ROH TV Recap (11/23): Kyle O'Reilly Vs. Silas Young, ROH Six Man Championship Final Determined

Ring of Honor TV
Episode #270
Taped at the William J. Myers Pavilion in Baltimore Maryland

* Kyle O'Reilly vs. "The Last Real Man" Silas Young *

- Highlights are shown from a "Road To Final Battle" match, that took place in Lakeland Florida, back on October 22nd. The focus of the video is to show how close, Silas Young came to capturing the ROH World Championship from Adam Cole. On this show, Young faces the man, who will challenge Cole for the ROH World Title at Final Battle in Kyle O'Reilly.

- No adhering to the ROH code of honor by "The Last Real Man". Young refuses to shake O'Reilly's hand.... Some really nice chain wrestling to start off this one. Evenly contested early on. The momentum of the match shifts when O'Reilly does what, he does best. Identifying his opponents weak point, and then targeting it. Putting his opponent in a position, where they are forced to spend all their time on the defensive. O'Reilly goes after Young's surgically repaired left knee. With kicks and direct strikes to that area. Tries on multiple ocassions to apply a variation of different submission holds.

- Silas Young is able to turn the tables in his favor. By countering O'Reilly and throwing him to the outside of the ring. This leads to Young brawling with and beating down O'Reilly on the outside. Silas throws Kyle into the barricade, as the show goes to it's first break.

- When the show returns. Young is still in control. This time on the inside of the ring. O'Reilly eventually battles back and hits a flurry of kicks that ground Silas Young. O'Reilly goes after Young's left leg again. Applying a grapevine submission hold. O'Reilly then shifts his body and turns it into a heel hook submission. Young manages to get to the ropes, but it isn't long before O'Reilly grounds him again. Young battles back, gets to his feet and hits a sweet looking neckbreaker on O'Reilly. It leads to the first close fall of the match.

-Back to more chain wrestling between these two men. O'Reilly now starts going upstairs. Targeting Young's arm. Silas manages to counter out and hit a cutter on O'Reilly. This leads to yet another close pinfall attempt. Silas attempts to put O'Reilly away with his finisher, Misery. Kyle counters, breaks free and hits a cradle suplex. Young gets back on his feet and delivers a german suplex on O'Reilly. Nice back and forth exchange follows. Where they both men hit discus strikes and knock each other down.

- Meanwhile, ROH World Champion, Adam Cole arrives to the broadcast area. Joins Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. Just as this is happening. Young hits a rolling firemen's carry on O'Reilly, and heads to the top rope. Cole on commentary says that he is out here, to watch Kyle choke and lose this match. Kyle meets Silas on the top rope. Picks him up and slams him into his knee. He then applies an arm bar lock on Young in the center of the ring. Young manages to roll out and get to the ropes, to break the hold. Back on his feet, Silas goes for "Misery". O'Reilly counters, lifts Young up and hits a brainbuster. O'Reilly covers Young and secures the victory.

* Kyle O'Reilly defeats Silas Young by pinfall

After the match. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino put over Silas Young for his performance. Kelly grabs a mic and goes to interview Young at ringside. Kelly compliments Young for his recent performances. Silas tells Kelly that he wasn't paying attention to what he just said, because he is distracted by a fan at ringside, dressed up as Jushin Thunder Liger. Young criticizes the fan and says this is an example of what adult men have become, in this day and age. Young insults the Liger fan by saying that he is an adult man playing dress up. Living in a false world of make believe. Young calls the guy he idolizes in Liger, a phony and coward. Young says that Liger has been in the wrestling business for 30 plus years and has never shown his face, because he is embarassed. Young states that come Final Battle. He is going to prove that Liger is just a child playing a character. That it will be an actor vs a real man in him.

- A Jay Lethal promo airs. He hypes up ROH's Final Battle PPV on December 2nd. He talks about Cody Rhodes arrival to ROH and debut on that show. Lethal says that no one cares about Cody's name and legacy. That ROH fans don't care about where he has been, and what he has done in his career. That in Ring of Honor, Cody Rhodes has to prove himself. That he can't just live off of his name. Lethal says that he is a former world champ. That he has proven himself in ROH. Something that Cody will have to do against him at Final Battle.

- A graphic appears on screen promoting Lethal and Rhodes PPV match at Final Battle.

- A video airs showcasing The Motor City Machine Guns. They discuss their entire career and their loss in the epic Ladder War match at A.S.E. Alex Shelly says that they choked at All Star Extravaganza. How they should have won that match. How they are dissapointed and feel like they still have something to prove. Chris Sabin says that they changed the tag team landscape in wrestling. That they will go down in history as game changers in the industry. They then start listing off all the teams in ROH and put them over. With the exception of The Bullet Club. While they admit that they are talented, The MCMG talk about their lack of integrity... Chris Sabin says that in their hometown of Michigan. Adam Page turned on them and hung him by a noose, in front of his friends and family. Sabin and Shelley talk about how they are tired of "getting their asses kicked" by The Bullet Club. Not just in Ring of Honor, but that it has also extended to Japan. The Guns say they are looking to put together a "unique group of individuals" to combat The Bullet Club. They start listing off some names for their potential group. Jay White and Lio Rush are mentioned and put over.

