Maryse Names Places Where Guys Should Never Hit On A Girl, Cathy Kelley On Stephanie - Ronda Rousey

- Cathy Kelley's latest video above looks at Stephanie McMahon's recent comments to TMZ Sports about Ronda Rousey possibly working with WWE again. Stephanie said that she hoped Rousey would work with the company again, and stated that she's going to try to open up talks again.

- FHM has a story here with Maryse detailing a list of places where a guy shouldn't hit on a girl. Her list included Victoria's Secret, while shopping, a red light, the doctor's office and the gym.

"There's nothing worse than working out and having a guy walk back and forth looking at you, because you know he wants to talk to you, but he's calculating his tactic!" Maryse said. "Then, somehow, he comes closer and introduces himself while you're halfway through the workout—and super sweaty, with messy hair, bad makeup and out of breath! Not really the best time, man, but thanks for messing up my workout!"


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