Tonight's show opens with Billy Corgan and his lawyers on the phone with Anthem's lawyers...... Ok maybe not... Another crazy week for TNA behind the scenes. There is still a TV show and a promotion going on. So let's get to it.

Impact begins with a video package of the history between Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. Leading into tonight's World Championship rematch between the two.

We are in The Impact Zone and The insanely beautiful Brandi Rhodes is headed to the ring. She is minus that Cody guy and grabs the mic. The crowd chants for her. Brandi thanks everyone for all the support her husband has received after last week's attack by Bobby Lashley. She talks about their 3 year relationship and all the tough decisions that they have made over the years. Brandi brings up Bobby Lashley. Tells him that her husband is a fighter and that he doesn't understand what Cody is capable of. Brandi says that Cody will be back in Impact Wrestling in the future.... Brandi then starts to talk about her future as a knockout in TNA. She is interrupted by Maria, who is headed to the ring with Sienna. Maria gets on the mic and makes fun of Cody being injured. Maria talks about how Brandi is all alone now. She brags about how she put Allie in her place and says that she has The Knockouts best interests at heart. Maria offers Brandi a spot in her group with Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. Brandi responds by bringing up The Rhodes name and it's legacy. She says that she doesn't need Maria's help with anything. Sienna gets in Brandi's face and Brandi hits Sienna with a flurry of punches. When she turns to get in Maria's face. Sienna attacks Brandi from behind, lifts her up and slams her down to the mat. Maria and Sienna raise their hands together over a fallen Brandi Rhodes.

Josh Mathews previews tonight's 3 title matches. The world title match, The Hardy's defending their tag titles vs The D.C.C. and Aron Rex defending his Impact Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz. That 3 round match is up next.

When the show returns. A brief video package about Eddie Edwards and his history airs. It is narrated by Josh Mathews. The video chronicles Eddie's childhood in Boston and his tag team success with Davey Richards. More videos like this are supposed to air throughout the night.


Aron Rex vs. Jessie Godderz

Round One

As Rex enters the ring. Josh Mathews notes that Aron Rex has been wearing expensive rings before his matches and says that he put them on and used them to win a recent tag match vs Godderz and EC3. The match starts off differently than their previous contests. Rather than Godderz relying on his amateur wrestling background. Like he has in the past vs Rex. He goes to a more physical brawling style and controls the action. He hits a german suplex on Rex with just over a minute left in the round and gets a near fall. Godderz continues to be more physical, hits a cross body and then applies an arm bar, as time expires in the round.

Round One Scorecard- All 3 nameless judges score round one 10-9 each for Godderz.

Round Two

Aron Rex jumps on Jessie Godderz early and grounds him. He starts trash talking him while he has Jessie in a chinlock. Rex is in control for the majority of this round. Just over a minute left, Jessie starts to rally and gets 3 straight cradle pin attempts on Rex. Just under a minute left, Godderz goes for the pinfall again with yet another roll up. Rex kicks out but eats three straight clotheslines and a power slam. Godderz takes down Rex and puts him in The Boston Crab, as time expires in the round.

Round Two Scorecard- Judge #1 scores the round 10-9 for Rex but Judges 2 and 3 score the round 10-9 for Godderz. The last 90 seconds "won" the round for Godderz.

Round Three

The show goes to break before this round begins. When it returns.... Round 3 hasn't started yet. Rex charges at Godderz and then rakes him in the eye. Godderz is blinded. The implication is that Rex is using some type of substance to blind Godderz. Looks like he may have gotten it from his towel in the corner. Godderz swings wildly at the referee. Rex comes at Godderz and rakes him in the eye again and then knocks him out with a stiff right hand. Rex covers and pins Jessie with 2 minutes left in the final round.

Aron Rex defeats Jessie Godderz in Round Three by pinfall to retain The Impact Grand Championship

After the match, Footage is shown prior to Round Three. Where Rex was rubbing down his hands in the corner with his towel. Aron is booed by the crowd when his hand is raised and he is announced as the winner. Rex gets on the mic and asks the crowd to give Godderz an applause for a "very hard fought loss".

