Lucha Underground Recap (11/9): Grave Consequences Match Between Prince Puma And Mil Muertes


Season 3 Episode 10: "Ready For War"

Tonight's show opens with a video package that highlights the history between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes, leading into their "Grave Consequences" match tonight. Also featured in the video is the rivalry between Famous B and his ex client Mascarita Sagrada.

The opening scene of the show has Catrina in a darkened room. She is speaking to Mil Muertes. Tells him that he has beaten Puma in the past, but tonight she wants Muertes to end Puma's life. Catrina tells Muertes that if he loses again to Puma. She will not use her powers to bring him back from the dead.

We are now in The Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to the show. They hype tonight's Grave Consequences match, as well as "The Believer's Backlash match. Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada will square off to start the show. They cue to Melissa Santos in the ring. She outlines the rules and introduces both competitors. Both men can use any weapons of their choosing, and any weapons that the Believers have brought into the Temple.


Mascarita Sagrada vs. Famous B w/Beautiful Brenda

The show goes to break and when it returns. The camera pans into the audience. The "Believers" have brought all type of weapons. Visible are stop signs, mops, ropes and other various household appliances. Famous B is not in traditional ring attire for this one. He is in a bright orange suit. To start things off, Mascarita heads to the audience and flings a beer onto Famous and his suit. He then grabs football shoulder pads and a helmet from a fan. Puts them on, lines up in a 3 point stance, charges towards B and drives the helmet directly into Famous and his B's.

Sagrada now pulls out a tiny ladder out from under the ring. Mascarita sets up the ladder on the broadcast table. He dives off of it and hits B with an elbow drop. Sagrada goes after "Beautiful" Brenda. While he is distracted, B gets up and superkicks him. B then grabs a giant bag of popcorn from a believer. He tries to hit Sagrada with it but Mascarita does a drop toe hold and knocks Famous down. Mascarita gets a hold of the bag and throws the popcorn onto him. Famous is back up, He grabs Mascarita and throws him into a trash can. He then stuffs Sagrada into that very same trash can. Hits him over the head with the lid and then stuffs him inside. When Famous goes to attack Sagrada again, Sagrada busts out of the trash and spears B with the lid as a battering ram. As Sagrada beats Famous down with the trash lid, Striker says that Duke 'The Dumpster' Droese would be proud.

Famous B recovers and knocks down Mascarita. He throws him into the ring. Then grabs a variety of weapons. A rope, sneakers, a toolbox and a "wizard's wand". B goes into the tool box and finds an "Arrogance" fumigator. Striker makes a Jake Roberts-Rick Martel reference. The fumigator actually has "Arrogance" written on it. The fans start chanting.. "Where's The Model?"... Famous B tries to spray Sagrada with arrogance but Sagrada escapes. Mascarita grabs Arrogance and uses it on Famous B. Sagrada goes outside the ring and finds a gym bag. He goes through it and finds a magician's hat and a bowling ball. Puts the hat on and bowls a perfect strike into Famous and his B's.

As Sagrada goes to the top rope. Out comes Dr. Wagner. He pushes Sagrada off of the top rope and enters the ring. Wagner has a Famous B framed portrait now and tries to hit Sagrada with it. Famous stops him and gets laughs from the audience. B didn't want to do damage to his own self portrait. Son of Havoc has arrived on the scene to backup his little buddy. He goes after Wagner. Knocks him to the outside and leaps on him. As this is happening, Famous is distracted by Havoc and Wagner on the outside. Sagrada sneaks up from behind Famous and hits him over the head with The framed portrait.... Son of Havoc and Wagner battle to the back.... Sagrada goes after Famous and chokes him out with his own tie. Brenda pulls out a giant pair of scissors and cuts the tie and B loose. Mascarita then hits a plancha on Famous on the outside. He then grabs a pie and slams it into Brenda's face.

Famous is up now and throws Sagrada into the broadcast table. Striker hands Sagrada his own shoe. Mascarita heads to the ring with it and strikes B. Getting beat down with a shoe is how Famous B fired Sagrada. So this is a small act of revenge by Mascarita...pun intended..... Sagrada follows that up with a tornado DDT on Famous from the top rope. He covers B and pins him for the victory.

