Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 9 Recap (11/2): 'Loser Leaves Lucha" Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Jr.



The show opens with a video highlights package that chronicles the current LU storylines. Dario's murder from Season 2 and Rey Mysterio's current feud with Chavo Guerrero.

Matt Striker and Vampiro open the show in the temple. They are hyping tonight's 'Loser Leaves Lucha' match between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. In attendance and shown on screen is Chavo Guerrero Sr. As Matt is promoting the show, Dario Cueto cuts him off. Tells him that he talks enough and that it is his turn to speak.

Dario is standing next to his 'Dial Of Doom". Dario says that in two weeks, His brother Matanza will defend The Lucha Championship in The Aztec Warfare match. How his brother will enter that match at #1. The assumption being that he gets by his "Dial of Doom" opponent tonight. Dario spins the wheel and it lands on.... "Dario's Choice"..... Dario says he feels like a big winner. Getting to pick Matanza's opponent. He asks for volunteers in The Temple. Dario says that Rey has a match tonight and suggests Pentagon Dark, but mentions that his brother has already beaten him. Dario says that there is a man backstage who has had his arm broken by Pentagon. Dario announces that this man has been in rehab. That this man has been waiting for his shot... Dario chooses Cortez Castro.... The man that he knows is an informant for The LAPD.


'The Monster' Matanza Cueto vs. Cortez Castro

Cortez Castro comes to the ring with his entire right arm bandaged up, courtesy of Pentagon Dark. In his left hand is a kendo stick. When he enters the ring, Castro drops the stick. Matt and Vamp on commentary mention how Dario just gave Castro, the look of death. Both announcers wonder what Dario's problem is with Cortez.

Castro tries to stick and move in the early going. It doesn't work out well for him. How's the saying go?... A one armed man in an ass kicking contest.... Matanza knocks down Castro and stomps his broken arm repeatedly. Matanza breaks Castro's arm and the cast. Tries to use the cast as a weapon. Castro dropkicks Matanza and then gets his hands on the cast. He starts using it on Matanza for a while before The Monster tackles him down. Matanza then hits the wrath of the gods on Castro and pins him.

Matanza Cueto defeats Cortez Castro by pinfall to retain The Lucha Underground Championship

After the match, Dario Cueto makes his way into the ring and grabs the mic. He mocks Castro. Tells him to "get plenty of rest "undercovers" and come back as soon as you can "RAT". As the show goes to it's first break.

When the show returns, We are outside Dario Cueto's office and laughter can be heard coming from inside. Inside the office are Dario Cueto and Joey Ryan. They are both laughing hysterically. They are joking around about the beating that Castro just received at the hands of Matanza. Cueto jokes that Castro wasn't taught how to fight monsters back at the academy. Joey leaves the office and Son of Havoc enters with Mascarita Sagrada. Dario asks Havoc, why he is in his office. Havoc says that he is here on behalf of Sagrada. Cueto jokes that he thought that Havoc said "half of him".... Son of Havoc asks Dario to book a match between Mascarita and Famous B. After hesitating to give Havoc his request. Cueto comes up with his own solution. Tells Havoc that if he can beat Dr. Wagner tonight. Sagrada will not only get his match with Famous B, but Havoc can pick the stipulation. The Dario catch is that if Wagner beats Havoc. Sagrada will still get his match but Wagner gets to pick the stipulation instead. Cueto makes a "half assed" joke at Mascarita's expense before they leave the office.

Back in The Temple. Prince Puma is in the ring. He has a mic and wants to address the believers. He talks about beating Mil Muertes a few weeks back, but says that beating him wasn't enough. That Muertes buried his mentor Konnan and he wants revenge. So Puma challenges Mil Muertes to a Grave Consequences match. Catrina arrives on the scene and she is on top of the stairs. She says that "we gladly accept". As Puma is focused on her. Mil Muertes tries to attack Puma from behind. Muertes is dressed in a black suit and Striker jokes that he may have just come from a funeral. Mil gets the advantage and then attempts to hit Puma with The Flatliner but Puma counters and dropkicks Muertes outside the ring. He then teases diving over the top rope onto him but doubles back and poses in mid ring.

The show returns from the break and Melissa Santos is in the ring, ready to introduce Dr. Wagner Jr. when Famous B takes the mic away from her. Famous speaks to the audience about his 423-Fame line. He insults the audience. Brags about his world famous client, Dr. Wagner Jr. Famous uses several official doctor like nicknames to describe Wagner. Among them is calling him The Board Certified Breaker Of Dreams...

Dr. Wagner Jr. w/Nurse Brenda vs. Son of Havoc w/Mascarita Sagrada

The winner of this contest will determine the stipulation in the upcoming Sagrada/Famous B match. Havoc takes the action to Wagner early on. Hitting consecutive suicide dives on him. They brawl on the outside for a bit and the action goes into the stands. Havoc dives out of the audience and onto Wagner. Action back inside, Wagner fights back and hits a lariat. He then power bombs Havoc for a close fall. As Wagner has the advantage, Famous B tries to interfere. Sagrada tries to come to the rescue and Famous B launches him across the floor on the outside. Wagner controls the match for the next few minutes. Havoc eventually rallies. Hits a springboard elbow off the mat and then off the ropes. They both end up going to the top rope. Havoc knocks down Wagner and hits a shooting star press on him and gets the victory.