A video package airs highlighting The X Division and The new Team X gold group of DJ Z, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter. All 3 men talk about their skills and how great of a team that they can be. They talk about their team name being "Go For Broke". How well it represents who they are in the ring. How they plan on setting the standard in the new Team X Gold division.

Back from the break. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshe Rockett are headed to the ring for this triple threat Team X Gold match.

Rockstar Spud & The Decay vs. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett vs. DJ Z, Braxton Sutter & Mandrews

Two straight matches here where Billy Corgan has been mentioned on commentary. For two separate concepts, He came up with. This new division and The Impact Grand concept. Trevor Lee, DJ Z and Crazzy Steve start off this chaotic match. Z heads to the air early and takes out both Lee and Steve with an over the top rope plancha. Z then tags in Mandrews and they do a tandem dropkick on Steve. The two heel teams decide to team up on "Go For Broke". Lee hits a turnbuckle power bomb on Mandrews and with him hurt in the corner. The heels alternate kicking and stomping Mandrews. Marshe Rockett and Spud are in the ring and Marshe goes after Spud. Spud gives Rockett an FU salute and bows out of the match and tags in his partner Abyss. The two biggest men in the match stand toe to toe trading blows. Neither man is taken off their feet. Mandrews springboards into the ring and drop kicks the both of them.

He tags in Braxton Sutter and he comes in and goes after every heel. Hits power slams on Steve and Lee. Abyss comes in and hits a choke slam on Sutter. He then hits a blackhole slam on Trevor Lee. Crazzy Steve wants in on the match. As The Decay continue double teaming, The referee decides to eject Abyss and Crazzy Steve from the ring. Their team is not disqualified. Spud has to remain on his own. Spud's story doesn't last long however as Braxton Sutter hits a front face DDT on Spud and pins him to get his team a win.

Go For Broke defeats Rockstar Spud & The Decay and Marshe Rockett, Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett

As is customary in these matches. Go For Broke waves the Team X Gold flag in victory. No titles in this division but very little has been said about the flag being at stake on commentary. The team of Z, Sutter and Mandrews have won all these matches and waved the flag at the end of every one of them.

Back from the break. Another Eddie Edwards video package airs chronicling his history. In this video, Edwards heel injury that kept him out of action for months is shown. Edwards personal life is included in the video. How he got married while he recovered from his injury. The video also shows Edwards return to the ring from injury and how his partner, Davey Richards suffered an ACL injury shortly after Eddie's return.... Next on The video is Edwards journey as a singles competitor in TNA. How he won The X division title at Slammiversary.

Edwards and Lashley are shown backstage preparing for their main event match tonight.

Back in The Impact Zone. Reby Hardy is on the stage playing The Piano to intro The Broken Hardy's. Broken Matt and Brother Nero arrive with mics in hand. Matt cues Nero to sing the obsolete song for The D.C.C. Jeff obliges and sings as they both head to the ring. The fans chant 'Delete' and Obsolete when The Hardy's get in the ring.

Broken Matt is on the mic. He talks about the "masked businessmen" who came to the ring after they beat The Tribunal. Matt says that The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy and The Nefarious Nero are the greatest tag team in the history of space and time. Matt summons The D.C.C. to the ring.... Their time clock starts and the lights go out. When they come back on. The lights are now blue tinted. The D.C.C. is standing behind The Hardy's in the ring. Matt says "I knew you'd come" and The Hardy's turn and go after The D.C.C... All 3 men gain the advantage and beat down The Hardy's. The men are in their black suit and white mask attire. They pick up the tag titles and look at them briefly before leaving the ring. Jeff and Matt are laid out. Jeff grabs a mic and calls The D.C.C. to come back to the ring. A referee is out and the bell rings.


The Hardy's vs. The D.C.C.

