More On Linda McMahon In Donald Trump's Cabinet, Sheamus Reacts To Tim Wiese's WWE Debut, WWE Shop

- As noted, former German football goalkeeper Tim Wiese made his WWE in-ring debut during the U.K. tour. He teamed with Cesaro and Sheamus to defeat The Shining Stars and Bo Dallas, you can watch highlights in the video above. In the video below Sheamus reacts to his teammate's WWE debut, noting that while he was pleased with the victory, that he should have gotten the pin, not Wiese.

"Let's not forget, I'm the number one, I'm the team captain," Sheamus said. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm the one that should be accepting the glory, not Cesaro and certainly not this new kid, Tim Wiese. In the future, I'll let them know beforehand what needs to be done."

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- As noted, British tabloid The Daily Star ran a story last week claiming that Linda McMahon is rumored to be in the running for a position in the Commerce Department in President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet. NBC Connecticut reports that sources close to both Linda McMahon and President-elect Trump's transition team confirmed that she is under consideration to become Secretary of Commerce in the new administration. As noted, Linda McMahon had donated millions to the WWE Hall of Famer's campaign.


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