Lucha Underground Recap (11/30): Pentagon Dark Vs. The Black Lotus Triad In A Gauntlet Match

Lucha Underground
Season 3 Episode 13: "Breaker of Bones"

The synopsis for tonight's show;
Vampiro demands satisfaction from his former student; Pentagon Dark battles the Black Lotus Triad; Dario and Matanza have different plans.

Tonight's show opens with a video chronicling the storyline history of Pentagon Dark and Black Lotus.

The opening scene of the show has Pentagon Dark being confronted by his former mentor, Vampiro behind the scenes at The Temple. He tells Pentagon that he has to pay for his former sins. That even if he walks out of the gauntlet alive tonight. That just because Vampiro is no longer Pentagon's master, He hasn't forgotten what he did to him. Pentagon Dark gives Vampiro the "Cero Miedo" symbol and walks away from him.

We are now inside the Temple. Matt Striker welcomes the audience to the show. Matt recaps what took place at Aztec Warfare III between Pentagon Dark and The Black Lotus Triad. Every time Matt turns to Vampiro to comment on the gauntlet match. Vamp refuses to respond. Stays silent and doesn't join Matt in hyping the match.

Gauntlet Match

(The Black Lotus Triad) Black Lotus, Doku, Hitokiri & Yurei vs. Pentagon Dark

Pentagon Dark is introduced first. He starts off the match with "Doku". She enters the ring with a leather jacket draped over her, and her arms crossed. Unique entrance which even confuses Pentagon... Matt Striker tries to get Vampiro to comment on the match and give background on Doku. Instead, Vampiro gives an analogy of a warrior asking a monk about the difference between heaven and hell. When he doesn't obtain the knowledge that he seeks... The warrior realizes that not knowing is hell... Striker responds to Vamp's cryptic message and asks if it's a threat towards Pentagon. Vamp responds by saying to Matt... "Just watch the match".

Doku shows "Cero Miedo" towards Pentagon. She calls him to meet her in the center of the ring. They start exchanging strikes. Doku gets the better of Pentagon. He is reeling in the corner but bounces out, and hits a great looking dropkick that stuns Doku. She gets back to her feet and charges at Pentagon. Unloads several chops and forearms on him. She then tries to run at Pentagon Dark again and gets hit with a very stiff superkick in the face. That was brutal.

Doku is on the mat writhing in pain. Pentagon Dark goes on the offensive and chops the hell out of her. Throws Doku outside the ring. Pentagon takes his aggression to Doku on the outside. The crowd is firmly behind Pentagon Dark, as he beats Doku down. Pentagon press slams Doku over his head and then drops her face first on the ring apron. Pentagon then picks up Doku and throws her into the barricade at ringside. The beating continues.... Pentagon takes Doku into the ring and delivers some stiff kicks. Doku actually rallies at one point and spears Pentagon. She goes to the top rope and delivers a flying elbow drop on Pentagon Dark. She goes for a second one and when she lands, she gets caught in Pentagon's arm breaker submission. Pentagon breaks Doku's arm and the ref calls for the bell.

Pentagon Dark defeats Doku by ref stoppage due to her arm being broken

One down, 3 to go for Pentagon Dark.

- Back from the break... Jeremiah is backstage at the temple lifting weights. He is approached by Catrina. She mockingly says that it is a shame, with what happened to Jeremiah's girlfriend Ivelisse. Jeremiah finds it interesting that Ivelisse was injured after challenging Catrina to a match at Ultima Lucha. Catrina sneaks up behind Jeremiah and starts speaking seductively. Jeremiah starts going into a trance like state. Catrina says that she is responsible for bringing Jeremiah to the temple. She starts touching him and says that he is not in love with Ivelisse. That Jeremiah is in love with her. She points out as proof, that Jeremiah is wearing a piece of Catrina's stone around his neck. An item, he stole from her in the past. Catrina tells Jeremiah that she is in love with someone else. She then gives him the lick of death.

Back at The Temple. Pentagon Dark is waiting for the next member of the Black Lotus Triad. He grabs the mic and in Spanish says... That it is not important how many members of the Triad that there are. That he will break all of their arms. He then swears to Black Lotus that after he is done with the Triad. He is going to break her arm and break her in two.

Gauntlet Match
Pentagon Dark vs. Yurei

Melissa Santos does the introductions for the next phase of the Gauntlet that Pentagon has reached. Out comes Yurei. The show goes to break before Yurei's arm does.

When the show returns. The action begins. Pentagon and Yurei exchange several arm drags to start off. Yurei then knocks Pentagon to the outside and performs a beautiful looking cross body off the top rope, and unto Pentagon. She gets a round of applause from the "believers".