An all out brawl to start on the inside and outside of the ring. Jeff is beaten down by one of The D.C.C. members. Only 2 of their members returned to the ring for this match. The other is beating down Matt on the inside. This continues for a while. Jeff is still on the outside on the ring floor, while The D.C.C. double teams Matt. They hit a tandem shoulder block on him. Matt eventually starts to fight back. While Jeff gets back on the apron. Matt actually attempts to pull the mask off of one of The white face guys.... He is unsuccessful. Matt heads to his corner and tags in Jeff. Jeff hits a flying forearm on the other white face member of The D.C.C. Jeff goes after both of them. Nero hits a double clothesline on them and then hits a twist of fate. He goes for the pinfall. It's broken up and now all 4 men are in the ring. They start brawling and Referee Earl Hebner has lost control. He calls for the bell.

The Hardys and D.C.C. battle to a no contest

Both teams battle to the outside of the ring and head towards the backstage area. The third member of The D.C.C. is back and he is in the ring. He kicks down Earl Hebner and steps on his throat. He then leaves the ring and heads towards the backstage area.... We are now backstage and Matt is battling it out back there with The D.C.C. Matt gets thrown into a bunch of chairs...Meanwhile, Jeff gets thrown into a table near a production area. The table gets flipped on top of Jeff... Matt is now fighting back with the other D.C.C. masked man. Gets one of them on a table and starts punching him, when the other D.C.C. member is on the scene and attacks him. The battle goes into the parking lot. They are near production trailers. Matt actually throws the masked man into one of them. Matt grabs the masked man and puts his head in a trash bin. Then repeatedly slams the trash lid on his head and screams Delete with each shot.... Meanwhile, Jeff is back on his feet and is brawling with the other D.C.C. guy.

The show then cuts to Mackenzie Mitchell in an interview setting for the website with Grado. Jeff and The masked man's battle spills over into the interview. Grado calls out to Nero and takes a selfie with him..... The battle continues. Matt is still "deleting" with the trash can lid. When he notices that his brother is in trouble. Matt runs over to Jeff and tells him that he needs a refresher. So Matt grabs a bucket labeled "The Lake of Reincarnation" and dumps it on Nero. He transforms into Heel Jeff Hardy with his old world title belt. Jeff knocks down one of The D.C.C. members with his belt and then lights up a cigarette. Smokes it and then puts it out on The DCC member's mask. Matt then runs over to a set worker and asks him to forklift that man. He refuses but Matt forces him. The chase is on as the forklift heads in The DCC's direction. Matt gets off the forklift and goes after one of the masked men and tells him that he is still going to stick a fork in him.... Meanwhile Jeff is battling with The other DCC member. He gets Jeff into a crate, throws the lake of reinacarnation into it along with Jeff's world title....... Back to Matt, He is now on top of the forklift and is beating on Masked Man #2.... I am running out of ways to describe these guys.... Jeff pops out of the crate, he was stuffed into and hits a twist of fate on The masked man. Matt has now taken off the mask of The DCC guy, he is fighting with, but he has another one on underneath it. He pushes Matt off of the forklift. Jeff arrives to check on his brother. When Jeff asks Matt if he is ok. He says "of course, but who are you".. As the segment comes to an end.

