Tim Wiese Talks WWE Debut Tonight Against The Shining Stars And Bo Dallas, Joining The Business

Former German national football team goalkeeper and current WWE talent Tim Wiese, who will be making his WWE debut at tonight's WWE live event in Frankfurt, Germany, talked to The Guardian recently. Wiese will be teaming with Sheamus and Cesaro to face The Shining Stars and Bo Dallas. He discussed about his decision to take up professional wrestling, his footballing days and more. Below are a few highlights from the interview.

Why he took up wrestling:

"I don't really see wrestling as an escape, it's an alternative to becoming fat and sitting on the couch. When I stopped playing, at my biggest I weighed 132kg, and I had to have about six to seven thousand calories a day. Every woman enjoys a muscular big type by her side, instead of some weakling. But now I've cut that down to about three thousand calories and am down to about 120kg. I want to lose another three or four kilograms so I'm more explosive and more aggressive in the ring, so that I'm unbeatable."

His game plan against The Shining Stars and Bo Dallas:

"My game plan against the Shining Stars will basically be to go full throttle, beat them down out of the ring, and seeing as they weigh 30-40lbs less than I do, I will grab them, one with the left hand, one with the right, and end them. I'll drop kick Bo Dallas and throw him off the stage."

You can check out the full interview here.

Source: The Guardian


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