Yurei takes the fight to Pentagon on the outside. She throws him into the walls surrounding the temple. Rams his head into the wooden chairs at ringside repeatedly. Yurei then brings Pentagon to the broadcast table. She then grabs the ring bell and hits him over the head with it. Yurei continues her onslaught on the outside. Pentagon starts battling back. They start exchanging strikes. The action ends up back in the ring. Yurei tries to kick Pentagon, He counters and gets her in an ankle lock submission. Yurei refuses to tap and gets to the ring ropes. Pentagon Dark is now in full control and starts beating down Yurei. She eventually rallies and hits a hurancanrana on Pentagon. She heads to the top rope and hits a double foot stomp on him. It leads to a 2 count... Yurei then hits an around the world DDT on Pentagon. She then tries to leap onto Pentagon, He catches her in mid air and nails her with the package piledriver. This sets up Pentagon breaking Yurei's arm and the ref calls for the bell.

Pentagon Dark defeats Yurei by ref stoppage due to her arm being broken

Back from the break. Matanza is in his cell in The Temple. He is slamming his hands against the wall. His brother Dario approaches him. Tells him that he should be ready to get The Lucha Underground Championship back next week. Matanza tells Dario No!..... Dario tries to convince Matanza to go after the LU Title, but Matanza refuses. Dario asks Matanza what he wants. He yells "Mysterio". The camera pans away from Matanza's cell and on the wall written in blood, is Rey Mysterio's question mark symbol.

Gauntlet Match
Pentagon Dark vs. Hitokiri

The gauntlet continues.... Hitokiri's name translates to assassin in Japanese. Hitokiri starts off the next phase of the gauntlet by hitting Pentagon with a missile dropkick off the top rope. She then proceeds to launch herself over the top rope and onto Pentagon. Which prompts a very loud "Holy" chant from the believers in the Temple. Hitokiri then hits a suicide dive on Pentagon. Gets a hold of chair and slams Pentagon with it repeatedly. She stays in control by throwing Pentagon around and through a row of chairs at ringside. Hitokiri then grabs Pentagon, she exposes the concrete floor and slams Pentagon onto it.

The action is back inside the ring now. Hitokiri stays in control until Pentagon lands a low blow on her. Pentagon then proceeds to beat down on Hitokiri with some vicious strikes. He then straight up kicks her right in the head. Action back on the outside and Pentagon flings Hitokiri through the wooden chairs at ringside. Cue the Holy Chant.... Pentagon Dark starts choking Hitokiri out with an electrical cable. He wraps her neck around the ring post and chokes her out some more. Pentagon grabs a steel chair and relentlessly whacks Hitokiri with it. The beating continues and she gets flung into another 5 rows of chairs. Pentagon then gives her a death valley driver on the floor.

Hitokiri actually survives this level of beating. She manages to drop toe hold Pentagon into a steel chair, and then..., She runs up the stairs and dives off of the top of Dario Cueto's office and onto Pentagon!....

Pentagon Dark is now dragged into the ring by Hitokiri. Pentagon tries to attempt the package piledriver, but Hitokiri counters it into a destroyer bomb. She covers Pentagon and pins him 1,2,3!

Hitokiri defeats Pentagon Dark by pinfall

Despite being pinned by Hitokiri. The gauntlet isn't over for Pentagon, as Black Lotus heads to the ring. Looking for revenge with her triad members by her side. Yurei and Doku are clutching their arms. But no slings at this point.

Gauntlet Match
Black Lotus vs. Pentagon Dark

Pentagon Dark is still out from The Destroyer Bomb performed by Hitokiri. Referee Marty Elias waits for Pentagon to rise before signaling for the gauntlet match to continue. Black Lotus doesn't wait. She knocks down the ref and she starts beating down Pentagon. The believers chant "Break His Arm", and that's exactly what Black Lotus does.

No official announcement for the end of this match, but obviously the Gauntlet has concluded. Pentagon can't continue.

As The Black Lotus Triad stands over a broken Pentagon Dark. Out comes Dragon Azteca. He comes into the ring. Stares down his enemy Black Lotus. After the brief staredown, Lotus and her triad leave. Azteca then sizes up Pentagon and then proceeds to break his other arm. Making Pentagon Dark go from "Cero Miedo" to "Cero Armas". Vampiro is shown at ringside smiling at Pentagon's fate.

The final scene of this week's show has Prince Puma waking up in the casket, that Mil Muertes put him in. Vampiro is standing over him. Vampiro has his face painted. Almost looking like a death mask. Vamp tells Puma, "Come with me". As the show ends.


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