The Miz On Why SmackDown Is Better Than WWE RAW, Maryse Travelling With Him

Former WWE champion The Miz was interviewed by recently. During the interview, Miz talked about SmackDown being a better show than Raw, Maryse travelling with him and more. Below are some highlights.

SmackDown being a better show than Raw:

"Raw is a great show -- SmackDown Live is better. SmackDown Live has better characters, better stories, and I think we have better talent. Does Raw have great talent? Absolutely. Is it a good show to watch? Sure, go ahead and watch it. But I guarantee if you watch Raw and SmackDown, you're going to watch SmackDown and go, 'I like these guys better.' Why? It's because there's competitiveness between Raw and SmackDown Live. We are fighting, clawing, scratching to get everything that Raw gets."

Having Maryse travel with him:

"We just mess around with each other all the time, we travel all the time together, it's great. And I think that's another reason why my career has revitalized as I like to say, because I get to have [Maryse] with me all the time, rather than being at home or being away, FaceTiming, or Skyping, or talking on the phone. That's not real human contact. It's bringing a whole new light to everything."

Miz also talks about headlining WrestleMania, what he had planned after college and more. You can read the full interview here.



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