This week's show kicks off with highlights from last week's Impact. Where The DCC squared off with and defeated Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards.

We are now in The Impact Zone, and Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. Jeff talks about what he is thankful for. How he is thankful for his family, even though he is here alone tonight. Calls the fans his family and thanks them. Jeff Hardy is not thankful for The DCC and what they did to his brother Matt. Jeff calls out to Matt, who is at home watching. Jeff says that he wants to help Matt remember, who he is and who The Hardy's are. So he challenges anyone of the DCC members to come to the ring and face him.

The DCC appears on the big screen. They talk about family and thanksgiving. Taunt Jeff that he is now all alone without his brother. They challenge Jeff to a no dq match with one of them for later in the night. They then tell Jeff, that he is going to have to fight for his survival. The DCC now head to the ring and attack Jeff. Jeff is able to fight off all 3 of them and escape. He grabs a mic at ringside, and repeatedly chants Obsolete at The DCC.

We are now at The Hardy Home in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt is outside in his backyard with Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1. Both Benjamin and Vanguard are enjoying Matt's drinks. Matt is very joyful. He is excited about his first "Thanksgiving Day Ice Cream Social". Matt says that he feels for The Turkeys, because they are alive just like us. How he is going to go against tradition with his ice cream social. Matt walks away to prepare things for his party... Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin have a brief discussion. VG1 tells Senor that he will be in trouble with Matt, if he ever regains his memory.

Triple Threat Team X Gold Elimination Match

Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett vs Rockstar Spud, Abyss & Crazzy Steve vs. DJ Z, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter

Eliminations in this match are individual. If a team member is eliminated. That team can still continue on, until each team member is eliminated. The winning team of this match can obtain a future X division title match. Unique stipulation. Where an entire team can challenge for a title.

Mandrews, Steve and Everett all start off the match for their respective teams. Mandrews starts off red hot. Getting the better of Everett and Steve. Spud comes in and every one of his opponents in the match take turns beating him up. Spud yells at Abyss for not supporting him. So Abyss decides to slam down Rockstar Spud. Abyss dominates the next few minutes of the match. Mandrews tries to stop his momentum. Abyss loses control and hits Mandrews with a steel chair. The ref calls for his disqualification. (Abyss is eliminated.)

An injured Mandrews is taken into the ring by Crazzy Steve. Steve applies a rear naked choke and Mandrews taps out. (Mandrews is eliminated.)

Crazzy Steve and Braxton Sutter team up now against Marshe Rockett. Steve turns on Sutter. Crazzy gets Sutter in a rear naked choke. As Braxton is about to tap out. Andrew Everett hits a moonsault off the top rope, and onto Steve. Covers and pins him. (Crazzy Steve is eliminated.)

Everett starts celebrating. DJZ runs into the ring, hits the ZDT on him. Covers and pins him. (Andrew Everett is eliminated.)

We are down to 5 men. Rockett and Lee vs DJ Z and Sutter vs just Rockstar Spud. Sutter hits the flatliner on Trevor Lee and pins him. (Trevor Lee is now eliminated.)

Rockett is in flying solo for his team. He and Spud double team Braxton Sutter for a while. Eventually Spud gets on Marshe's nerves. Tries to boss him around. Runs to tag in one of his partners. Forgets that he has no teammates left. Eats a bicycle kick from Rockett. Marshe hits the Urinagi on Spud and pins him. (Rockstar Spud is eliminated.)

Rockett tries to go it alone against DJ Z and Braxton Sutter. His quest doesn't last long, as Braxton hits the flatliner on him and pins him. (Marshe Rockett is eliminated)

Team Go For Broke defeats Rockstar Spud & The Decay and Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett

By virtue of the unique stipulation of this match. Braxton Sutter and Mandrews now have future X division title matches against their partner DJ Z.

Earlier today backstage.... Allie is prepping for a special Thanksgiving Dinner. Allie acts out the dinner with figures of pilgrims and indians. Maria and Laurel Van Ness walk over to Allie and mock her. Maria says that she and Laurel are going to have a thanksgiving day dinner in the ring. That Maria and Laurel will be on double dates. Allie gets excited, thinking that she is invited. Instead Maria tells her that she is going to have to serve the food, dressed up as a pilgrim.

Back at The Hardy Home. Matt is preparing his tangerine custard sorbet for his Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social. Matt says his creation will make the culinary efforts of Robert Irvine obsolete. He pauses for a minute after saying obsolete.... Guests start arriving.... A TNA referee shows up. He says that he is friends with Matt and that Reby sent him, to show Matt some tapes. To help with his memory. Matt recognizes him from The Final Deletion video, That Reby showed him.

