Noam Dar Talks Raw Debut, Shelton Benjamin On A Possible Return Date, Mojo Rawley Cuts Arabic Promo

- As noted earlier, Noam Dar made his WWE debut this week on Monday Night Raw which was held in Glasgow, Scotland. Moments after making his WWE debut, Noam Dar was interviewed backstage. He talked about his debut and Brian Kendrick during the segment.

"[A] debut for WWE in any circumstance is overwhelming. I got to do it in my home country and debut on Monday Night Raw. For WWE to give that moment and me to have that moment is exactly what I want to get stuff going in WWE." He added, "Brian Kendrick is someone I had respect for but the stuff at the end where he trying to steal the moment from me, it was pure jealousy and from that moment, no one cared about him being the Cruiserweight champion. That moment's for me, Scottish wrestling fans and the Cruiserweight division"

Dar also talked about his family and friends in attendance. You can watch the video above.

- Shelton Benjamin, whose return to WWE was put on hold due to injury has said that it is still too soon to give a return date. Shelton mentioned the same on his Twitter account and also noted that he is currently making progress. You can see the Tweet below.

- WWE superstar Mojo Rawley delivered a fluent Arabic promo during WWE's live show in Riyadh. His promo was met with loud cheers from the fans in attendance and Rawley later noted on his Instagram account that this was one of the things in his bucket list, writing, "Bucket List: Fire off a pre game speech in Arabic before a big match in the Middle East to honor my family's heritage." The real life Dean Muhtadi was born in Virginia and is of Arabic decent. You can check out the video of his promo below.


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