As part of promoting his appearance on Amazon Original Kids Series "Bookaboo", Edge talked to During the interview, he talked about how wrestling helped him to transition into acting, about his wrestling character and more. Below are some highlights.

On 'Edge' being a character:

"Edge was always a character to me and I still get to play characters every day in my new job. Right now, I get to sail on Viking long ships and carry an ax. Or read to a rock 'n' roll dog puppet and promote reading."

Wrestling being a great training for acting:

"Wrestling is amazing training for that [acting]. Scenes can change on the fly and decisions need to be made quickly. That's what wrestling is all about, if it's done right."

Being surprised about WWE clearing the Edge and Christian show:

"I honestly don't know [how the jokes were cleared for broadcast]. We just wrote it, performed it and waited for a no -- which never came."

Edge also talked about his acting career, his involvement with the Amazon video series Bookaboo, his family and more. You can read the full interview here.