Maria is in the ring with Laurel Van Ness and her husband, "The Miracle Mike Bennett". They have a dinner table set up in the ring. Maria introduces what she calls, a real pilgrim in Allie. Allie comes out in full pilgrim attire. She comes to the ring with turkey sounds going off in the background. Maria teases Allie and laughs at her. Laurel says that she has invited Braxton Sutter out to see this. Allie doesn't want him to see her like this. They all sit together for dinner when Sutter arrives except Allie. Maria says that she is thankful for her husband, Laurel and that she is the 1st lady of pro wrestling... The Miracle is thankful for food, Tom Brady and his wife Maria. Laurel is thankful for Maria, Braxton Sutter and her father's black amex card. Allie is thankful for the fans. Maria cuts her off. She instructs Allie to serve the meal. Laurel comes on to Sutter. Says that her college nickname was "Laurel Van Yes". Allie snaps. She calls Laurel a meanie and complains that there is nothing Vegan for her to eat. Laurel gets up to go after Allie. Maria gets up to stop her. Allie grabs a pie, throws it at Laurel. She ducks and Maria ends up getting pie faced. The Miracle jokingly eats pie off of Maria's face.

An EC3/Eli Drake promo airs. It hypes their "voice vs future title shot" match for later tonight. Drake calls EC3 a choker and that he is going to beat Carter and take his title shot away from him. Carter calls Drake's insults motivation.

Back at The Hardy Home. Matt is watching videos of matches from his past. Matt's title victory vs EC3 is shown. Matt doesn't remember these moments. He does know who EC3 is, and is impressed with the fact, that he has beaten him twice. While watching his matches back. Matt critiques himself as being too violent. Says that he would never climb any ladders. Only for electrical work. Sees Spud and describes him as a little person. Matt can't remember any of his matches, and says that he finds it repulsive. Reby is disappointed that watching these videos hasn't helped Matt with his memory.

Voice vs. Future World Title Shot Match

Eli Drake vs. Ethan Carter III

The first few minutes of the match is strictly brawling. Both men take the action to the outside of the ring early. When the action gets back in the ring. It's a battle of power. As both men hit power slams. Carter switches it up, by hitting a running drop kick on Drake. That sends Eli to the outside floor. As the show goes to break... When it returns, Carter is in control. He throws Eli Drake into the ring steps. When Carter attempts to bring Drake into the ring, Drake battles back and counters a EC3 suplex. Drops Carter's neck on the top rope. Drake then delivers a neck breaker to EC3 on the ring apron. EC3 almost gets counted out. Makes it back in the ring. Gets hit with a power slam by Drake. Eli covers him for a 2 count.

Both men start trading strikes in the center of the ring. Eli rushes towards Carter, Ethan grabs him and hits a Russian leg sweep into the corner. Carter goes to the top rope. Drake leaps up there and superplexes Carter. Covers him for a 2 count. Eli gets on the mic and starts stomping on EC3. He trash talks EC# and talks about Thanksgiving, as he beats on Carter. Drake brags about his voice and how he is going to be the new #1 contender. Drake starts slapping Carter around and yelling his "Dummy Yeah" catchphrase with each slap. As Drake goes to say his Fact of Life line, EC3 picks him and hits the TK3 on him. Both men struggle back to their feet. EC3 hits a flurry of moves on Drake. A splash into the corner, a jawbreaker, clotheslines and a flapjack. Carter then goes for the 1 percenter. Drake counters into a torture rack. Transitions it into a neckbreaker. Covers Carter and gets a 2 count. Drake goes for Blunt Force Trauma. EC3 breaks out of it. Carter goes to the top rope, throws Drake off, when he meets him up there. EC3 hits a frog splash on Drake and gets a near pinfall victory. Carter misses a splash in the corner, Drake hits a flurry of moves and tries to pin Carter, but he kicks out.

Eli Drake sets up for the Blunt Force Trauma on EC3. Carter counters with a leg sweep. They both start trading blows when they get to their feet. Drake finally hits The Blunt Force Trauma but Carter kicks out. Drake attempts to defeat EC3 with Carter's own finisher the "1 percenter". EC3 counters to get out of it. Both men trade counters before Carter eventually hits it. Covers Eli Drake and he kicks out of his finisher. Carter tries relentlessy to get a rear naked choke on Drake, after a few more counters. EC3 is able to slap it on him and force Drake to tap.

Ethan Carter III defeats Eli Drake by submission

By virtue of this victory. Eli Drake is not allowed to speak for a year, or is it just the rest of this year. That's the way, Josh Mathews made it sound like on commentary. That would mean Drake can't speak at the next set of tapings for a show or two, before January rolls around.

