Finn Balor Reacts To His New Elite Mattel Figure At Ringside Fest 2016

WWE Superstar and former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor was recently interviewed at Ringside Fest 2016 to discuss his new Elite Mattel WWE Figure that is scheduled to release in 2017. You can check out the video of Balor's reaction to the figures in the video player above, and read some highlights from the interview here:

How it feels to see himself as an action figure:

"It's crazy man, I'm really amazed at how well they nailed the gear as well. Cause they have the little 'Balor Club' on here tiny as well. Then the jacket is black on black, obviously, which is hard to do but clearly they've nailed it on the back there. I wish I looked this cool in real life (chuckles)."

If he collects any figures of his own:

"I got all the NWO ones. They're too sweet."

His ring gear from NXT Takeover: Dallas:

"It's crazy because I wasn't 100 percent confident going into Dallas Takeover whether this was a cool gear, and I wasn't sure how it was going to look. But after seeing it in the photos and how you guys have rendered it is incredible."


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