Edge Talks His Character Working Despite The Comedic Element, Dream Survivor Series Match, Lana

Brian Mazique interviewed former WWE superstar Edge for Forbes recently. During the interview, Edge talked about his decision to retire, filming with Lana and more. Below are some highlights.

We watched your rise from a tag-team performer to a singles champion, and your evolution from a comedic presence to a more serious one. It takes a special performer to pull that off. I look at guys like Fandango and Tyler Breeze and wonder if they're capable of making a similar transition. Do you think they, or any other current performer, can do what you did?

"While E&C (Edge and Christian) were comedic in our promos and some of our in ring stuff, most of our action in the ring was vicious. Think TLC or a conchairto. We made a point to make sure that our promos could be comedic, but when it came time, you could believe we could hang with the Rock and Undertaker because we were smart and wrestled like a pack of wolves. Without that aspect, the transition to "serious" wrestler wouldn't have worked I don't think. As long as current folks are making sure to find that balance, they can transition to anything at any given time. "

Dream Survivor Series match:

"(Roddy) Piper, (Hulk) Hogan, (Ric) Flair, Andre (the Giant), (Randy) Savage vs Bret (Hart), (Steve) Austin, HBK, The Undertaker, The Rock."

His film with Lana and current projects:

"Right now I'm filming Vikings, which has me back and forth between Dublin and home. It makes the idea of Season two of TEACSTTROA more difficult schedule-wise. The movie with Lana and I is called Interrogation. We filmed about 2 years ago now. It was fun. We filmed a movie in 11 days, very fast, which is classic WWE style and kudos to our director Stephen Reynolds for being to pull that off. Everyone had to be on their toes and super prepared, especially Lana. She was coming in straight off the road, had 5 days to film all of her scenes and head right back out. She nailed it."

Edge also discussed his involvement with the Amazon video series Bookaboo, his retirement, if he gave advice to Daniel Bryan and Corey Graves when they were forced to retire and more. You can check out the complete interview here.

Source: Forbes


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