Never Before Seen WWE Title Design For The Rock (Video), WWE Stars On Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg

- 2K released the promotional video above in anticipation of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg facing each other this Sunday at the Survivor Series. The video features commentary on what's at stake for Lesnar and Goldberg from Paul Heyman, Corey Graves, Mauro Ranallo, Michael Cole, JBL, Byron Saxton and Dolph Ziggler. In the video, Heyman talked about Goldberg's chances at Sunday's pay-per-view, suggesting that his best strategy would be "prayer."

"I hear he's better than ever," Heyman said of Goldberg. "He's still got it. He's still the man. He's still Goldberg. Do you know what the difference is? Brock Lesnar is twelve years better, twelve years more iconic, twelve years more dominant and for twelve years has thought about the one man that remains one up on Brock Lesnar."

- Cathy Kelley's latest "Live From The Archive" below looks at rare Rock items, as seen below. At the 4:45 mark, WWE archivist Ben Brown revealed a "Brahma Bull" WWE Championship belt that was made for the Rock that never made television. It is similar to Steve Austin's "Smokin' Skull" belt.


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