Ring Of Honor TV Recap (11/29): Final Build To The Final Battle PPV, The Briscoes Vs. The Addiction

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #271
Taped at The William J. Myers Pavilion in Baltimore, Maryland

Lio Rush vs. Jonathon Gresham

Lio Rush has officially replaced ACH in the ROH Six-Man Championship Final this coming Friday at the pay-per-view in New York. ACH was originally set to team with Kushida and Jay White against The Kingdom. It's been documented and reported for some time now, that ACH was going to be leaving ROH. Odd to see someone advance on a team to the finals. Only to be replaced, but considering the circumstances. It's the right move. The funny thing is Lio Rush was originally supposed to be a part of this 6 man team, before he was replaced by Kushida. So he's back on, with a chance to win a championship in Ring of Honor.

Alex Shelley has joined Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino at commentary for this match. Shelley was involved in the storyline replacement of Lio Rush on the 6 man team. Replacing him with Kushida, and sending Rush on a "excursion" to further his craft around the world. Rush and Gresham here, are two of the shortest in ring competitors in the industry. Rush is listed at 5'6. While Gresham is listed at 5'4. Two contrasting styles here as well. Rush is lightning quick. While Gresham is a superb mat wrestler. Has been compared favorably to Daniel Bryan. Gresham is one of ROH's hidden talents. Wrestling for 7 years now. Not a lot of flash to his character but plenty of substance.

This match was a story of two meshing styles. Very nice opening exchange between both men to start things off. With several counters and reversals. Gresham and Rush working strictly on the mat. Lio Rush using his agility to get out of Gresham's grasp. Jonathan has a hard time keeping Lio grounded. Rush manages to escape on several occasions. Eventually the action gets to the outside. Gresham hits a beautiful moonsault off of the apron onto Rush. This move helps him take control of the match. As the show goes to it's first break..... Back from the break. Gresham has hurt Rush's left arm and has targeted it as an offensive focal point. Lio continues to use his agility to work his way out of Gresham's clutches. Lio sends Gresham to the outside of the ring with a kick out of desperation, and then does a cannon ball leap from the apron onto him. Rush gets Gresham back into the ring. He ends up attempting a hurancanrana on Gresham from the top, Jonathon reverses it when they land and gets Rush in a pinning predicament. Lio is able to kick out. Both men back on their feet. The action continues with several pinfall attempts by Gresham. A variation of bridges that Rush either counters or escapes from. Lio then hits his finisher "Rush Hour" on Jonathon. Rush goes to cover him, but Gresham rolls him up and nearly pins him. Gresham then hits a brainbuster on Rush, covers him but Lio kicks out. Gresham attempts another brainbuster, Rush counters it into one of his own, but only gets a 1 count out of it. Gresham is back up, He attempts to hit a german suplex on Rush, but Lio lands on his feet. Rush ends up hitting the Rush Hour two consecutive times on Gresham. Heads to the top rope, Rush then proceeds to hit a elbow drop/frog splash combo on Gresham. Covers him and gets the pinfall victory.

Lio Rush defeats Jonathon Gresham by pinfall

After the match. Alex Shelley is joined by Chris Sabin at the broadcast table. They leave the broadcast area and head to the ring to address Lio Rush and Jonathon Gresham inside the ring. Shelley gets on the mic and puts over the match that they just had. Sabin calls Lio Rush and Jonathon Gresham, the future of Ring of Honor wrestling. All 4 men shake hands in the ring.... Last week on ROH TV. The Motor City Machine Guns hinted towards starting a faction to bring back honor to ROH, and to combat The Bullet Club. This could be the starting point of that new group.