Son Of Havoc defeats Dr. Wagner Jr. by pinfall

Havoc gets on the mic after the match. Havoc asks Sagrada what kind of stipulation, he wants for his match with Famous B next week. Sagrada whispers into Havoc's ear and Havoc announces that the match will be a 'Believers Backlash' match. A concept where the audience gets involved in aiding the competitors. Mascarita Sagrada requests that The Believers bring whatever weapons that they want to The Temple for that match. Famous B is irate on the outside when these announcements are made.

Back from the break, Another White Rabbit vignette airs. The man in the black top hat and white suit is once again sitting on a stool. Speaking about his journey and destiny. He talks about his tribe in darkness. The lights are turned on in his room and two other figures appear. To the right and left of the man is a masked man dressed in an all white and black checkered ring attire and a man with with a Mohawk sticking out of his mask. The White Rabbit logo appears on screen with the message, "They'll be here soon"

Inside the Temple, Matt Striker and Vampiro break the news that next week. There will be a "Grave Consequences" match between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes. Striker says that a career may end next week but a career is about to close right now.


Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Vampiro sells the history of these two men in Lucha and how this match may end up making him cry. He talks about the legacy and pride involved with these two men and their families.

The match starts off on the mat. Chavo gains the advantage early. The crowd starts chanting "Lucha Legends". Several times during this match. "Chavo Classic" is shown in the crowd with a concerned and sad look. After Chavo controls the early going. Rey rallies and knocks Chavo out of the ring with a jumping head scissors. Rey then leaps off of the apron and hits a hurracanrana on Chavo and Jr. lands directly onto Chavo Sr's lap. This move knocks Chavo Sr. from his chair. Chavo Classic recovers and gets back in his seat, as the action heads back into the ring.

Rey Mysterio hits a standing moonsault onto Chavo from the top rope. Rey takes the fight to Chavo. Beating him down in the corner. Rey then gives Chavo a running dropkick in the corner. The move is an intentional low blow by Rey and Chavo Sr. rises to his feet from his chair at ringside. Looking angry. As he roots on his son... Mysterio goes for a running rana but Chavo counters and drops Rey face first into the mat. Chavo is back in control of the match and he works over Rey with uppercuts. He then goes to work on Rey's legs. Trying to set him for a submission. Chavo applies an ankle lock to Rey but he eventually gets out of it.

Rey battles back and sends Chavo to the outside. He then leaps onto him. Grabs Chavo and sends him inside the ring. Rey tries to springboard from the ropes but Chavo dropkicks Rey in mid air. Chavo is once again back in control. He beats down on Rey and sets him up on the top rope. Chavo climbs up there and attemps a back suplex. Rey fights back and knocks Chavo down. Chavo gets back up and tries again. Rey counters Chavo's suplex attempt and power bombs him. Both men are now down and out on the mat.

They both rise to their feet and trade blows in the center of the ring. Rey comes off the ropes and hits a cross body on Chavo. He then hits the west coast pop on Chavo and it gets him a close fall. Rey continues to quicken the pace. Runs off the ropes but gets caught in a backbreaker by Chavo. Chavo then does The Eddie shuffle and sets up to hit Rey with his trifecta of suplexes. He hits 2 in a row but Rey breaks free on the third attempt. Rey knocks Chavo into the ropes and heads to do The 619. Chavo Sr. is up. He grabs a chair and heads inside the ring. He faces Rey with the chair but then turns and hits Chavo with it instead. Classic just got Rey Mysterio disqualified. Chavo wins the match and Rey has to leave Lucha Underground. Classic Guerrero double cross.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeats Rey Mysterio by disqualification

Chavo Sr. and Chavo Jr are holding hands in victory. Chavo Classic is overjoyed by his actions. Melissa Santos announces that Rey Mysterio must leave Lucha Underground forever. Dario Cueto gets out of his office and tells everyone to hold on. Cueto admonishes the referee for calling for a disqualification. Tells Marty Elias that He loves Violence. Yells at him for forgetting that. Dario restarts the match. Says that there is NO DQ and anything goes.

The bell rings and Chavo Classic goes after Rey with the steel chair. Rey trips him up and Chavo Sr. ends up hitting himself with the chair. Classic ends up in the ropes. Here comes Junior and Rey knocks him into the same position. Rey then attempts The 619 on both. Junior moves out of the way but Senior gets hit with The 619. Rey climbs to the top rope and leaps onto Chavo but he counters and gets Rey in a single leg crab submission. Chavo wrenches on the hold and Rey sells potentially tapping but he gets to the ropes. Chavo doesn't have to relinquish the hold, so he doesn't. He pulls Rey back into the middle of the ring. Mysterio kicks his way out of the hold and breaks free. Chavo then goes for the three amigos suplexes on Rey. Does 2 and then hits The Gory Bomb. Chavo pins Rey but Mysterio kicks out at the last second. Chavo then attempts it again. Rey shifts his weight and lands on top of Chavo. This leads to a near fall. Chavo goes for a sunset flip but Rey drop kicks him in the head. Rey fires up. Hits a rana, The 619 and then follows that with a west coast pop splash from the top rope on Chavo. Rey Mysterio covers Chavo and pins him 1,2,3.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Chavo Guerrero Jr. by pinfall

Chavo must leave Lucha Underground as a result of this defeat. Rey celebrates his victory as the crowd sings goodbye to Chavo. Rey holds open the ropes for Chavo to leave the ring, as the show comes to an end.


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