EC3 is outside arriving to The Impact Zone. Says that he is going to call out Eli Drake when he goes to the ring. The show goes to break... When it returns, EC3 is in the ring. He briefly talks about tonight's main event world title match. He says that it is a spot that he wants in the future. EC3 has other things in mind tonight and he calls out Eli Drake... Drake arrives with a mic on stage. Carter calls him to the ring. Drake says that he is cool where he is. Carter brings up a previous conversation that they had on "The Fact of Life" show. Where Drake said that Carter was handed everything to him on a silver platter, while he had to crawl out of the sewer and rise to the top. Carter says that he has earned everything that he has. Talks about how he has been champion and how he defeated the greatest wrestler alive in Kurt Angle. Drake tells Carter that he doesn't need to earn what Carter has. He can bypass him because he won Bound For Gold. Carter challenges Drake to a match with Drake's Bound For Gold on the line. Drake says that he'd have to be a complete "Dummy Yeah" to accept that challenge. Carter ups the ante. Says that if Drake accepts his challenge. That if EC3 loses, Carter will never challenge for the world title again. Drake pretends to agree to EC3's challenge but then says that he is going to challenge the winner of Lashley vs Edwards next week. He is cashing in his Bound For Gold. Says that Carter is not worthy of facing him.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and interviews Bobby Lashley. Borash asks Lashley about his attack on Cody last week. Bobby says Cody Who?... Says that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time... Lashley says that Cody will never be back. Calls his beating of him a warm up for his match with Eddie Edwards. Lashley says that Edwards family is going to watch Edwards dream die tonight.

Another Eddie Edwards video airs. This time, showing his winner take all vs Lashley. How he lost The X title... Then the story is shown of how Edwards mentor David Cahill recently passed away.... The video shows Edwards rebounding from adversity and then winning The world title from Lashley.



Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley

Evenly contested match early on. With both men trading the advantage back and forth. The action goes to the outside and Edwards goes to the air to take down Lashley. Bobby battles back and rams Edwards into the ring steps and then back drops him onto the rampway. Lashley then picks up Eddie Edwards and throws him into the crowd. Lashley runs back into the ring to break up the count and heads back to Edwards. Lashley pounds away on Edwards. He then starts choking Edwards with his wrist band. Shielding his move so that the ref can't see what he is doing. The show goes to it's final break.

When the show returns, Both men are now back in the ring. Lashley has Edwards in a chin lock. Mathews mentions that during the break, Lashley was forced to break his choke hold outside the ring. Lashley picks up Edwards and tries to hit him with some strikes. Edwards evades Lashley's blows and hits a jaw breaker on him. As Lashley tries to charge at Edwards, Eddie lifts up his boot and knocks him down. Edwards tries to build some momentum but Lashley recovers quickly and hits a cross body on Edwards. It nets him a 2 count. Lashley then attempts a delayed standing vertical suplex but Edwards counters it into a sit out power bomb. Eddie then hits a flurry of moves on Lashley and knocks him to the outside. Edwards hits his shot of caffeine dive onto Bobby, who goes into the guardrail. Both men are back in the ring. Edwards hits the shining wizard on Lashley and gets a close fall on him. Edwards tries to set up Lashley for The Boston Knee Party. Lashley counters and lifts Edwards onto his shoulders and then slams him down on the mat. Lashley covers Edwards but he kicks out at 2.

Lashley tries to go to the top rope but Edwards kicks him off of it. Bobby falls to the ringside floor. Edwards hits the shot of caffeine dive again on Lashley. Edwards throws Bobby back into the ring. When he goes in to greet him. Lashley meets him with a vicious spine buster. Bobby now sets Eddie up on the top rope. Goes up to meet him there and attempts a superplex. Edwards blocks it and Lashley crashes to the mat. Edwards leaps off the top rope, Lashley moves out of the way. Eddie lands on his feet and charges at Bobby. Lashley pulls the ref Brian Hebner in front and Edwards runs right into him. The referee is down. Lashley spears Edwards but there is no ref. Lashley calls for one from the back. The 2nd official comes out. Lashley covers Eddie but Edwards kicks out at the last second. Lashley is livid and he knocks out the replacement ref. Brian Hebner is back up and he calls for the championship belt. As Lashley starts to plead his case to Brian Hebner. Edwards is back on his feet. He runs full speed towards Lashley and hits The Boston Knee Party on him. Edwards covers Lashley and Brian Hebner delivers the three count. Edwards wins the match.

Eddie Edwards defeats Bobby Lashley by pinfall to retain The TNA World Championship

Eddie Edwards celebrates his victory as the show comes to an end.