Mascarita Sagrada defeats Famous B by pinfall

After the match. Sagrada grabs B and throws him over the top rope. Havoc is back and he enters the ring with a life sized cardboard cut out of Famous B. Havoc picks up the giant scissors and they cut Famous B's head off of it. Havoc then gives Sagrada a gift. A leather vest. Symbolizing that he has received his patch from Son of Havoc.

Back from the break. Killshot is confronting his "brother" Dante Fox backstage at the Temple. The former "AR Fox". "Dante" debuted on Lucha Underground TV a few weeks back. He was believed to have died in a military battle. When Dante surprised Killshot with his arrival to The Temple. Dante beat Killshot down and told him that "he left him for dead"... Killshot tells Dante that he has heard that Dario Cueto has given him a job. Killshot says that he understands why Dante attacked him and doesn't care. He is just happy to see him back and alive. Killshot offers his hand in friendship. They both hug. As they do, Dante tells Killshot that tonight, they will stay united just like old times.

Meanwhile in another part of The Temple, Drago is training with nunchucks in front of a bathroom mirror. He is approached by Kobra Moon. Moon tells him that he is preparing for their tribe, like he has in the past. They scuffle with each other briefly but Drago guards Moon's blows with the chucks. He tells her that he was never a member of their tribe. Says that he was a slave for them. Kobra tells Drago that he doesn't want to suffer the same fate as Daga. Being torn apart by Lord Pindar. Drago is shocked to hear that "Pindar" is still alive. Moon breaks free from Drago's chucks and tells him that Pindar will make him kneel in front of her.

Mariposa, Ivelisse, Marty The Moth Martinez, The Mack & Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot, Dante Fox, Argenis, Texano & Cage

This unique 5 on 5 match is booked by Dario Cueto. The idea is to pair enemies with each other. Very 2016 Survivor Series like without the eliminations... The winning team of this match will gain entry into Aztec Warfare next week. The Aztec Warfare match will be a 20 person match with The Lucha Underground Championship on the line. Current champ, Matanza will enter at #1. Drago will enter at #20 and Rey Mysterio qualified for the match last week by vanquishing Chavo Guerrero Jr. from LU last week.

This was one of those crazy hard to keep up Lucha Underground matches. With 10 parties involved. The two newcomers in Lucha of AR Fox and Solomon Crowe start off the match. They are now known as Dante Fox and Jeremiah Crane in LU. Jeremiah gets the early advantage in the match. Dante's "brother" Killshot comes in and saves him. Ivelisse is in and she teams up with her boyfriend Jeremiah. They take down Killshot. In comes Cage and he plasters Ivelisse and knocks her down flat on the mat. In to rescue Ivelisse, is The Creepy Marty Martinez. It doesn't work out two well for "The Moth" as Cage and Texano team up and beat him down.

Eventually Cage and Texano's teamwork backfires. The two current rivals start bickering and Texano knocks Cage down to the outside. Mariposa is in. She gets lifted by Texano and thrown onto Cage on the outside. Cage and Texano continue bickering. Meanwhile, The Mack and Argenis are now in the ring. The Mack hits a code breaker on Argenis. Then takes flight and leaps onto Cage, Texano and Mariposa at ringside. Now Crane and Ivelisse team up and take down Cage on the outside with a tandem cross body. Everyone is out on the floor. So Argenis leaps onto them and takes down the pile. Fox and Killshot now team up. Fox leaps onto everyone at ringside. Killshot is in the ring with Ivelisse now. Knocks her down with a stiff kick. He tries to suplex her. She counters into a reverse rana for a near fall. In the landing, Ivelisse appears to have twisted her ankle. She rolls out to the floor. Marty is in the ring, tries to finish off Killshot. Dante comes in and pretends to save his "brother". Instead, He lifts him up and hits a vertical brainbuster on Killshot. Marty covers him and gets the win for his team.

