Dean Ambrose And James Ellsworth On Fan Reaction To Ellsworth, WWE Survivor Series, What Is Next

Recently on ESPN's Off The Top Rope, WWE personality turned ESPN sports interviewer Jonathan Coachman spoke with WWE SmackDown Live's Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth. Among other things, Ambrose talked about why Ellsworth resonates with the WWE Universe, the traditional five-on-five Survivor Series match between the men of SmackDown and WWE Monday Night RAW, and what is in store for the duo sometimes referred to as James Dean.

According to Ambrose, Ellsworth resonates with WWE fans because they imagine what it is like to perform in WWE and everyone can live vicariously through Ellsworth.

"Well, a lot of people watch WWE SmackDown or Monday Night RAW and they envision themselves in the ring as a normal person in the ring and they imagine what would be like to stand there under the lights on the big stage and just feel all that electricity and what that would be like. And they dream of being able to do that one day. This man literally came off his couch and did that one day and he nearly got killed. And then, he came back and did it again and nearly got killed again. And then, he nearly got killed again. Some how, he's still standing here today. And I think that everybody could just picture themselves in the ring as James Ellsworth."

On the subject of Survivor Series, Ambrose said he was happy to perform on the big stage in front of a sold out Air Canada Centre crowd.  

"Well, it was a heck of a night. To be out there with all the great, big Superstars, all the biggest Superstars, the 10 best, five best from RAW, five best from SmackDown. Just to be out there for that electricity, and to be a part of a kind of historic match like that at one of the biggest pay-per-views, I mean, that's why we keep doing this. That's why we keep coming back for more. It's a drug that gets into your veins. James has been able to experience a little bit of that, being in the ring, being ringside for a big match like that. And he was ready for it on Sunday because a few days prior, he was in the ring with the whole Team SmackDown and The Undertaker made his entrance, which is very intimidating, crazy thing to be a part of."

As for what is next for Ambrose and Ellsworth, the master of 'No Chin Music' says he hopes Ambrose becomes WWE World Champion and that maybe the two can pursue SmackDown's Tag Team Championship.  

"Well, I hope one day that Dean Ambrose, hopefully at TLC, becomes WWE Champion. And after that, maybe we can become Tag Team Champions, [Ambrose] and I, James Dean."

If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit ESPN's Off The Top Rope with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Off The Top Rope


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