Back to The Hardy Home. Reby introduces Matt to Dr. Maximilian. The Doc is there to help Matt with his memory loss. The doctor is an actual hypnotist. Matt sees him with jewelry in his hands, and asks if he is a salesman. The jewelry salesman, I mean doctor waves his necklace back and forth, in front of Matt. He starts to get sleepy. The hypnotist tells him that Matt will soon be broken again. Once he snaps his fingers.... Matt awakes in his "Broken" voice. Says that his broken brilliance has lasted for over 2000 years, even after working for that Meek Mahan. Reby is elated and cheering in the background. Matt says that he was weak when he joined Impact Wrestling, that it was when the 7 deities deleted him and rendered him obsolete. They allowed him to rebuild himself into a broken universe with his broken brilliance. The hypnotist tells Matt, that when he snaps his fingers again. Matt will return to his one true self. He snaps his fingers and Matt is back to worrying about his Ice Cream Social.

The Tribunal vs. Al Snow & Mahabali Shera

Not much to this match. Snow looks to be in decent shape for a 98 year old. No head in Snow's corner, but he does have Shera teaming with him. Not that much difference. Snow and Shera dominate The Tribunal throughout the majority of the match. Snow pretty much carries the match, as it if were an exercise at his academy. He does most of the work against Dax and Baraka. Hot tags to Shera. Who comes in, hits some power moves. Ends up hitting the sky high on Dax for a near fall. The Tribunal double teams Shera until he tags in Snow to save him. Al ends up hitting the snow plow on Baraka. Dax breaks up the 3 count. All 4 men start brawling in the ring. Baraka hits a low blow on Al Snow. Basile Baraka takes his belt off his pants and strikes Shera with it. The Tribunal are disqualified. They then end up whipping Snow and Shera with their belts.

Al Snow & Mahabali Shera defeat The Tribunal by disqualification

We are now backstage. Robbie E and Grado are outside the office of "The Boss". Aiden O'Shea is standing guard. Neither Robbie nor Grado attempt to smash their way into the office with a pumpkin.... O'Shea informs Robbie and Grado that the boss with his "creative genius" has come up with a match for them. They have to face each other in a turkey suit match. The loser has to put on a turkey suit.

"Turkey Suit Challenge"

Robbie E vs. Grado

Aiden O'Shea is at ringside as the special enforcer for this match. Typical comedy attempts from Grado and Robbie in this one. They mock each other and dance throughout. Exchange some hard chops for a while. Evenly contested, if you want to call it that. Grado attempts a sunset flip on Robbie, pulls his tights down and Robbie ends up providing a full moon. Robbie hangs on and blocks the sunset flip and pins Grado.

Robbie E defeats Grado by pinfall

Robbie E celebrates like he just won the world championship. Grado puts on The Turkey Suit and then ends up embracing it by dancing around.

A Rosemary promo airs after the commercial break. She hypes her cage match for The Knockouts Championship, next week against Jade.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bram

This match is no DQ. It starts off initially as a singles match. Jeff dominates the early going and flies over the top rope onto Bram. As the show goes to it's last break.... Back from the break, Bram throws Jeff Hardy over the top rope. The DCC turns this into basically a handicap match. James Storm grabs hold of a steel chair and hits Jeff with it. Kingston, Bram and Storm beat down Jeff on the outside of the ring. The action goes back in the ring. Bram tries to take on Jeff alone. Jeff battles back, and as soon, as he does. Storm and Kingston run into the ring and attack Jeff. The DCC continues to beat down Jeff Hardy. They throw him into the ring steps. Bram brings a fallen Jeff back into the ring. As soon as Jeff starts to mount offense against Bram. Storm and Kingston(not Kofi) get involved and shut him down.

Despite the odds being against him. Jeff continues to fight back against all 3 DCC members. He knocks Eddie Kingston to the outside. He then hits the Whisper in The Wind on Storm. Bram tries to hit Jeff with a chair. Hardy catches it and flings it at Bram full speed. Jeff then leaps off the steel chair and into Bram in the corner. Jeff Hardy then hits the twist of fate on Bram twice. Jeff then goes to the top rope, to deliver the swanton bomb. James Storm is back up. Knocks down Jeff and hits The Last Call superkick on him. Bram then hits his finish on Jeff Hardy. "The Brighter Side of Suffering" to get the pinfall victory.

Bram defeats Jeff Hardy by pinfall

The DCC celebrate Bram's victory by raising The TNA World Tag Team Championship Titles over Jeff Hardy's body in the ring.

Back at The Hardy Home. Matt is staring at a large clock. Reby confronts him and says she doesn't know what else to do. She has tried everything to bring Matt's memory back. Matt snaps and says that everyone is telling him what he is supposed to be. Matt says that his passion is cooking, and that he wants to be a cook. Matt mocks all the catchphrases that people are trying to get him to remember. Like delete, obsolete and what he calls the 9 deities. Matt rants and raves and leaves his house. He says that he doesn't want to eat and delete people. That he wants to make cobbler. He then starts mocking the "9 deities" and asks for a sign. Matt then corrects himself and asks the "7 deities" to send him a sign. Matt gets hit with a bolt of lightning. Reby runs outside to a fallen Matt, and asks if he is ok. He awakes and says that he is "Broken".