Marty The Moth Martinez, Mariposa, The Mack, Jeremiah Crane & Ivelisse defeat Dante Fox, Killshot, Argenis, Texano & Cage to qualify for entry into Aztec Warfare

Back from the break. Dario Cueto is in The Bowels of the Temple. He is talking to his brother Matanza. Dario is holding The Lucha Underground Championship in his hands. Tells his brother that next week, Matanza will beat 19 other luchadores in The Aztec Warfare match to keep the title. Dario reminds Matanza of his father and asks him, what he was trained for. Matanza yells "War".

Lucha Underground Main Event

"Grave Consequences"

Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma

A consequences match is essentially a casket match LU style. These two men met at The first ever Ultima Lucha. Where Muertes defeated Puma for The LU Championship. Muertes ended up burying Puma's trainer and mentor, Konnan. Puma exacted a small measure of revenge by defeating Muertes earlier this season. Vampiro convinced Puma to take it one step further and have Prince challenge Muertes to this type of match. Where he can bury him as revenge for Konnan.

The action starts immediately when Muertes arrives at the top of the stairway to the ring. Puma attacks him from behind. Knocks him into the audience and then leaps off the top of the stairs, and unto Muertes. Puma then hits a superkick on Mil and tries to leap towards Muertes again, but this time, Mil catches him in mid air and slams Puma down to the ringside floor. Muertes takes over this match. He throws Puma through a door on the outside. They battle back to the ringside area. Puma fights back, rams Mil's head into a table and then grabs a wreath of thorn roses and hits Muertes with it.

Puma then drags the casket over to Muertes. While he is doing this. Catrina revives Mil with her "medallion"..... Muertes gets up and power bombs Puma on top of the casket. Muertes then gets a table and sets it up in the ring. He throws Puma into the ring and then grabs a steel chair. Muertes beats down Puma with the chair. He then sets the chair into the corner. Muertes tries to throw Puma into the steel chair but he counters and Mil goes into it. Muertes recovers quickly and then spears Puma through the table set up in the opposite corner.

Both men struggle back up to their feet. Mil rips off the bottom turnbuckle and grabs the metal hook attached to it. He then strikes Puma with it. Muertes now drags the casket over to Prince Puma inside the ring. Muertes then hits 10 straight corner clotheslines on Puma. He then charges at Puma but Prince battles back. He knocks Muertes down and he falls on top of the casket. Puma then goes to the top rope and hits a 630 splash on Muertes, while he is still laying on the casket. Puma opens up the casket and attempts to shove Mil in. He struggles to do it. Puma then slams the casket door on top of Muertes body. Puma gets a steel chair and slams Muertes with it. Puma now sets up two tables on the outside floor. Mil recovers and hits a choke slam on Puma inside the ring. Muertes now opens up the casket and tries to shove Puma into it. He can't shut the lid as Puma tries to fight out. He does, He kicks his way out. They then trade strikes. Muertes gets Puma in the flatliner position but Puma counters by using his hands to break the fall. Nice spot... He then superkicks Muertes down. Both men struggle to get back up.... Puma goes to the air but eats a vicious forearm in mid air from Muertes. Mil tries to carry Puma over to the casket but Prince breaks free. Gets a chair and then hits several chair shots on Mil.

Prince Puma then drapes Mil Muertes over two tables at ringside. Puma goes to the top rope but Muertes rises, and meets him up there. They trade blows up top. Both are standing over the tables. Mil grabs Puma by the throat and choke slams him through both tables. With Puma knocked out. Mil Muertes goes and drags a new casket from the back and to the ring. The casket is supposed to be the one used on Konnan. Mil drags the casket to the ring. He then sets up wheels under it and wheels it next to Puma. Muertes then hits The Flatliner on Puma. Muertes throws a lifeless Puma into the casket. Slams it shut and wins the match.

Mil Muertes defeats Prince Puma in a Grave Consequences Match

Matt Striker sells this on commentary as the end of Prince Puma in Lucha Underground. Vampiro is shown with an evil smile on his face. Showing happiness with what was caused by his words of motivation towards Puma. The faces of death arrive on the scene and wheel away Puma and his body. As the show comes to an end.