Seth Rollins Talks Sasha Vs. Charlotte Headlining HIAC Over His Match, Shield Reunion, Brand Split

Recently, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins participated in a Q&A session to promote WWE's recent European tour. During the session, Rollins talked about the WWE brand extension, the Hell In A Cell main event match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, and the possibility of a Shield reunion.

In Rollins' view, WWE's so-called brand split has been fantastic for him and he admitted that he enjoys being the number one draft pick.

"The brand split has been fantastic for me. I was very stoked to be the number one draft pick overall, not just for RAW, but for the entire company. That's a huge thing. You look back at past drafts and the history of the company, there haven't been a whole lot of number one picks, so I think we've had what, three for four drafts or something like that? So it's very prestigious for me." Rollins added, "for me to be the number one pick overall, it was a lot of pressure on me to be the guy that carries the ball and stuff like that, but I love being pushed whether it's by Roman Reigns, whether it's by Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, or the women."

According to Rollins, a big part of WWE Monday Night RAW's success since the brand extension draft should be attributed to RAW's superior women's division. 

"As far as the level of competition, I think that that's awesome. I think with the women really pushing the envelope, bringing their brand of things to the next level, with Charlotte and Sasha [Banks] and Bayley and all the ladies. That's not a knock on SmackDown, but just what we're doing on RAW right now, it's really pushing the envelope, especially the women, so I welcome the competition."

While Rollins appreciates the major milestone it was to conclude Hell In A Cell with a WWE Women's Championship match, he believes that his bout with Kevin Owens was a difficult match for the female combatants to follow.

"It was an historic moment for the ladies and I was very proud of them, but I'm a competitor and I want to be in the main event every single night. And Kevin and I went out there. We tore the house down and made it really difficult for those ladies to go in after us and follow. But I know, knowing Sasha and Charlotte, they wouldn't have had it any other way."

On a possible Shield reunion, Rollins suggested that there is always room for forgiveness and that he is not opposed to a reforming the faction down the road.

"There's always room to mend broken hearts, I suppose. You never know. I suppose with Ambrose over on SmackDown and Roman and I on RAW, obviously, the reunion-reunion is not going to happen anytime soon. Ambrose is kind of kicking butt over there and we're doing our thing on RAW." Rollins continued, "I'm not opposed to the idea. Down the road, if the time is right and it feels good, maybe I'll strap a vest on again and see what happens."

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