Rob Van Dam Talks WWE Wanting Him To Pair Him With Paul Heyman During Last Run, Possible WWE Return

Former WWE superstar Rob Van Dam was recently interviewed by Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated. During the interview, Rob talked about how WWE wanted him to be a Paul Heyman guy, WWE return and more. Below are some highlights from the Interview.

WWE wanting him to be a Paul Heyman guy during his last WWE run:

"The office wanted to put me with Paul and turn me heel. But I already have one foot out the door in wrestling, so why change to a heel when I'm on my way out? I've been so willing to stay strong and stick to my guns for so long when it comes to my beliefs. I'm a symbol to people for a lot of different things, and changing me to a heel, at the last minute, could change that."

If he's open to a WWE return:

"I have an open door with WWE as far as wrestling goes. I also have an ongoing merchandise relationship. I hope that the right opportunity presents itself so that I will do another run with WWE. For me, the fans missing me and wanting to see me on TV is very important, but the business end of it also has to be right. I certainly hope that comes together, and it will be something that is right for me and right for WWE and right for the fans. But at this point, I do not have any plans of such. Even when I'm not wrestling, I still appreciate all my fans. I take all the compliments to heart. I don't think all the other wrestlers hear the same love from the fans that I do—they are extreme about it."

Rob Van Dam also talked about being featured on the new documentary by Dave Sinnott, Jeff Hardy's TNA heel turn being "stupid," medical marijuana and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Sports Illustrated


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