Ring Of Honor TV Recap (11/1): ROH 6 Man Championship Semifinals, Briscoes Vs The Addiction And More




This week's show opens with a video package chronicling the current Bullet Club feud with Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. Included in the package are highlights from last week's show, where Adam Cole and Hangman Page attacked them both and injured Bobby Fish's ribs.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are at the broadcast table hyping this week's show. They recap the actions of The Bullet Club and their efforts to wrestle away the TV Championship from Bobby Fish. So that they can own all the titles and seize control of Ring of Honor.... They also promote this week's main event. The semifinal match in The ROH 6 Man Championship tournament between The Cabinet and the team of Jay White, Kushida and ACH. Also hyped is the return of The Addiction to ROH TV after their Ladder War match at All Star Extravaganza. They will face The Briscoes later.

Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana vs. Danny Miles

Quick squash match for The 6'7 rising star in Donovan Dijak. The story of this match is Dijak's aggressiveness and frustration after his loss to Bobbby Fish for The TV championship at ASE. Dijak hits his finisher, Feast Your Eyes three times on Danny Miles and disposes of him quickly.

Donovan Dijak defeats Danny Miles by pinfall

Prince Nana is on the mic in ring when this match concludes. Nana says that Dijak never submitted or tapped to Bobby Fish despite the loss. Nana puts over Dijak as the quintessential athlete. He says that despite Dijak's defeat at ASE. That it will never happen again. When he delivers this line. He looks directly at Donovan. Perhaps a future tease of a breakup between the two.

Footage is now shown of what took place after last week's show went off the air. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole are being interviewed backstage near the ring entrance. Bragging about their recent success when The Motor City Machine Guns arrive. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are selling injuries from their match with Tetsuya Naito and Evil. As they walk past The Bullet Club. Adam Cole makes fun of them and teases how they are always injured. Calls them The Fragile City Machine Guns. This leads to a brawl between all 5 men. Security runs in to break them all up.

A 'Dem Boys' promo airs. Mark and Jay Briscoe are in front of The ROH banner. They promote their match with The Addiction on this show. The Briscoes talk about how close they came to being 9 time ROH Tag Champs again at Field Of Honor in August. How Christopher Daniels and Kazarian cheated to prevent that from happening. The Briscoes tell The Addiction that there will be consequences for their actions. Jay says that they are coming for their heads. Mark adds to that by saying that even though, The Addiction doesn't have the titles anymore. That they still have heads that they can take.

A video package airs for ROH's latest signing of Jax Dane. The former NWA Champion is scheduled to compete at The Survival of The Fittest shows for ROH this Thursday and Friday in Texas.

The Addiction vs. The Briscoes

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian show up for this match dressed in street clothes. Still sporting facial wounds from their Ladder War 6 match. Stitches and staples on their faces and on the back of their heads. They are accompanied by Kamaitachi. The Addiction enter the ring. Kazarian gets on the mic. He says that war can change a man and it has changed himself and Daniels. Kaz puts over The Briscoes and their great legacy in Ring of Honor. Talks about them being 8 time champs and arguably the greatest tag team in the history of Ring of Honor. Kaz then delivers an emotional speech about his partner, Christopher Daniels. Talks about his legacy. How he has given everything he has and broken his body for wrestling and ROH. Kaz says that it has been an honor and a privilege to break his body along side his best friend and tag team partner in Daniels. He then addresses The Briscoes again. Says that The Addiction are retreating tonight from battle but won't surrender. Kaz says that it is his dying obligation. That when people talk about the greatest ROH tag team of all time. That they talk about The Addiction and not The Briscoes.

As a result of The Addiction being unable to compete. This match is a no contest. As The Addiction leave up the rampway. Jay Briscoe gets on the mic. Jay puts over Kazarian's words. Calls it a hell of a speech but he and his brother are here to fight. Jay says that they want to give the people, what they want to see. He calls out The Young Bucks and tells them to put the ROH tag titles on the line. The show goes to break when it returns... The Briscoes are still in the ring awaiting a response from The Bucks to their challenge. The Bullet Club's music hits but Adam Cole and Hangman Page arrive instead of Matt and Nick Jackson.