A Kyle O'Reilly promo airs that chronicles his history with Adam Cole. Clips are shown of how they started in the company together as the tag team "Future Shock" back in 2010. Kyle O'Reilly talks about Adam Cole's false bravado and confidence, being a cover for his insecurity. How it led to Cole turning on him and injuring him. How Adam Cole made a promise, to never allow his former partner, to ever become the ROH champ. Clips are shown of Cole and The Bullet Club injuring O'Reilly, in his championship match with Jay Lethal earlier this year. O'Reilly says that Adam Cole has created The Violent Artist that he has now become. That at Final Battle in New York City. Cole is going to drown in his own misery, as Kyle O'Reilly swims away with The ROH world title. Kyle ends the promo by stating that he is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Adam Cole.

A Final Battle PPV ad airs that previews the lineup for this Friday's show. The card features The Young Bucks defending the ROH tag titles against The Briscoes. Also scheduled is a 4 corners survival match for The ROH TV Championship with Bobby Fish, Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and CMLL Standout Dragon Lee.

The ppv will also feature the debut of Cody Rhodes in ROH, As he takes on Jay Lethal.

Two of the other undercard matches also hyped forthe show are Dalton Castle vs Colt Cabana and Jushin Thunder Liger vs The "Last Real Man Silas Young.

ROH TV Main Event

(The Briscoes) Mark & Jay Briscoe vs (The Addiction) Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

Quite a bit of TV time has been spent on these two teams of late. The Addiction have been positioned as more serious figures since their ladder war 6 match. How they are on a mission to cement their legacy as a tribute to Daniels. The Briscoes are going for their 9th reign as ROH Tag Champs at Final Battle. It's been 4 years since they were last champs.

Despite the subtle change in The Addiction's characters. They stick to their tradition of not adhering to the ROH code of honor handshake before this match. Refusing to shake the extended hands of The Briscoes before this match kicks off. This starts off as a textbook standard tag team match early on. Alot of mat wrestling and quick tags in and out. Evenly contested between all 4 guys. It doesn't take long however, for the match to escalate into a fight. The battle goes to the outside and all 4 men brawl. The Briscoes in tandem leap onto the Addiction over the top rope. As the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Jay and Mark Briscoe are in full control. They dominate the next few minutes of action. Kazarian is isolated and The Briscoes take turns beating him down. The Addiction eventually turn the tables when Christopher Daniels gets involved and knocks Mark down from the top rope. he then grabs and throws Mark Briscoe into the barricade. This shifts the momentum in their favor. The Addiction do some great tandem offense in the ring against Mark. They both do multiple aerial moves on him. With Daniels hitting several moonsaults that are followed by springboard leg drops by Kazarian. Kazarian attempts to pin Mark after this barrage of offense, but Jay breaks up the pinfall attempt. The show goes to it's last commercial break.

The Addiction are still in control, when the show returns. Mark Briscoe eventually battles back and tags in his brother. Jay comes in on fire and knocks down both members of The Addiction with a flurry of offensive moves. Now all 4 men are going at it. Daniels hits a suicide dive onto Mark at ringside. Kaz hits a cutter on Jay, that leads to a close fall. The Addiction starts double teaming Jay but it backfires on them, as they accidentally knock each other down. Mark is now back up and in the ring. Mark hits a urinagi suplex on Kazarian and covers him for a 2 count. Frantic pace to the end of this match. Both teams end up attempting double team moves, but are unable to get the victory. In a great spot... The Briscoes get Kazarian up for a doomsday device, When Jay leaps off the top rope, Kazarian catches Jay in mid air and power slams him. This leads to a very close fall. The action continues and eventually ends when Jay Briscoe hits the Jay Driller on Christopher Daniels, Mark follows that move up with the Froggie Bow, and pins Daniels to get his team the victory.

The Briscoes defeat The Addiction

After that great tag match. The Briscoes invite The Addiction into the ring to shake hands. Kazarian and Daniels end up adhering to The Code Of Honor. As both teams show respect to one another.

The show ends with this final build towards Final Battle. It's story time with Adam Cole. This is a great video. That showcases the history between Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly. Building up to their ROH World Championship Match at Final Battle this Friday. This is one of the better videos that ROH has done. Done in storybook fashion, and it showcases the major star that Adam Cole is.


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