Kane Talks About His Retirement, SmackDown Having An Advantage Over Raw, Longevity In The Business

During WWE's recent tour of the United Kingdom, Kane was interviewed by TopRopePress.com. Kane talked about his longevity in the business, brand split, retirement and more. Below are some highlights from the interview.

On his longevity in the business:

"I think the key to the longevity is being able to reinvent yourself and to adopt and incorporate different things into your character. If you look at guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Undertaker; the reason why they are around so long is because they keep things interesting and hopefully I have been able to do it as well. A lot of it is because of being open to change. I think sometimes we put blinders on and define our personas very narrowly and are afraid to step outside the comfort zone; something I've never been afraid to do. Especially if you see the Team Hell No stuff I did with Daniel Bryan, it's a significant departure from when I first started. And now, I'm sort of back to where I'm now. "

Liking the two hour format more than the three hour format:

"I think the great thing about the WWE universe is that they just love to see us perform. People has been very receptive to it. Especially, when you look at the SmackDown show now, before that it always made Raw the flagship show of the brand. I think what's happening with the brand split has really helped SmackDown. I like the two hour format much better than the three hour format. I think it's incredibly hard to produce that sort of content every week. I think Raw has a disadvantage being a three hour show as opposed to SmackDown. In that respect, SmackDown is going places where it was not able to go in the earlier years."

His retirement:

"As long as I'm still performing at the top level, as long as I'm still having fun and as long as I feel that I'm giving the audience their money's worth. That's always been my benchmark for going on. It's rewarding for me now with some of the other guys coming up and seeing what they are going to be capable of doing in the future. And seeing them mature and I'm happy to be part of this process. "

Kane also talked about the elections. You can see the full video above.

Source: TopRopePress.com


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