Adam Cole is on the mic. He mocks The Briscoes "Man Up" mantra. Says that real men don't challenge injured men like The Bucks to a fight. Adam Cole uses a southern accent to insult The Briscoes. Tells them that just because, they have been here since day one. It doesn't mean that they run things. The Bullet Club now controls Ring Of Honor. Cole tells The Briscoes that they will not be facing The Young Bucks tonight... Jay gets on the mic and suggests that Cole and Page be The Bucks replacements. Adam and Hangman mull it over at ringside, pretend to leave and then rush the ring to attack The Briscoes. Both teams brawl and The Briscoes win the exchange. Referee Todd Sinclair comes out and makes this upcoming match official.

Adam Cole & Hangman Page vs. The Briscoes

Mark Briscoe and Hangman Page start the match off. Adam Cole gets involved quickly. They knock Jay off of his corner and then double team Mark. The Bullet Club dominates the action in the early going. With Page and Cole isolating Mark in their corner, as the show goes to break.

When the show returns, The Club is still in control. Adam Cole hits an impressive leg lariat on Mark Briscoe and it nets him a close fall. Page and Cole continue double teaming Mark Briscoe. He eventually fights back, hits a Pele kick on Cole and tags in his brother Jay. He comes into the ring on fire. Hits several kicks and uppercuts on both Page and Cole. After this flurry of offense. Jay Briscoe knocks Adam Cole out of the ring. Hits a lariat on Hangman Page and follows that up with a neck breaker. Covers Page but he kicks out at 2. Jay then goes for the Jay Driller on Page to win the match, but in comes Adam Page with his world title. Page hits Jay Briscoe with it and his team gets disqualified.

Jay & Mark Briscoe defeat Adam Cole & Hangman Page by disqualification

Adam Cole lays out both Briscoes with his world championship belt. Page and Cole go to ringside to get steel chairs. As they set up to hit The Briscoes with them. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish run out with steel chairs of their own to make the save. Cole and Page retreat.

Matt Taven is now in front of The ROH banner backstage. He hypes next week's tv match between The Bullet Club and The Kingdom. They will face off in The 6-Man Championship Tournament. Taven talks about how he has warned everyone for weeks that The Kingdom would rise again. How they will finally make their return next week.

Back in the arena, Kevin Kelly is on the stage with Jay Lethal. Kelly states that Lethal has requested this time to speak this week. Lethal talks about his world title rematch vs Adam Cole on November 20th in England. Calls himself the greatest wrestler in the world. Says that while some may think that it is an opinion. By defeating Cole and becoming ROH Champ for a second time. That result will make it a fact. Lethal warns Cole that he no longer has any distractions. That he doesn't hate Cole and he forgives him for shaving his head. He actually thanks him because his new look is a lot easier to maintain and that he has actually gotten compliments for his new look. Lethal admits that he admires Adam Cole's desire and that he did everything, he could to become champion. Lethal says that he is going to do the same exact thing to become World Champion again in England.

Back from the break. Highlights are shown of ACH, Jay White and Kushida's victory over The Briscoes and Toru Yano at ASE, in the opening match of The 6-Man tournament. Also shown is The Cabinet's first round victory on ROH TV. Which advanced them to face White, Kushida and ACH in the semi-finals. This is followed by a quick backstage promo by Caprice Coleman. He talks about how The Cabinet are so close to the election and becoming ROH's inaugural 6-Man Champs.

The tournament brackets A and B are shown on screen. Bracket A is nearly completed. The winner of this week's main event will advance to the finals at Final Battle in New York.
Bracket B has two first round matches still scheduled. Next week's Kingdom match vs The Bullet Club and Team CMLL taking on The Addiction and Kamaitachi.

