The Sandman Talks The Crucifixion Angle In ECW, His Character, Why He Left ECW For WCW

Former ECW and WWE superstar Sandman was interviewed by Jan Murphy for The Whig. During the interview, Sandman talked about Kurt Angle blowing out the Crucifixion angle in ECW out of proportion, leaving ECW for WCW and more. Below are some highlights.


On The Crucifixion angle in ECW:

"That whole thing got blown out of proportion by Kurt f–king Angle. It wasn't Kurt's fault because Kurt didn't know wrestling back then. He was a f–king gold medalist. Everything to him was a shoot, you know what I'm saying?. I tell you what, later when Undertaker hung Austin on a thing that was almost exactly like a cross on WWE, I guarantee you (Angle) didn't go into Vince's office and complain that night. I was so mad that night when we got back there," Sandman recalled. "First of all, I don't give a f–k. I like Kurt; I've got a s–tload of respect for him. But back then, I was hot. I told Raven, 'Do not go out there, do not apologize, you're f–king crazy if you do."


His character:

"Dude, that character is me. I used to sit in the locker room, smoke cigarettes and drink beer and then go out and wrestle. Wrestlers are characters, but my character, everybody's walked into a bar, seen a guy just like me playing a game of pool, wants to play it for money and when he loses, wants to begin a fight, you know what I mean? Everybody knows a Sandman."

On leaving ECW for WCW:

"I was pissed off at Paul E. because he told me I was always going to be his highest paid player and then I found out he paid Sabu like $15,000 and me $14,000 for a pay-per-view or something. So I quit on principle alone. I knew damn sure I was going to end up back in ECW because I knew WCW was a sinking ship. They were hemorrhaging money."

He also talked about his ECW days, House of Hardcore and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Whig