- The Addiction cut a promo in front of The ROH banner. Christopher Daniels admits that Ladder War changed him mentally. That the experience has humbled him. That their sole mission now is cement their legacy. Frankie Kazarian makes an analogy about the difference between a sheep and a lion. How the sheep waits to get something, while the lion will go out and take it. Kazarian says that they not only want to reclaim their tag titles, that they want to go down as the greatest tag team in the history of Ring Of Honor.

- A graphic appears on screen hyping next week's ROH TV main event. Where The Addiction will face off with The Briscoes.

- Colt Cabana is now shown backstage in the locker room with Dalton Castle. Cabana talks about how their tag team is slumping of late, and needs to get back on track. Castle tells Colt that he doesn't feel comfortable, being out in the ring without "his boys". That he lost without them last week against Taylor & Lee. Cabana has a solution for Castle. He has a group of potential "new boys" lined up in the locker room, for Dalton Castle to choose from as replacements. Dalton chooses 2 of them and they head to the ring.

* Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana vs. Preston Quinn & Ken Dixon

- Quinn and Dixon were a part of The ROH Tryout camp. They get very little offense in this one. If you blinked, You would have missed it. Castle hits the Bang-A-Rang on Dixon and pins him.

* Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana defeat Preston Quinn & Ken Dixon *

After the match. Castle gets on the mic. Notices how happy Colt is. Dalton says that the fans love their team. Dalton says that their team is currently at the bottom, and that they need to work their way to the top. Cabana grabs the mic away from Dalton. He says that he came back to ROH to be a champion. Says that he was gone a long time, and was one of the cornerstones of this company. Cabana says that he saw Castle's momentum and star rising. That he felt that it would be a good idea for them to team up. However, because they are on the bottom. Cabana doesn't like the position, the team is in, and wants to go it alone as a singles competitor. The fans boo Colt. Cabana says that they should have a clean break and go their seperate ways. As Colt goes to leave. Dalton tries to get him to reconsider. Cabana offers a handshake to end their relationship. Castle offers a hug instead. The fans chant for them to hug it out. Cabana leans in to hug Dalton and then gives him a low blow. Cabana laughs over a fallen Dalton Castle. The "new boys" come into the ring to fan off the ailing Castle. Colt grabs them both and slams them down. One of them is slammed onto Dalton. Cabana then grabs the peacock feathers and starts suffocating Castle with them. Cabana mocks Castle and then busts open Dalton with his peacock feathers.

A Final Battle PPV ad airs during the break.

It's worth noting what transpired over the past weekend for ROH's "Reach for The Sky Tour" in London. We had not one but two ROH title changes. The major title defense was on Sunday. Which saw Adam Cole retain his World Championship against Jay Lethal.

Bobby Fish lost his ROH TV title to newcomer Will Ospreay, who turned around and lost the title to Marty Scurll. Both men will be involved in a 4 corners match with former champ, Bobby Fish and CMLL standout, Dragon Lee at The Final Battle PPV.

The Reach for The Sky events that took place last weekend in London, are all available on ROH Through their video on demand service.

ROH TV Main Event
Block B Semifinal- Winner advances to the final to face Jay White/ACH/Kushida at the Final Battle PPV on 12/2.
* (Team CMLL) Ultimo Guerrero, Hechichero & Okumura vs. (The Kingdom) Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O'Ryan

- This is an unexpected semifinal. Both teams coming off of upsets. The Kingdom defeated The Bullet Club, while Team CMLL defeated The Addiction in Block B.

- Both Six-Man teams come off looking impressive in this match. The standouts being TK O'Ryan for The Kingdom and Hechichero for Team CMLL. A lot of charisma shown by the veteran CMLL trio, Steve Corino christens Ultimo Guerrero as his new favorite wrestler. Plays the role of cheerleader for him during this match. Team CMLL shows a lot of innovative triple team offense in this one.

-The final sequence of this one sees all six men in the ring. Very fast paced action. All 6 men take turns hitting aerial moves to the outside. The Kingdom wins out when Matt Taven closes the aerial sequence with a suicide dive that takes out Ultimo and Okumura. Taven, Marseglia and O'Ryan bring Hechichero into the ring. Taven lifts him up in the center of the ring and all 3 men do an assisted triple team power bomb on him. Taven covers Hechichero and pins him for the victory.

* The Kingdom defeats Team CMLL to advance to the final of The ROH Six-Man Championship Tournament at Final Battle.

A Briscoes promo closes the show. Jay and Mark hype their match next week vs The Addiction. They say that Daniels and Kazarian, looking to get back the tag titles is a good thing, but that the bad thing, is that they have to face them. Mark says that The Addiction has post traumatic disorder from their Ladder War match. Jay says that The Addiction thinks that they are going to beat them to get back in the title picture. That it isn't happening, and that their match with them is basically a tune up. For their tag title shot against The Young Bucks at Final Battle in New York City.


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