Enzo Amore On Living And Breathing Shawn Michaels, His Biggest Influence, What His Name Stands For

Mike Mooneyham has a great new interview with Enzo Amore, who was promoting the upcoming WWE live event at the North Charleston Coliseum on November 27th. Below are a few highlights:

His biggest influence:

"I would say Triple H is the biggest influence on my career. He's almost like a father figure. If I slip up or there's a problem, he lets me know."

His name:

"My name is an acronym for EA EA All Day. It's a persona that I developed over the years in sports as a caricature of myself. On the field, in practice, in the weight room, I was just a character and a personality. If you remember watching The Miz at the time when he was on 'Real World,' he was a character known as The Miz. He always wanted to get into sports entertainment as did I. In a very similar likeness, I was EA All Day. So that acronym EA is where Enzo Amore came from."

Being a Shawn Michaels fan growing up:

"I lived, ate, breathed, slept Shawn Michaels. I wouldn't call it pro wrestling back in the day when I was a kid. I just called it Shawn Michaels."

Enzo also discussed his concussion at WWE Payback, his success in WWE so far, being a Michael Jordan fan and much more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Post and Courier


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