Kevin Nash Clarifies Past Donald Trump Tweet, Bill Simmons Looks At Greatest Superteam - The NWO

- On this week's episode of HBO's Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, Simmons looked at the creation of the greatest sports superteam - the nWo. Simmons praised how over the group got, and noted that the downfall happened when they started letting anyone in the group with the exception of The Shockmaster. It's a great trip down memory lane, you can watch the piece in the video above.

- Speaking of the nWo, Kevin Nash got some online heat this past May when he posted a photo on Instagram of himself in a Donald Trump shirt and wrote the caption, "Sported this shirt all day to see the responses I'd get . Hilary you're in trouble girl" Nash, who has been a Democrat for long time, noted on his Instagram this week that he was disappointed with the election results. He said that he wore the Trump shirt as a warning to Hillary Clinton, not as an endorsement from Trump, to let her know that he wore it in his county in Michigan and got a lot of positive feedback. You can check out his posts below, please note that they contain plenty of strong language:

To the low IQ group. The tweet was, wore this for a response. Never did I say I backed,endorsed or gave a f--k about the candidate. In Volusia county where I live it was warmly embraced. Thus Hillary you're in trouble girl. Trump crushed in my county. I wasn't wrong. This was a warning not an endorsement. I even cut the sleves of to fit the demographic . I've voted Democratic in all elections except my first, which I voted for Reagan. I don't flip or flop. I vote for my party unless a beacon of sensibility comes along. I wasn't feeling Trump. It's one vote f--k you if it's not your choice. I'm a f--king American served my country in the United States Army. Assholes say tired of people with celebrity voicing their opinion. Guess what my vote counts as one just like you. Social media doesn't matter to me. Act like a stupid bigot your blocked. I don't need nor want your approval. People ask me what I do every day. They have no idea who I am. My answer whatever the f--k I want!

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