Dolph Ziggler Talks Cesaro Flirting With Greatness, Helping Tyler Breeze, His Role In The Company

As part of promoting WWE's upcoming show at the Rogers K-Rock Centre Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by Jan Murphy for The Whig. During the interview, Ziggler talked about his role in the company, Cesaro and more. Below are some highlights.

His role in the company:

"Whether it be independent wrestlers who wrestled for a long time and just got here, or even some new people who trained for a few years and got called up, this roster has changed drastically in the last few years, for the better. My role for the last [several years], no matter what position I'm in, was not passing a torch, but just kind of teaching some people who have been quickly brought up what works, what doesn't, asking them why they did things, if they ask you to watch their match, giving them pointers about it. A lot of them are very effective."

Cesaro flirting with greatness:

"It's been almost there a couple of times with Cesaro, who I think is the best wrestler hands down all-around. Strength, psychology and just being awesome at wrestling, I think he's the best. One of these times, he's not going to get a break, he's going to make a break for himself and he's going to make another break for himself and then they'll put another wall in front of him and he'll break it down again and it's going to be extra special."

Helping Tyler Breeze:

"A lot of people compared him to me just because we're similar in size and good at wrestling. He's really, really good. He's a lot better than I am wrestling, but I had a little bit more main event experience with WWE, so I was more than happy to beat him up in the process but also show him what works and what doesn't. I told Breeze a couple of times: 'You'll be out there with their guy and you're going to tear down the house and hopefully one of those days, when you're tearing down the house, they'll notice how extra special you are, and then that's when it goes to you.' It's timing, its injuries, its right place, right time. You get frustrated. Ninety per cent of your career's going to be frustrating, but once you get it and they see it, then you're going to run with it and never look back."

Ziggler also talked about being proud of the SmackDown roster, his connection with the fans and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Whig


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