Mick Foley Comments On Tonight's RAW, Post-RAW Note, New Day React To Victory Over Sheamus & Cesaro

- In the video above, The New Day react to defeating Cesaro and Sheamus on tonight's RAW. They noted that they have Demolition's record in sight.

- There was no dark match after tonight's RAW in Toronto. After the show went off the air, the crowd applauded Seth Rollins, who then walked to the back.

- WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley commented on tonight's RAW, noting that while it can be tough to pace a three hour show, they did a good job of it. He also noted that the show took his friend Emily's mind off of an 11 hour operation that she has tomorrow night:

I thought we had a great show tonight! It's tough to pace a three hour show but I think we did a very good job of it tonight. On a personal note, Raw took my friend Emily's mind off her 11 hour operation tomorrow, and she said this was the best night of her life!


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