Happy Thanksgiving from The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. Today's episode features ring veteran "Mean" Mike Masters AKA Rocky Jones and is available for download at this link. Masters started his wrestling career being mentored by Bruno Sammartino and competed in the New York territory for many years but also had stops along the way in Georgia, Hawaii, California, Portland, Puerto Rico and Japan where he faced a long list of Hall of Fame opponents.

Battling the legendary Mil Mascaras in a Hair vs. Mask contest in 1981.

"The whole set up to the match was (I think I was the champion at the time) first they sent his brother in Dos Caras and I supposedly break his leg in a match and now Mil comes in to avenge his brother. Mike LaBelle who was the promoter out there called me into the office and asked if I would do a hair match with Mil Mascaras? When he said we will pay me X amount of dollars, I said for that amount of money you can shave my ass on TV."

"It got over really big but he wasn't easy to work with because he didn't like to sell. It was very difficult to work with him but we had a good match and at the end the audience popped. He did his signature off the top rope and hit me with the flying body press and after I try to get out of the ring, a couple of the refs grab me and hold me down. They had a barber who wasn't smart to the business and he started shaving my head and since they had the camera right in my face I'm saying I'm going to kill you and I'm watching this guy with this buzzer start to shake and I had to say "hey amigo, calm down" it's all cool don't worry because I thought I was going to lose an ear."

And what would Thanksgiving be without reliving some classic Survivor Series memories. As told to the Two Man Power Trip by Mo from Men On A Mission and Hector Guerrero enjoy a look back at the story behind "The Four Doinks" and "The Gobbedly Gooker".

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