Kevin Owens Plugs His Shirt While Ripping Person Wearing It, Paul Heyman Talks Naming ECW, WWE In GA

- Above is a clip from The Authentic Untold Story of ECW that premieres on the WWE Network after RAW this Monday night. In the clip, Paul Heyman talks about changing ECW from Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling. He noted that "Eastern" made you regional, but the word "Extreme" captured people's attention. He noted that he didn't like the word "Hardcore" because of the porn connotation, but "Extreme" fit them.

- WWE will be returning to Columbus, Georgia with a WWE live event on Friday, January 6th at the Columbus Civic Center. Tickets are available at the Columbus Civic Center Box Office or online at

- Kevin Owens had an interesting way to plug his special edition "KO Prize Fighter" shirt this week. He noted that the person wearing the shirt in the promo photo "looks like a creep," but assured people that they wouldn't:


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