Jack Gallagher Calls Out Braun Strowman; Talks Stars He Wants To Face, Never Being Through A Table

WWE superstar Jack Gallagher was interviewed by The Sun to promote tonight's 205 Live premiere. Gallagher talks about settling in Florida, who he wants to face and more. You can read some highlights below.

Settling in Florida:

"I've settled in well and am attending the Performance Centre and working with great coaches. It feels like I'm living in a strange American sit-com surrounded by the wackiest characters imaginable. My chance came at just the right time it seemed like it would be the last hurrah of my career and instead it has been my break-out moment and I am now dubbed the 10-year overnight success."

Who he wants to face:

"If I was to take on someone from the main roster of Raw or Smackdown I would want a legitimate heavyweight, the diametric opposite to me. I want Cesaro, Sheamus. Give me Braun Strowman."

Not using Ladders and tables:

"I have wrestled 10 years and I have never been put through a table, I have never practised being put through a table, I have never practised been hit with a ladder I don't want to practice those things. If get hit with one it really hurts. We don't want to be hit with those things."

Gallagher also talked about his wrestling style, what he would have done if he weren't wrestling and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Sun


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