Jay White, Super ACH & Kushida vs. Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus

This match is proceeded by The Cabinet's customary "peaceful protest". Where they get down on their knees in Colin Kaeprnick fashion. The team of White, ACH and Kushida all give The Cabinet their own version of a protest, by giving them a joint FU salute. The Cabinet takes exception to this and they attack White, ACH and Kushida. They leave them laying, and then return to their protest positions. As the show goes to break.

Back to the show and The Cabinet has the early advantage. They are tagging in and out and working over Jay White. Kenny King hits a wicked spinebuster on Jay White for a near fall. Eventually, Jay White is able to free himself out of harms way by using his agility to escape The Cabinet's corner. He tags in ACH. He comes in and hits a flurry of offensive moves on all 3 members of The Cabinet. Kushida and Jay White get in the ring. All 3 men hit triple team tandem aerial moves on Kenny King. The action is fast and furious. Jay White hits a flying missile drop kick on King. This leads to a near fall.

King is able to tag out to Coleman. Coleman gets more of the same medicine from The White/ACH/Kushida trio. More tandem offense. Coleman comically screams at the top of his lungs. Begging for help.... It doesn't come for awhile. Coleman eventually gets assistance from his cabinet partners, when King knocks ACH off of the top rope. ACH falls to the outside floor, and King and Titus beat up on him. The show goes to it's last break.

The Cabinet have now turned the tables, when the show returns. They start implementing some triple teaming tandem offense of their own. ACH is their victim and The Cabinet hits successive springboard knees to him. Kenny King hits a really nice looking T-Bone Suplex into a pinning bridge. This leads to a close fall on ACH. The All Night Express tries to put ACH away but he fights out of it and manages to tag in Kushida. He gets in the ring and hits several dropkicks on all 3 cabinet members. Kushida is taking on all 3 men by himself. In a really nice looking spot, He rolls up Titus for a pin attempt. Coleman goes to hit Kushida while he is in the position standing up. Kushida counters by grabbing Coleman and hitting a bridge suplex on him and has 2 of the 3 Cabinet members in a pinning predicament. They manage to kick out but that was a spectacular move. The crowd chants Kushida's name as a result.... White and ACH are now back in the action. White gets tagged in and they triple team Rhett Titus. White hits a brainbuster on Titus for a near fall. The Cabinet breaks up the pin attempt and all 6 men brawl. The action spills to the outside while White and Titus remain on the inside of the ring. Jay goes for a urinagi on Rhett but he blocks it and hits a dropkick on him. The Cabinet tries to finish off White with The Sky Splitter. Kushida and ACH are back in the ring to break up the count and even the odds.

Frantic sequence to end this match. Kushida hits a double springboard elbow on The All Night Express. Coleman grabs Kushida and hits a spinebuster on him. ACH grabs Coleman and hits a front face DDT. Titus then hits a german suplex on ACH. King hits ACH with running double knees. The Cabinet targets Jay White next but a recovered Kushida saves him and knocks Titus and King off of the apron. Caprice knocks down Kushida. He then goes to the top rope and attempts another Sky Splitter on White but Jay catches him in mid air and hits a Urinagi. White and Kushida then do stereo suicide dives on The All Night Express to keep them from getting back in the ring. ACH heads to the top rope and hits The Midnight Star on Coleman to get his team the victory. The same "Midnight Star" 450 splash that ACH and Ishimori have used to advance to The Super Junior finals in New Japan.

Super ACH, Jay White & Kushida defeat The Cabinet to advance to The ROH 6 Man Championship Final at Final Battle

ACH, Kushida and Jay White celebrate their victory in the ring. Kevin Kelly ends the show by previewing next week's ROH TV show. Where The Bullet Club will face The Kingdom in the first round of The 6-Man Tourney. Also announced is a proving ground match between ROH TV Champ Bobby Fish and CMLL's Dragon Lee.


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