following the event on TazShow.com.

- Speaking of The Taz Show, he discussed being backstage at last night's SmackDown 900 show. While he couldn't give many details, he said that he was approached last week to attend for a "really cool thing" that will come out really soon that involved the WWE Network and ECW. He noted that the Dudleys, Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer and Corey Graves were also involved with the project, and said that while Graves was never a part of ECW, he was a big ECW fan.


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