Former WWE Star Talks Original Idea For The Shield, Being Slated To Be An Original Member

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt "Rosey" Anoai was the latest guest of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, which you can listen to here. During the interview, Rosey discussed his WWE career, ranging from 3 Minute Warning to teaming with the Hurricane. He also revealed the idea behind him being an original member of The Shield.

Matt, who is the brother of Roman Reigns, said that the idea for The Shield had been in the works for years and noted that he was supposed to be an original member.

"A lot of people don't know this, but whenever me and my cousin, when Eddie [Fatu] came back, the original thought was, we were going to be The Shield," Matt said. "[Triple H] let us know, 'Alright. Go out and buy you some black S.W.A.T Team stuff. And we did it. Either or, it didn't work out. Obviously, Jamaal moved on to do the Umaga thing and I went on to do my thing."

You can read more from the interview by clicking here.

Source: The Inquisitr


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