More On WWE Dropping Superstars, Roman Reigns On Kevin Owens And WWE Roadblock (Video), Fans On RAW

- This Fallout video from Monday's RAW features WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns after securing a title shot against WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens at Roadblock. Reigns says he showed Owens what the big fight is all about and has a lot of respect for him. Reigns says Owens has been all over the world but he's never ran into an opponent like Reigns.

- We can now confirm that WWE Superstars will no longer be taped as 205 Live is being added to the programming schedule this week. The last Superstars episode aired last Friday on the WWE Network. 205 Live will air live tonight after SmackDown goes off the air. It appears WWE Main Event will now be taped on Monday's before RAW.

- As seen below, 63% of fans on Twitter gave last night's RAW in Charlotte a thumbs up with over 4500 votes:


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